Equality Golbat: “Anti-eugenics doesn’t mean making selective abortion illegal. It means convincing people not to do it.”

Most people who are socially aware enough to identify and oppose eugenics are also against criminalizing abortion. It’s not about taking away people’s right to decide, it’s about making sure those decisions are well informed.

The easiest way to tell the difference between a general anti-choicer and someone who’s pro-choice but anti-eugenics: General opposition of abortion is negative, conducted through harassment, shaming and humiliation. Opposition to selective abortion uses positive messages about love and acceptance.


Equality Golbat: “Radical beliefs are not random. They’re the result of skepticism, holism, morality, and empathy.”

I wonder how the anti-SJWs think we got these beliefs. I’m not sure they think that far. Intersectional socialist feminism is an inevitable result of the proper application of questioning assumptions (skepticism), considering the world as connected rather than compartmentalizing issues (holism), prioritizing wellbeing over harm (morality), and valuing how other people feel (empathy). It’s really not that strange when you think about it.