Women Like Marvel’s Agent Carter Were a Very Real Part of History

“I love the Captain America movies for multiple reasons. They look great, are well written, have emotional depth, and make a real effort at showing gender equality. But the character of Peggy Carter (portrayed by Hayley Atwell, soon to star in ABC’s Agent Carter) will always hold a special place in my heart, especially after seeing Winter Soldier’s version of the character – old, sick, and riddled with Alzheimer memory loss. It hit very close to home. My grandmother is the same age, suffers some of the rapid memory loss, and in the 1940s marched with pride in a uniform very similar to the one Peggy war on screen.

When you sit down to watch Agent Carter, enjoying the humor, action, and spy games, think about some of those women the creators based the character on. The young women who escaped homes to serve, gave of themselves out of a sense of war time obligation, but also for the opportunity to assert independence they never experienced. And the women who took that opportunity to turn it into something even bigger so future women could enjoy opportunities they could never have dreamed of.”

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Battling Gender Roles: One Toy Department at a Time

Every time I pass a store with toys, or I’m in a store with a toy department, I have to browse.  You never know what cool action figures or LEGOs will be available.  That’s where I got my awesome Iron Man headphones, and they sound quality is AMAZING.

Today, while in the toy department, I spied this:

What you can’t see are all the fun cowboy hats and guns that are behind me in the same “Boys Role Play” area.

I got mad.  Really mad. 

So I did this:

I replaced the “Barbie” sign with the “Boys Role Play” sign.


The Fight in Ohio Continues--All Eyes Turn to Governor Kasich

Despite our efforts is looks like the budget bill containing highly controversial, inflammatory, and harmful last minute amendments regarding women’s health and reproductive rights was passed. 

Pro-Choice Ohio published this after the decision:

Columbus, OH –Hours after 200 pro-choice activists rallied on the Ohio Statehouse steps, the Ohio House and Senate passed a budget with five measures that combined represent a serious risk to the health of Ohio women. The budget now goes to Governor John Kasich who can line-item veto measures before signing the budget into law before the midnight June 30th deadline.

“The time has come for Governor Kasich to stop dodging this issue and take immediate action to protect the health of Ohio women with his veto pen. The Governor’s job is not to impose his personal moral beliefs on Ohio citizens, rather it is to protect Ohioans’ health and safety.” said Kellie Copeland, executive director of the NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio. "Someone has to stop the Ohio Legislature from practicing medicine without a license, that someone is Governor Kasich.

The five provisions in the budget include:

  • A new consent process for women seeking abortion care that forces a doctor to perform medically unnecessary tests and give medically ambiguous information about the viability of the pregnancy.
  • A requirement that all ambulatory surgical centers to have transfer agreements with hospitals will become law. It would also grant authority to the anti-choice director of the Ohio Department of Health to cherry-pick who receives a transfer agreement for an ambulatory surgical center for any reason. The budget also singles out and blocks public hospitals and doctors who contract with abortion clinics from having transfer agreements or contracting with abortion clinics.
  • Divert federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families funds intended to be used for cash support for mothers and their children to unregulated crisis pregnancy centers. A year-long investigation conducted by NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Foundation into crisis pregnancy centers revealed widespread use of biased and medically inaccurate information.
  • Reprioritization of family planning funding would defund Planned Parenthood and other family planning experts, many of whom serve the poor in rural counties. This proposal will wreak havoc on tens of thousands of patients that rely on these facilities, and could result in eleven counties losing access to subsidized family planning services entirely.
  • Finally the budget also appropriates 1 million dollars per year to Rape Crisis Programs in Ohio. Unfortunately although this funding is critical for programs to be able to serve survivors across the state, politicians used this funding to again attack reproductive health-care access by gagging rape crisis counselors from talking about all of a survivor’s medical options if she gets pregnant from the assault.


But fear not Fempire Fighters! THERE’S STILL HOPE FOR OHIO! Governor Kasich has the power to line veto and eliminate the provisions that pertain to limiting women’s reproductive rights.  And, despite the fact he considers himself a pro-life Republican, he may just do it. 

According to Cleveland.com

Kasich is an anti-abortion Republican. But he has not shown an appetite for such issues and is preparing for a re-election fight. A recent poll showed him with a wide lead among men and essentially tied with likely Democratic challenger Ed FitzGerald among women voters. If Kasich accepts abortion restrictions, he risks angering and energizing a block that could help FitzGerald narrow the overall gap.

The governor has not offered many hints about which way he is leaning.

"I’ll look at the language, keeping in mind that I’m pro-life,” Kasich said Wednesday, according to a report from the Cincinnati Enquirer.


Kasich’s seeking re-election in 2014 and we have already begun to raise some hell.  He has the power to take out provisions in a two year budget bill that have less to do with Ohio’s economy and more to do with  limiting the freedoms of the female citizens of the state through backdoor measures.


First check out our original breaking post HERE.

