‘One Beat Zines’ Are a Self-Publishing Feminist Powerhouse

Comic artists Julia Scheele and Sarah Broadman head up One Beat, so I sat down with them to discuss the formation of the collective and the rise of independent publishing in the UK.

VICE: How did the formation of One Beat come about?
Sarah Broadman: We wanted to have an outlet that was fun. We knew, after putting together Double Dare Ya, that we wanted it to be a place where people who aren’t on the comic scene could bring work. It can be difficult to get creative things out there; we just want to be a vehicle for people to do that.

Julia Scheele: At zine fairs, girls would ask me how you get started making zines and comics. I found myself trying to explain to them how I started, which was just to grab a pen and paper and put something shitty together.




Girls Get Busy has teamed up with Carousel to host a feminist mini zine fest as part of their weekend takeover at Power Lunches!



Confirmed Stalls:
Girls Get Busy
Rachel Aggs

Carousel is a new platform which promotes equality in the arts and showcases emerging and underrepresented talent. They will be holding more one-off happenings, workshops and exhibitions in the coming months, before moving into a permanent home next year.
Check them out at http://thisiscarousel.co.uk/

Carousel’s other weekend events with The Hysterical Injury and Shopping: facebook.com/events/629940890373342


[img: a black and white photo of the front cover of hoax zine #9.]


essays include:

  • How vulnerability can combat misogyny within trans communities
  • Vulnerabilities and doors as a queer mixed woman
  • Coping with internalized misogyny, consciously staying away from men, and familial dynamics
  • Nuances of high school experiences
  • Letting go of hurtful narratives while embracing heartache and the process of “breaking down”
  • Views on queer identity interrogation, performance, and transparency as a punk zinester
  • Vulnerabilities of mental health perspectives and lack of intersectionality
  • Witnessing misguided white manarchist resistance to police and reflections on vulnerability of communities of color
  • Multi-generational healing work and vulnerabilities as a male-socialized survivor
  • Questioning the responsibility of self-agency after “checking out” during sex
  • Asking for help as a necessary self-publishing task
  • Experiences of racism and sexism in a hospital setting and the legitimacy of describing one’s pain
  • Trans women and solitary confinement
  • Boundary setting in the contexts of capitalism, physical and mental illness, and life crises
  • Inpatient hospital stays and changes in labels of one’s mental illness(es)
  • Loss of memory and personal history, critiquing queer/trans* growth narratives, and creating (non-)advice for non-normative teens and young adults
  • Vulnerability of discussing physical illness
  • Navigating queer attraction and desire with a history of violence
  • A feminist coming out monologue
  • Dealing with kink, trauma, and complexities of BDSM involvement
  • Interview Excerpt with Daniela Capistrano, Founder of the POC Zine Project
  • Examining the necessity of assertiveness for disabled women and asking for accommodations

This issue also includes poems, feminists we love, current feminist heroes, and vegan recipes! ½ size, black & white, 80 pages, and very text heavy.

Note about Triggering Content: We are circulating the above descriptive list in an effort to reveal the content and chronological order of this issue, thus creating the opportunity for readers to judge on an individual basis as to which essays could be potentially triggering or uncomfortable to them. We have chosen not to place trigger warnings on specific pieces in Hoax because we recognize that triggers are unique and highly personal. We believe that it is impossible to discern what content has the potential to be triggering to every one of our readers, and we do not want to inadvertently create a hierarchy of what material is “intense” or “real” enough to warrant a warning. Please contact us if you have suggestions as to how to better incorporate trigger warnings into future issues of Hoax.

