“What Guys Look For in Girls” Poem by Savannah Brown

I posted a #truthbomb a while back: “If you’re not a feminist, you’re missing the point.” That got a lot of Yesses! and Yeahs! And then this kind of stuff: “Wouldn’t it be better if we were all humanists?”…“How about all being spiritualists?”…“We’re all in this together.”

All I can say is: Please. Wake the fuck up.

Clitoral mutilation. Acid burning. Rape as a tactic of war. Sex trafficking. Wage gaps. Just for starters. Show me wide-spread, women-inflicted violence against men and then tell me we shouldn’t all be Feminists. Not humanists. Not generalists. Not spiritualists. But people who assert themselves very specifically for the liberation and honouring of WOMEN. Those would be called FEM-I-NISTS.

Sexism; it’s the little things:

My apologies for the lack of posting in the past few months I was busy finishing university and reading a lot of fiction - now that I have the time to!

I was thinking just the other day, how society is inherently sexist. This is a given based on my feminist nature. I often notice several little seemingly ‘harmless’ things in society that each take up a piece in the giant jigsaw of sexism (that actually sounds like quite a jazzy album title, I’ll take note). Each of these 'harmless’ things are essentially harmless as individual things - but they play a small part in a very large issue that must be noticed and challenged in this day and age. 

The instances that I am referring to are often found the thoughts and actions of the general public. Just the other day, I was at work. While I love and enjoy my job thoroughly, I was taken aback by the actions and thoughts of a specific customer when I offered to help her place 5 bags of heavy compost in her car. Her initial reaction to my offer was; “Well, I need a man to help me really.” My breasts and clear femininity must have drawn attention away from the fact that I have working arms. Since there were no men currently working at the time, I told her so and still offered her a hand.

Now I know that this may seem trivial and something I should let go of. Considering that she did eventually take my help (given that my tiny, weedy little-girl arms actually managed to lift several bags of compost into her car), I am happy to forget about such an event. However, it’s the reasons and issues that would have led to her thoughts that have worried me. I am fully aware that scientifically, most men are stronger than women - that’s fine. What is not cool is that there is this inherent sexism throughout society that has infiltrated the minds of most men and women everywhere, which perpetuates the belief that women cannot manage most tasks alone or without men. 

Apparently; women cannot carry heavy items, do DIY, or even obtain and exercise knowledge of other specifically ‘manly tasks’, to name a few examples. Now let’s be fair, I am not saying that everyone in the world believes such things - but I bet that each person reading this knows at least 1 person that does believe and joke about such things. I cannot count the amount of sexist men I have in my life, or have ever known. “But some tasks should be gender specific! That’s just the way it is!” I hear them say. I call bullshit. 

I am an able-bodied human being and I can carry a bag of compost if I want to, and it should not and will not devalue the masculinity of any man around me. I can also do my own DIY - given that my small, female brain can actually read and process instructions and common sense. It sounds like I am joking but please, do not let my sarcasm divert you from the seriousness of such an issue. My fiancé could fix the bedroom drawer like I asked him to do several months ago. However, given that he has not yet acted on such a request, I could happily do it myself if I wanted to (if I was less stubborn as an individual). 

My point is: we are all human beings. Some of us human beings are able to complete certain tasks, and others are not. Some humans are capable of lifting and shifting heavy items, and others are not. But these facts are not set in stone based on gender, nor should they be. Women are not limited as a gender and neither are men. In fact, men shouldn’t always be expected to be able to pick up heavy objects etc. based solely on the fact that they have a penis. We need to change and educate all those who think otherwise, and further educate the next generations of such. 

And ladies, if anybody still believes that you are not capable or strong enough to do specifically 'manly tasks’, then please, pick up a huge fuck-off bag of compost and throw it at them.

And she said, “Hey, would you do this for anyone else?” and he was straight with her, he said, “No, I wouldn’t.” Whether that’s because he saw something in her that seemed worth saving, or whether it was more personal, because Rick was more bottom-line with more people at that point. Would he do that for anybody? I don’t think so.

Scott Gimple, talking about Rick and Jessie in Entertainment Weekly

Well this was a surprise. I honestly thought Rick WOULD rescue any abused women and children he met, and he was just saying that to encourage Jessie. It turns out he is now the kind of person who can walk away from that. I guess that makes him fit right in at the ASZ. It also begs the question about what exactly Rick sees in Jessie that is worth saving, considering that he knows nothing about her personality.