feminist summer book club

Tentative Feminist Summer Book Club List- What do y'all think?

First month: Introductions to Intersectional Feminisms

  • “Feminism is for Everybody” bell hooks
  • “Mapping the Margins:  Intersectionality, Identity Politics and Violence Against Women” Kimberle Crenshaw
  • “Disappearing Acts: Reclaiming Intersectionality in the Social Sciences” Nikol G. Alexander Floyd
  • “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” Peggy McIntosh

Second month: Queer and Trans feminisms: Sexuality, Gender, Sex, and Identity

  • “My Gender Workbook” Kate Bornstein
  • “Doing Justice to Someone” Judith Butler
  • “Orientations” Sara Ahmed
  • “The Bodily Ego and the Contested Domain of the Material” Gayle Salamon


  • “Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters” Courtney Martin
  • “Fat! So? Because You Don’t Have To Apologize for Your Size” Marilyn Wann
  • Selected articles from bitch magazine 

**edit** I am thinking of adding “Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic As Power” by Audre Lorde to the last month as a way to think about different ways of understanding and valuing ourselves that are not communicated to us through representations in society. Yes? No?

This list came from your answers about books and interests on the survey and then from other graduate students’ input about books and articles they thought would work well with the most popular authors and themes.

This is a tentative list! I’m going to set it to reblog a few times while I’m gone! I want you to look at it and tell me if you like it!

Obviously, this is all really informal and totally voluntary. If you only want to read one of the books off the whole list and just chime in on that discussion, do it!

Please let me know here or in my inbox what you think about this list. I am SUPER excited!

OK! It's official. Y'all want a book club.

Over the next few days I will be accepting suggestions for a reading list as well as ideas for how to make an online book club work. I’ve already gotten quite a few suggestions for both.

Here are my thoughts:

On the reading list: It must include writers of color and cover multiple feminist issues. We also shouldn’t jam pack it because it’s not like we’re going to read Judith Butler in a week and have any idea what is going on. I’m going to do my best to select a handful of books that are interesting and hopefully that y'all haven’t read before (we’ll do a poll, or something). 

On the making it work: I think the most important thing about a book club is the sense of community and discussion that you get out of reading a book at the same time as other people. If it’s just about individual people reading books, we’d call it a “Summer Reading List” instead of a feminist book club. Whatever we use, it has to enable us to somehow communicate with each other about the things we like/dislike about the text and to share our reflections.

OK! Let’s get moving! Feminist Summer Book Club, assemble your brains!

Feminist Summer Book Club Update!

As y'all may have seen yesterday, I started a tumblr specifically for the Feminist Summer Book Club: feministsummerbookclub! It is SUPER IMPORTANT that you follow this blog if you are interested in taking part in the FSBC.

There are three moderators for the book club: I will be facilitating the first month on Intersectional Feminisms, thebathroomsguy is facilitating the second month on Queer/Trans* Feminisms, and teaandbiscuitsfeminism is facilitating our final month: Feminism and Representations.(Thank y'all SO MUCH for responding to my request for moderators! You rock!)

We should all be up and posting by June 13th, when the first month officially starts.

Howdy, y'all!

This is the blog from which we will try to conduct the book club through the use of tumblr, goodreads, and perhaps tinychat.

This blog is mondo important, because I may not always be available to post things, and so the FSBC’s tumblr presence should not just be in my hands.

Please follow this blog if you want to participate in the FSBC! It will be our communal hub, and the other moderators of the book club will also have access to post things.

I am so excited! I hope you are, too!

I’m also going to start tracking the tags [#FSBC] and [#feminist summer book club] and I suggest that we all do so we can also communicate that way. 

Woohoooo feminism! It’s pretty cool.

Tumbling from the airplane (that sounds ominous)

Hello! I am in the air working on the logistics of this book club.

Many of you recommended goodreads as a platform for discussion and I think that is a great place to start.

I’ve established a group (Feminist Summer Book Club) on the website and am working on adding books from our tentative list to this one. Anyone can join!

As the summer is quickly getting away from us, I suggest we start the first month on June 13th (unless I receive a barrage of angry messages about the content for the first month) and go with the pieces from the tentative reading list.

The format I’m envisioning is a pretty accessible book that acts as an introduction or an overview, and then a selection of articles that delve deeper or expand upon different aspects of the overall theme for the month. Obviously, all of this is voluntary, so you do what you want! But I think the more we all read, the better our discussions will be.

A few of my friends still have access to university libraries, so hopefully we’ll be able to share all of the articles with everyone who is interested.