feminist tweets

taylor: tweets about how proud she is to be a woman and references the march on the day of


harry: tweets a day after the march and doesn’t even mention in it in the tweet

y’all: my WOKE haddy!!! what a feminist icon!!!!!!! 

Embroidered Tweet, black silk on fabric cut from an antique nightgown, tweet by Shaadi Devereaux, embroidery by Cybele Knowles

“This piece is an embroidery of a tweet by Shaadi Devereaux, a Black and AfroIndigenous writer who uses media to build narratives for Trans Women of Color. Every once in a while, you come across a shard of truth that pierces your thick skull and shifts your perspective. For me, Shaadi’s tweet was one of those shards. When it popped up in my timeline, it immediately spoke to my growing recognition that I’d wasted a lot of time – years of my life – trying to make a heterosexual relationship with a man work.

And it made me laugh. Misandrist humor has a curative function. Many women are socialized to value men more than themselves. Misandrist humor, which rhetorically devalues men, can help women correct the dangerous imbalance of overvaluing men’s comfort and feelings at the expense of our own well-being and safety.

This embroidery is also a tribute to the blazingly smart women on Twitter and other social media platforms from whom I’ve learned so much.”

He tweeted China today that they should keep our drone that they have.

He tweeted.

He tweeted China that they should keep our military drone that they already agreed to give back.

My stomach turns over this. THIS is his diplomacy.

If you haven’t realized that we’re in serious trouble yet…