Next do everything you can to contact Governor Kasich and give him a piece of your mind! This is CRUCIAL for everyone especially Ohioans. If he thinks this will jeopardize his election he may back off.  Click HERE for an excellent guide (and script!) on how to contact the right people and make it clear we won’t stand for this.  

Signal boosting and raising awareness through tweeting with us (@the_fempire) and reblogging the heck out of this always helps.

The battle continues Fempire Fighters.  Let’s show the world we won’t stand for this in Texas, we won’t stand for this in Ohio, and we won’t stand for this anywhere.  Women’s rights are human rights and I’m tired of having to explain that to other people.

‘Women In Struggle Film Series’, Women Against Imperialism, Oakland and San Francisco, [late 1970’s]. Featuring films about women in leftist guerrilla organizations from Eritrea, Nicaragua, South Africa and the United States, including a slideshow about Assata Shakur entitled 'Message to My People’. 

Man of Steel: My Review

Rarely in the middle of a cinematic experience do I feel the need to whip out my notebook in the dark theatre and start scrawling notes.  I did that last night.

NOT because the film was bad.  But because it was very good.  SO good, that the problems I had with it were that much more upsetting and disappointing.  Nothing kills me more than lost potential.  (Goddammit, Prometheus)

Problem 1: Where My Ladies At?

First and foremost, this film not only fails the Bechdel test, it is a prime example of why the Bechdel test exists in the first place.

If the comic books did not dictate that a particular character exist and, in fact, have a vagina…that character did not have a vagina. 

Lara, Martha, Lois, and Bad Kryptonian Lady were the main females.  I was not disappointed with their portrayal.  Not at all.  Well cast, written just fine for their purpose.

My PROBLEM, however, is with all the women that were NOT present.  There were so many peripheral characters that could have EASILY been played by women.  The scientist, the General, the air force pilot, the other reporter at the newspaper…I could go on. In spite of the fact that women exist in real life as scientists, generals, pilots, and reporters, every single one of these roles were played by men.

But, you say, there was that girl at the Planet!  And there were some female soldiers!

The girl at the Planet was an intern, and she not only barely spoke, but when she did it was mostly to fall apart at crunch time and beg the men to save her in spite of the fact that their lives were in danger.  Way to not only NOT be brave, but endanger the lives of others by being a weepy, whiny waste of space.

The two female soldiers that were even a little memorable were A) tiny in stature for some reason and B) eye rollingly annoying.  One of them had to ask what terraforming was and looked like she was about 17 years old.  The other was a Captain, but her only line was to mention how hot Superman is.


Women exist in positions of power IN REAL LIFE.  Women exhibit heroism every day IN REAL LIFE. 

It’s time we start seeing that portrayed in pop culture in something other than cable networks and what Joss Whedon has written.  NOW. 

Problem 2:

Stop it with the Jesus symbolism.  Heroic deeds and self sacrifice happen every day.  Ask anyone who knows a member of the armed forces, or anyone who knows a cop or fireman.  Taking a super hero film (I’m looking RIGHT AT YOU Spiderman and Matrix: Revolutions) and randomly throwing in a SUPER OBVIOUS crucifixion pose is just annoying.  Stop it.  It’s unnecessary.

Problem 3:

In a post-9/11 society, you should never portray a catastrophic loss of life without showing the consequences.  Too many people all over the world are intimately aware of the grief and trauma involved with major disasters.  Terrorism, tsunamis, tornadoes, wildfires…we have all seen more wanton destruction than our brains can properly process.  Please do not subject us to entire cities being reduced to ash while ignoring the fact that mothers, fathers, spouses, brothers, and sisters are inside those buildings that you are destroying.

It’s only a movie? 

Well, I don’t know about you, but I can’t watch a skyscraper fall to the ground without my heart stopping for just a moment.  Without feeling that ghost of grief like a phantom limb.  Without being haunted by it hours after.

If you must do it, make sure it MATTERS.  Make sure it has a true MEANING. 

Don’t ever do it because you just want to one up the last guy.

Man of Steel is an unfortunate reminder that we have a very, very long way to go before Hollywood stops being a vapid and shallow boys’ club that treats their audience like a collective group of seventh graders.

It’s time we demanded better.  Loudly.


“This bill will kill women.”  

It’s the truth.  

Happened just after the House passed House Bill 2 or HB2 on to the Senate.  

Kurdish women in Syria create first female battalion

For the first time in Syria, 150 Kurdish women have set up a female-only battalion in the northern province of Aleppo, which has seen some of the heaviest fighting since the start of the Syrian uprising in early 2011.

The news comes from a statement by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on Saturday. While women have been known to fight alongside men in both pro and anti-regime forces – as well as the Kurdish militia, it is the first time they have formed their own fighting unit. An amateur photograph has been circulating on the internet, showing rows of women in military fatigues during training.

Empowered sexuality in dance is not necessarily a bad thing. I wish people would talk about how Miley’s dance moves were tasteless and lacked class as opposed to throwing around the term “slutty”, which inherently carries with it the idea that sexuality in women is something to be ashamed of.