feminists are lesbians

  • You: Patriarchy hurts men too! We need to include men in our feminism!
  • Me, an intellectual: Patriarchy was created by men and for the benefit of men. Maybe they are negatively affected in some ways, but the multitude of ways in which they benefit from patriarchy certainly outweighs these negatives. Furthermore, it's not our responsibility to address men's problems which they created for themselves and should fix themselves. It is within our rights to create a movement exclusively for women's liberation and to suggest otherwise is frankly misogynistic.

venialityyy  asked:

What are the 104th and vets thoughts on feminism and how active is such an emancipation wave in the SnK world?

Mikasa: The kind of feminist who punches everyone who talks shit
Reiner: Too sexist for that
Bertholdt: Wants women to be equal, but not that hard
Annie: Likes the idea but doesn’t do anything for it
Eren: Totally thinks women are just as badass as guys, isn’t too informed on intersectional issues though
Jean: Thinks feminism is cool, but can’t really stop using problematic language
Marco: ‘Hate breeds hate uwu’
Sasha: Will wear a vagina costume and stare at you until you realized the true beauty of female empowerment
Connie: Likes feminism, but fucks up checking his priviledge
Historia: Wears ‘down with cis’ shirts to make ppl uncomfortable
Armin: This is what a feminist looks like
Ymir: Trans inclusive feminist who thrives on the ‘lesbian man hater’ trope
Levi: “Who run the world”
Hanji: “Girls!”
Erwin: Would be one of the ppl who don’t care about feminism until they have a daughter, is for equality in general though
Nanaba: Feminist to the last breath
Mike: Thumbs up

As for the world: What emancipation wave lol since the whole situation of women is kinda different there feminism is not as big and doesn’t have as much room

If you don’t support WOC, muslim women, women with disabilities, LGBT+ women, jewish women, immigrant women, sex workers & poor women, you’re not a feminist and you’re doing nothing for the feminist movement. Go home.

To trans women, to women of color, to queer women, to disabled women. To women of all cultures and societies, who all have their own unique struggles for their rights as women and equality. 

For all people of marginalized genders who value their connection to womanhood. This month is dedicated to you. Happy Women’s History Month

by Lucas Werneck

I think what bothers me so much about the “feminists are ugly” or “feminists are hairy” or “feminists are lesbian” stereotypes is–

So fucking what?

Some of us ARE ugly. Some of us ARE hairy. Some of us ARE lesbians. And it shouldn’t fucking invalidate anything we’re fucking saying to you.

But you know, if you believed that, if you actually believed that our sexual usefulness to men is irrelevant to the conversation about our basic human rights, you wouldn’t be a fucking misogynist, would you?

“All lives” didn’t matter until black lives did.
MRA didn’t exist until women’s rights started to.
“Straight pride” wasn’t a thing until gay pride was.

What I’m saying is that these movements are simply responses to black lives matter, feminism and LGBT+ movements designed to silence us. Don’t mistake their masked bigotry for genuinely caring about everybody.