WATCH: Watch Young Women Destroy Gender-Based Barriers #LikeAGirl In Under 3 Minutes

A powerful new ad is reminding young women that they can conquer their limitations – like a girl. On July 7, Always released a video called “Unstoppable,” featuring young girls talking about the ways society limits them because of their gender. The spot is a follow-up to Always’ #LikeAGirl Super Bowl ad.


this is exactly what nicki  was talking about, why tf can women show off her body why is it different for a male and female when are we going to start treating everyone equal in this generation. i dont want anyone attacking me saying he is on vacation and having fun. Bitch its the same shit he post an ass pic online get the fuck out. Instagram need to delete his account just like they did to rihanna because thats not fair at all.

Equality Golbat: “Don’t compare your racial preferences to sexual orientation. You’re just racist.”

Aversion to or preference for a certain ethnicity doesn’t take the form of some subconscious or physical arousal response. That’s because race and gender are two different things. Just because you can use language to compare two things doesn’t mean they actually work the same way.



“What Guys Look For in Girls” Poem by Savannah Brown