feminist satire

I will not take you seriously in an argument if you do these things:
  • use “autistic”, “faggot” or “retarded” as an insult
  • use the terms “tumblrina”, “SJW” or “special snowflake” unironically
  • are anti-self diagnosis, make fun of triggers, or think that nonbinary genders are “made-up”
  • >use this format
  • call yourself ”pro-logic” or “anti-bullshit” (because if you do that, you’re probably very much anti-logic and pro-bullshit but also anti-self awareness)
  • ”unpopular opinions” or “I’m everything tumblr hates” (guess what? you’re unpopular because you’re a bigot)
  • think that “corruption in video game journalism” is a real problem
  • ”I don’t care about the dictionary definition of feminism!” *proceeds to quote the dictionary definition of egalitarianism, even though you probably don’t follow the definition*
  • defend bigotry as “freedom of speech” but don’t think that freedom of speech applies to people who disagree with your bigotry
  • “feminazi” (or any reference to the Holocaust)
  • ”replace “white/male/cis/straight” with “black/female/jews/gay/trans”!
  • post outdated memes as a reply instead of a real argument
  • claim that a source is invalid just because it disagrees with you, or claim that an obvious troll blog is real because it would give you proof of “the toxic SJWs”
  • blatantly contradict yourself
  • defend bigotry as “satire” when you don’t even know what satire is

Edit: I would like to add a few more things that will also make me not take you seriously

-hate follow me

-send anon messages to me during the argument and are extremely obvious about who it is

-have fuck/fucks/fuckself as your pronouns in your blog description or anything like that meant to mock trans people

-use the opinion of one marginalized person to discredit the feelings of the whole group

Another edit:

-not know what fat acceptance is and are against it

another addition: think that kink-shaming is a real problem

-claim that terms that have been used by sociologists for decades are “tumblr buzzwords”


How are people still defending Amber? It’s actually hilarious me, this whole situation. Just a few days ago people were praising Amber for saying she was going to donate all of her $7000000 divorce settlement to charity. Since she said this, Johnny Depp did the right thing and sent the money directly to the people that she claimed se was going to give all the money to. Now all the sudden she wants him back in court, and wants double the money! Her excuse is that he isn’t a charitable man??? For one, shit excuse because it’s what she said was going to do, that should’ve been the end of it. Two, he’s been donating money for years and always goes to children hospitals dressed as his characters. If it wasn’t obvious that she was a gold digger, this should make it quite obvious. Yet the stupid fucking media and tumblerinas are defending her because she’s a woman.


A Giant Asteroid to Hit Earth

Feminist Media:

Why Women and PoC are the real victims of the apocalypse

A meteor hitting the earth and killing us all may sound like we’re all in this together, but it’s black people and women who have suffered more throughout history and still have no future. They’re the Real VictimsTM here. Not to mention, it’s a white privilege to be able to worry about the meteor, WoC have more immediate things that they have to tend to in the mean time due to the intersection of systemic racism and sexism. All that history of being oppressed, and now they’re told they have no future. To say this asteroid affects us equally is to erase and silence women and minorities. It’s outright racist, sexist, and intersects as ableist because mental disorders affect women and minorities disproportionately. The patriarchy is finally ending, but it’s still women and minorities who who get the short end of the stick. We are the biggest victims

Several anti-feminist blogs are reblogging this post (a tweet by a satirical “woman against feminism” account, saying that they’re an egalitarian because they believe eagles should be superior), without any commentary or anything and I genuinely can’t tell if they’re being ironic, if they agree with it, or if they just saw the name “WomanAgainstFeminism” and reblogged it without really reading it.

I really hate the people who self diagnose on this website. Like if you’re so sure that you have a serious disease, go to a fucking Doctor. Also, why is it necessary to put all your diseases/disorders in your tumblr bio. You want no one to judge you based off your illnesses yet you make it the first thing they see on your account. There is literally no reason for anyone on tumblr to even know that you have these things. What makes it even worse is that there’s actual people who have these serious diseases and disorders that have to suffer through it, and there’s just a bunch of attention seekers on this website who are faking these illnesses. Imagine how terrible it would be to have a real health issue, and to then go on this website and see all the people who think they have it, with out any confirmation from a doctor, act like they have it so hard because of it. It’s really annoying and rude. To anyone with an actual disease/disorder, I’m sorry that tumblrinas make it look like nothing and undermine the seriousness of it :(


What Action Movies Would Look Like Without All The Sexism

“In a world… dominated by gender inequality and unfair pay, one Hollywood studio has done the unthinkable and made a movie – for women.” That’s how a new trailer for a parody film called “Hollywood Solves Sexism” begins.

Watch the full hilarious movie trailer here. 


Update for May 30 - June 5

Satirical comic about recent femfreq tweets about Witcher 3 and Arkham City.


It’s first update for this week, and I have prepared updated for tomorrow. Stuff is happening recently, I also have material for a next week cartoon.

Textless version - http://art2002.tumblr.com/post/120724337385/endless-drawing-challenge-day-109-today-ive

Feminism vs Meninism

It is always entertaining to watch Feminists going after Meninists, not understanding the fact that all they are doing is attacking themselves. Meninism isn’t real, it is men acting like feminists, making feminists arguments with the genders reversed. Most are not men’s rights activists, they are just there to show the hypocrisy of feminism.

Originally posted by vhs-ninja

Hey, if you’re a man, I just wanted to say,

It doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight, pan, bi, asexual.
It doesn’t matter what you identify as.
It doesn’t matter how you dress or how you look.
It doesn’t matter how you talk, walk, act, feel, are.

Regardless of any of that,

You’re still scum xx

Update for June 13-19

Satire about (some) gaming press and anti-gaming political extremists.

I dunno if Peter Johnson Jr was active before Jack Thompson, I’m not American. He doesn’t even seem notable enough to have Wikipedia article. Anyway, I’m claiming artistic license by slapping him as the face of Ultra-Catholic angle. 

Someone needs to explain to feminists that it’s called “child support” and not “wife support” and that your ex husband isn’t entitled to pay for your living so that you don’t have to do anything. The only thing he has to help pay for is the finances for the kid. This also applies to women paying child support to men, but we all know that that’s a rare occurrence since men rarely ever get custody of the kid. (Source:https://www.hg.org/child-custody-and-support.html)


Ladies, the next time a man tells you to smile, ask your doctor about Smyle for Women.