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TERF Tips #205

When a terf does something terrible (including leaving trans exclusionary ideology for trans inclusive) claim that they were never a radfem to begin with! Sometimes even call them a man! Because that just completely dismisses it instead of dealing with the problem!

life-of-a-feminist  asked:

five steps for not writing a boring story? i can never ever write something that doesn't end up boring 😂

Hiya! Thanks for your question. Writing an engaging story is complicated, but it can be done.

First off, there are so many aspects to writing a gripping story. Honestly, it can’t be done in five steps (and certainly not in one blog post). To prevent a boring story you need strong characters, an exciting plot, good pacing… the list goes on and on.

So rather than type out a 3000+ word response, I’m going to give you a mini-masterpost of the key aspects of writing a non-boring story with links to other LGF posts. Here you go:

How Not to Write a Boring Story:


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Creating and Maintaining Tension


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The Four Horsemen of the Bore-Apocalypse

Thanks again for your question! If you need any more writing advice, feel free to send in another ask! Happy writing!

- Mod Kellie

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!

Tips to keep you soft and angelic 🌙

-rose water, rose water, rose water!!! (did I mention rose water?) if you are looking to make your skin softer naturally, then rose water is the key
-Johnson’s baby lotion; this stuff smells AMAZING and you’ll feel all fresh and gentle immediately
-coconut oil, it might feel greasy at first but when you melt it into your skin it’s super moisturizing
-Vaseline: I recommend Vaseline for your face. It’s really good for your lips and also serves as a good primer for your makeup
-water, H2O, the more water you drink, the better your skin feels!

TERF Tips #204

Assume that a straight trans “””man””” is a gay trans “””man””” and call him a gay fetishist because of it. You know… call the guys who we view to be confused butch lesbians as gay fetishists, it makes absolute fucking sense!

Tips for my melanin angels 💛🌟 [request]

-don’t let people try and subject you to a certain style
-wear whatever you want!!
-moisturize, drink gallons of water, use vaseline & ROSE WATER Bc they will change your life no matter what
-pastels contrast with your beautifully pigmented skin and will make you look heavenly
-wear bold makeup to make statements
-love! your! skin! you’re beautiful just the way you are
-don’t let discrimination bring you down
-always remember that you are a princess/prince

3 things girls should never do to other girls

- Say you don’t have a tampon/pad if you do, help the girl out for crist sake.

- Deny you know where ur clothes came from when a girl compliments them & asks.

- Rip eachother down for their size, sexuality, colour, race or wither they were actually born a girl or not, its how they identify so respect that.

A girl friend of mine told me her boyfriend doesn’t think she dresses suggestively enough when they go out and asked for my advice on how to handle it.

I told her to buy the sexiest lingerie she could find and strangle him with it while dressed in whatever the fuck she wants to wear. Aesthetic.

Before getting mad at somebody for their closed mind, take a minute and appreciate and be grateful for the open mind that you have.
—  Life tip for dealing with judgemental, close minded people by Nicole.
And we are ashamed for having desire in our culture. Women are shamed for having desire for anything — for food, for sex, for anything. We’re asked to only be the object for other people’s desire. There’s nothing that directing is about more than desire. It’s like, “I want to see this. I want to see it with this person. I want to change it. I want to change it again.” It’s like directing is female desire over and over again, and film is the capturing of human emotions and somehow men were able to swindle us into believing that that is their specialty. All they told us our whole life is we’re too emotional to do any real jobs, yet they’ve taken the most emotional job, which is art making about human emotions and said we’re not capable of it.
—  Jill Soloway on female filmmakers

Some things feminism has taught me 💌🗯

- That life is so much more enjoyable when you accept yourself rather than succumbing to other people’s expectations.
- That everyone has emotions that they have the right to express; for example men cry and we must reassure them that they have safe spaces where they won’t be judged for opening up.
- life is easier when we just accept people for who they are, after all their individuality cannot hurt us.
- I am able to do anything I wish, even if it’s not normal for someone like me to do. There is no line where you can stop pushing yourself for greatness.
- That the things older generations have told me aren’t always correct, but are simply just an opinion and Its okay if I disagree.
- How important my education is, how lucky I am to have it and that I shouldn’t take it for granted.
- I shouldn’t be ashamed of my body or how it works, and those who shame me for this are the ones in the wrong.
- Everyone is equal, and I must keep reminding myself that before I think about putting other people down because I’m jealous of them or they annoyed me.
- Not everyone is going to agree with your beliefs, and that’s okay, you must still respect them. (I’ve realised that the rule with respect is everyone is to be respected until they do something to loose your respect such as being horrible to you or having done something horrible)
- Everyone is different and we must not be prejudice. There isn’t such thing as ‘normal’ but more like 'expected’; everyone is unique and doesn’t have to live up to what people expect them to be like.
- If something is important to you, never stop believing in it just because somebody made you feel ashamed or upset because of it.

Feminism hasn’t only showed me how powerful women can be, but also how everyone isn’t all that different from each other. Sure, we are all one of a kind, but we have so much in common and life can be so amazing if we just treat everyone as we wish to be treated ourselves. It’s taught me to think before I speak and that it’s important to create my own opinions before people give me their own. I understand that a lot of people don’t agree with feminism and sometimes don’t fully understand it, but I still respect those people and just wish that they respect me. Feminists aren’t people who push one group of people higher than others, they aren’t aggressive or negative, but people who simply wish for everyone to be treated equally as that’s what makes life fair and beautiful.


Please be careful in large cities, especially in nyc! A lot of disgusting people may try to touch you if you are topless/almost topless not knowing you’re underage.

Even if you aren’t topless, be careful. A few days ago i witnessed a man try to untie a underage girls bikini top while at a small rally.

If you’re worried about this happening but would like to participate: get a plain white tshirt, and draw some boobs on it with “free the nipple” written somewhere! This goes for everyone participating!

Please be safe girls! (\/)(0|||0)(\/)