Note about the Cost: At the beginning of the summer, the two of us learned that we would no longer be able to print Hoax at the location where we had been printing for over four years. We have spent the past several months extensively investigating alternative printing sources, and unfortunately every other printing source has a significantly higher overhead cost. Because of this, we have literally gone broke to make long-term printing arrangements for Hoax #9, as well to ensure that past and future Hoax issues will be able to be (re)printed. To show our continued dedication to creating a quality zine and putting it in the hands of those with limited funds, we have made Hoax #9 the largest issue yet (80 full pages featuring nearly 3 dozen contributors!) – while keeping the price of this issue at $3US (+ shipping) just like all previous issues. Accessibility (both in content and pricing) is one of our primary concerns with this gigantic zine, and we as individuals have had to put up our own money in order to continue this project, as Hoax is 100% non-profit and neither of us make a cent off of it. If you are in a position to do so, we highly encourage you to donate money to overall Hoax operations via PayPal (hoaxzine at gmail dot com), pay a higher fee for this particular issue, and/or purchase other available zines so that we can continue to work towards making Hoax readily available to those who cannot afford to pay higher than $3US for a singular zine.

We are offering #9 for immediate sale because we have depleted our funds simply making printing arrangements as well as need an accurate estimation of how many copies to acquire. You can PRE-ORDER #9 through our Etsy shop (for paypal payments, where you can also find back issues on community, communication, change, and mythologies as well as some brand new hoax pins and many of our personal zines) or, if you prefer (well hidden) US cash via snail mail, you can e-mail us at hoaxzine (at) gmail (dot) com to find out where to mail your money. You can also learn more about Hoax at our FAQ posting and get info on submitting to Hoax #10: feminisms and embodiments at this link.

We will be mailing out issues on a first come first serve basis as soon as possible - optimally by mid-October, but our ability to purchase necessary mailing supplies and therefore send copies out depends on when we will sell enough zines to afford to get everything in the mail. As always, feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions about the status of your order.

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Happy reading, y’all!

In Solidarity,
Rachel & sari


Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in my zine, “I Don’t Have to Put Up With This Shit! I’m a Fucking UNICORN!: A Queer Self-Care Coloring and Activity Book” zine [issue #1]

I will be releasing issue #2 in the Glitterwurst coloring book series in July. “So, Life is Hard: Queer Self-Affirmations and Coloring Book” zine [issue #2]

Keep checking back because I have other way cool zines in the works, “All In Your Head: Queerness, Neurodivergence, and Disability,” “Queer (Recovering) Catholic,” and “I Just Have a Lot of Feelings: A Big Queer Coloring Book of Feelings” [issue #3].

To get your copy of issue #1 in the GlitterWurst coloring book series check out my store: 

I don’t own any of the images featured. I only compiled them. I’m kind of over it.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Stigma Zine #3 - Menstruation

Hi all! It about time I make another issue of what is quite possibly my favorite zine I make.

Stigma zine talks about social stigmas from a feminist perspective, and how to embrace what society says is wrong, strange, gross. ect. It’s an awesome empowerment zine.

Issue #3 will be about menstruation and periods and I need some of yr words/experiences with this topic and it’s social stigmatization. I’m looking for words from any/all perspectives and experiences! It can be serious, not-so-serious, whatever, I’m not looking for a certain type of submissions here, just as long as it relates to the main topic. My followers are some gutsy awesome people, so I’m hoping to receive some kick ass submissions :D

You can email submissions to me at mbelickis@verizon.net, or drop them in my ask box.

Signal boost this if ya can, too!




My living room wall. Just about all of these zines have been bought or traded with feminist, POC, and queer zinesters as well as distros. As my collection grows, I plan to donate them all to Southern Woman’s Bookstore & Community Center. One of our goals is to have zines and books by women, people of color, and queer individuals be more widely represented and accessible to the community. We are more than the “diversity” section in the corner of a bookstore. We believe in the power of representation, especially in the conservative South and our voices need to be in the forefront. Learn more here. Visit us here or here to check out Southern Woman’s Bookstore’s first zine. 

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend any good feminist websites with articles? Something along the lines of feministing? I'm looking for one to write for, and can't decide on the best to go for. I an UK based, if that helps? Thanks x

Here are some leads - I’m not sure who’s taking submissions but good luck! UK feminists, message me with any recommendations and I’ll update the post with those links. Thx!



