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but imagine AU where Joly and Bossuet meet over tumblr

(oh my god mary this is so c u t e)

joly is one of those people that no one really expects to really be a blogger but he’s entirely casual about it and he mostly keeps one to bunch together absolutely everything that makes him laugh hysterically or make the most ridiculous noises ever (which is pretty much everything, it’s a miracle that he can make it down his own dashboard). but his blog is a wide assortment of kitten pictures, hysterical gif wars, silly textposts, and the occasional beneficial medical discussion where he puts in his own opinion or suggestions to a specific method of treatment or debunking certain home remedies.

bossuet is a more adamant blogger who works hard to keep a specific aesthetic but also mix in humor and he likes to talk about his day and many people aren’t sure if he’s serious or not considering the types of incidents he gets himself into. many of his text posts he meant as serious personal posts go viral and he gains a pretty large following from them and joly ends up reblogging several of his posts which have made him roll on the floor laughing and it’s enough to the point where he decides to sent bossuet an anonymous message just to tell him how much he enjoys his posts…!

bossuet would answer with sheepish yet sweet appreciation but admit that they are all unfortunately true and he wasn’t making up those text posts at all but is really glad you found them funny…! joly follows him and they eventually mutual and talk casually for awhile before they slowly start talking more personally over asks and eventually move to a messenger where they end up talking whenever they have the opportunity. it doesn’t help when the exchange numbers and start talking and genuinely caring about each other’s personal lives outside of blogging. they send each other dumb thoughts or aspects of their days or silly pictures that they found and it takes about six months of this for them to realize that they maybe care about each other more than they should. long distance relationships are terrifying ugh and they’ve never met in person…! wow they’ve never even bothered to ask about where they actually are individually and only know they have the same timezone because it’s never really mattered (they’re shy about these things)

it turns out they’ve lived in the same city the whole time
passed each other on the streets numerous times with their eyes more focused on their phones talking to one another
that they both like to have coffee in the same place and it’s only when joly hears bossuet’s online monniker “lesgles” called from the shop bar that he notices

(and perhaps bossuet’s luck isn’t so bad after all)

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okay but imagine when Les Amis are first forming and Joly and Bossuet haven't really officially met, so before the second or third meeting, they're standing at the bar and Bossuet teasingly asks him to buy him a drink and Joly just bursts out laughing and after a few minutes of uncontrollable giggles he says "I'm sorry, but that just reminded me of a scene from The Muppet Movie" and right then Bossuet knows he's in love

bossuet’s only seen joly in little glimpses at meetings and knows him by laugh alone (that’s perfectly fine, right? his laugh is one of the cutest things he’s probably heard). his smile is another thing and he finds that contagious enough to make himself smile right back at him. of course he’s trying to be smooth even though smooth is analogous to everything he is but it’s worth a shot. so bossuet spends a good ten minutes working up the courage to say a word to him and finally does and joly at first goes wide-eyed and then just laughs.

bossuet can feel the heat rising to his cheeks and he’s suddenly feeling horrible for even asking oh my god he’s laughing at me. but joly just reaches out and keeps giggling, trying to speak coherently, “well, you see, i’m not a sailor, i’m a frog.” in the most perfect kermit voice imitation

and joly just ends up plopping his head on bossuet’s shoulder and laughs until his abdomen is sore and bossuet swears there are silly little hearts dancing around his head just no one can see them. they end up sitting at the bar sipping wine from straws and making their best muppet impersonations back at one another and reciting entire movie scenes back and forth

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so Fallen London's a game, but what's it about?

I don’t know, what do you want it to be about? Maybe you’re dealing with an enemy. Maybe you’re seeking fame. Maybe you want to OVERTHROW THE CORRUPT ARISTOCRACY THAT KEEPS US IN LITERAL DARKNESS AND STEALS OUR ACTUAL SOULS.  Maybe you’d like to start a little newspaper. Maybe you want eternal life. Maybe you just want to buy a boat. We all have our dreams. Some of them are even pleasant!

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speaking of ball pits, a few weeks ago I was in a coffee shop, and a group of gentlemen at the table next to me were arguing over how much it would cost to build an adult-sized ball pit in their back yard. it started with one of them banging his hand on the table and saying, "you know what's fucking unfair, man? ball pits. ball pits are fucking unfair. once you reach a certain age you can't get in the fucking ball pit anymore. their the shit man, but if I went to fucking Chuck-E-Cheese

and climbed into their goddamn ball pit, they would kick me out. this is an outrage. we gotta do something about this. what’s the point of being an adult if I can’t jump into a pile of plastic balls?“ I think there needs to be a Les Mis story about this sort of thing.

THIS SPEAKS TO ME and my tossed-out-of-the-ball-pits-at-FIVE-because-growth-spurts soul.  I totally agree, we’ve got a group of guys we KNOW can build impromptu structures and plenty of excuses for questionable judgement (wine, opium, SCIENCE!,  Romanticism).  BALL PIT AND AIR CASTLES AHOY.


chignonesque said: that’s a splendid idea. a combeferre/grantaire fan week. <3

oh guys can we organise one oh please oh please oh please

benswhishaws said: I WANT MORE [whispers] if u ever have time pls write a grantaire/combeferre fake boyfriend fic i’ll cry




[rips off shirt] fakE BOYFRIENDS