Lesbian ‘gender non-conforming’ couple tries to force son to have ‘queer’ gender relationship | The Pulse | LifeSite

Is this the level that we, human beings, the species that sent a man to the moon, has come to? Buzzfeed never stops to amaze me as it and it’s people constantly try to be more politically correct every time I see one of their videos. So basically they out up a video which was essentially an interview with a lesbian couple and their take on raising a child. They go on to say that they try to force their child who is a boy to try and be transgender, even tho he says “no”. They literally are forcing him to be transgender just so he can be a “respectful human”. No fuck that. I’d have to beat my parents ass if they tried this, fuck being politically correct. This is pushing it too far when you’re forcing children and teaching them boys and girls don’t exist. This is creating a loss of identity among the children making them all the same idealistically. It sicken me. This is ignorance at its finest folks.

“one pattern that made the practice of love especially difficult was my constantly choosing to be with men who were emotionally wounded, who were not that interested in loving, even though they desired to be loved. i wanted to know love but was afraid to be intimate. by choosing men who were not interested in being loving, i was able to practice giving love but always within an unfulfilling context. naturally, my need to receive love was not met. i got what i was accustomed to getting: care and affection, usually mingled with a degree of unkindness, neglect, and on some occasions, outright cruelty.” GOTDAMN bell just drag my entire life why don’t u i love it 😩👏🏼😩👏🏼😩👏🏼 #bellhooks

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Feminist poem from 1661

“Alas! A woman that attempts the pen,
Such an intruder on the rights of men,
Such a presumptuous creature is esteemed,
The fault can by no virtue be redeemed.

They tell us we mistake our sex and way;
Good breeding, fashion, dancing, dressing, play;
Are the accomplishments we should desire;
To write, or read, or think, or to enquire,
Would cloud our beauty, and exhaust our time,
And interrupt the conquests of our prime.

Whilst the dull manage of a servile house
Is held by some our utmost art and use.”

Anne Finch, Lady Winchilsea