The UK’s Top Five Feminist Websites

The Guardian has feminist writers on staff: http://www.theguardian.com/uk

Here’s a Guardian article from 2007 on a wave of new UK feminist sites 

Here’s a list of feminist sites with articles including US / UK / other in case you’re not exclusively looking for UK sites: http://www.feminist.org/research/zines.html

Last but not least, because you want to be a writer, I’ve got to tease you a bit, as a fellow researcher here’s how I found these recommendations for you: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=uk+feminist+web+site

If you end up writing for any of these sites, send me a message and let me know! Best of luck.

high on burning photographs #10, out now!!!!

announcing……my new zine! high on burning photographs #10!
*hand-stamped covers!
*“how to write your queer book and publish it in spite of an indifferent world: 8 years and 9 steps”
*affirmations for when you’ve lost yer beloved home & are going crazy
*shittalking on: the city of san francisco, punk bros, and the manager of the IHOP in my hometown!
*“in which frat boys get confused and a fabulous birthday party on wheels rolls through the streets
*cute, sad octopi
*excerpts from my killed 2nd book (and an explanation as to why)
*the sentence that makes me make sense

only $2-4 sliding scale. trades welcome & no one turned away for lack of funds.

you can buy zines through me, on etsy (link below). https://www.etsy.com/…/22314…/high-on-burning-photographs-10

if you wanna get it directly from me & you don’t live locally, my paypal addy is ms.capewell at gmail dot com. tack on $1.50 shipping if you’re stateside, $2.50 for canada, $4 for the rest of the world. don’t forget to include yer mailing address! if you order by the end of today i will get it in the mail before i leave for LA. if not, i will send it out next week!!!

Finally done with Issue #3 “The Adventures of a Feminist Mermaid”

Summer 12’, 26 pgs

This issue covers my adventures of being a feminist mermaid, Mexico’s drug war and a “Fierce Feminist” who fought for education. Other topics range from the “Sandwich Fairies” and homeless rights, intersectionality, a book review, film and band recommendations, original song lyrics, feminist poetry, quotes, punk/feminist styled collages and more!

Contact me at Riotgrrrl56@yahoo.com if you are interested in buying it for $1 plus shipping, trading or a free PDF copy.


Feminist Fiber Art show is a wonderful new show celebrating all things textile and the incredible ladies making artwork, it opened at the Washington St. Art Centre, in Boston on August 14th, and will travel to different locations next year. 

The exhibit showcases the work of a truly talented bunch from all over the world, from some previously featured artists like Sally Hewett, to Alaina Varrone & Jess De Wahls among others! The show looks like it had a brilliant opening, and the accompanying art crawl was a stroke of genius. 

You can also find volumes 1 & 2 of their zine for sale over here. With all proceeds going on to support the travelling exhibition, the second volume of the zine also features the work of some male fiber artists—with digital copies of both zines viewable on the Feminist Fiber Art blog.


Here is the digital version of the second zine that we released at our gallery opening last weekend! This zine features the work of Adipocere, Adam Pritchett, Bren Ahearn, Evin Good, Daniel Thomas Unsworth, LUKE Haynes, Matthew Monthei, and Dustin Spence. The cover was illustrated by Squishy Sandwich Art

Volume 2 of Feminist Fiber Art focuses on the artwork of men fiber artists. Since the exhibit only features the work of artists that identify as women, and we did not want to neglect talented men fiber artists, we decided to create this zine to showcase their work. Feminism is all about equality! However, we eventually realized that this format encourages a binary segregation of gender, which is something we do not want to continue to encourage. So, future editions of our zine will incorporate the work of all feminist fiber artists, regardless of gender. 

This zine is available for purchase in our merch shop: www.feministfiberart.bigcartel.com. 100% of the proceeds support Feminist Fiber Art’s traveling exhibition!