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yeah the boy scouts allowing trans boys in is great! but don’t forget that girl scouts have allowed (and encouraged!) trans girls joining since forever and that girl scouts was created in DIRECT opposition to boy scouts as a liberal and feminist organization to symbolize a big fuck you to the gross, conservative misogynist organization that boy scouts was (and continue to be)

Saw a dad giving his daughter advice to go to a women’s college so she’d become a “proper feminine young lady” and the flashbacks I had made me cackle so hard I thought I broke a rib

as someone who went to women’s college for a bit, women’s college is where you go to became a radical feminist fighter who will literally never put up with patriarchal bullshit ✌️

Why men think women in mass will organize to just hold on to antiquated feminine standards mostly perpetuated by men will never cease to anger me. Hell, even organizations run by nuns have been cited as hotbeds of lesbian relationships and intense feminist thoughts


so please go my sisters, go to women’s college, learn how to destroy all men in your life with a better education than they could ever dream of


modern shakespeare aesthetics: ophelia, before, during, and after

Out of the ash I rise […]
And I eat men like air.

I hate to break it to you but the term “hypermasculinity” was coined in 1994 by Ashis Nandy, an Indian psychologist, in his writings on colonialism and gender.

I also hate to be the one to tell you this, but the organized feminist movement started in 1848 at the Seneca Falls women’s conference.

Tumblr was founded in 2007. Tumblr did not invent feminism and tumblr did not invent the terms used in feminism. All tumblr did was allow you to come face to face with your own privilege and the reality of oppression. And you are ignorant, hateful and cowardly enough to violently perpetrate it and refuse to see otherwise.

Feminist, LGBTQIA, Race/Gender Inclusive, Progressive Volunteer Opportunities and Organizations, State by State
Feminist, LGBTQIA, Race/Gender Inclusive, Progressive Volunteer Opportunities and Organizations, State by State Protect our progress. Support each other. --- General Philanthropic Resources Please Google a non-profit or use one of these tools before adding it to this list. There are some well-k...
Any movement for black liberation will be incomplete unless it centers the experiences of the most marginalized:

Black Youth Project 100′s Charlene Carruthers breaks down why all black people won’t be free until all black people are included.

Charlene A. Carruthers is a Black, queer feminist community organizer and writer with over 10 years of experience in racial justice, feminist and youth leadership development movement work. She currently serves as the national director of the Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100): an activist member-based organization of Black 18-35 year olds, dedicated to creating justice and freedom for all Black people.

We need more people like Charlene and we need more organizations like the Black Youth Project 100!!!

Famous Lesbians, Lesbian History:

Valerie Solanas (1936-1988) - author, radical feminist

  • wrote the SCUM Manifesto in 1967
  • she attempted to murder Andy Warhol in 1968, confessed that he “had too much control in my life.” She served three years for this attempt. She also stated: “ I consider that a moral act. And I consider it immoral that I missed. I should have done target practice.”
  • Ti-Grace Atkinson, the president of the National Organization for Women at the time, called Valerie “the first outstanding champion of women’s rights” and “a ‘heroine’ of the feminist movement”
  • Valerie herself on feminist organizations: “[nothing more than] a civil disobedience luncheon club.” She stated she “reject[s] mainstream liberal feminism for its blind adherence to cultural codes of feminine politeness and decorum which the SCUM Manifesto identifies as the source of women’s debased social status”
  • Anti-feminists: feminists only care about women.
  • Feminists: that's not true! We care about men and women.
  • Antis: how come there hasn't been any feminist organization for men's rights?
  • Feminists: because men already have all of their rights.
  • Antis: what about their right to have a say over whether their baby is aborted? Or how family courts are extremely biased in women's favour?
  • Feminists: ...
  • Antis: ...
  • Feminists: stop trying to make everything about men!

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Fuck clexacon and that white feminist ass fandom that created it. Anytime Sara fucking Ramirez has to invite her damn self to a con about wlw characters, it's racist. I guess ALL 4 or 5 black actresses' invites got lost in the mail. Or they all were busy all 3 days. Where was Seychelle and Janet? Animated qwoc definitely don't matter I guess.

…for the most part…

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The difference between the way feminists organize and current structures of organization in the world is incredible. Current power structures are about control and manipulation and feminist organizational groups have rotating leadership, accountability/transparency, empowerment and shared decision making, like who the hell wouldn’t be a feminist.

On This Day: March 12
  • 1851: L.Henry Bibb, former slave, publishes Voice of the Fugitive, Canada’s first black newspaper.
  • 1898: Emma Goldman is among several speakers at an international celebration of the twenty-seventh anniversary of the Paris Commune in Pittsburgh attended by three hundred people.
  • 1900: Le Roi mine in Rossland, BC, locks out Western Federation of Miners in contact mining dispute.
  • 1909: Emma Goldman lectures in El Paso, Tex.; prevented by city authorities from holding meeting in Spanish.
  • 1912: Most demands won by more than 30,000 strikers at American Woolen Co as the Lawrence, MA, “Bread and Roses” textile strike ends.
  • 1923: Birth of Clara Fraser, feminist and socialist political organizer, who co-founded the Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women.
  • 1926: UK coal miners accept wage deal recommended by Royal Commission; which includes 10% wage cut.
  • 1930: Salt March or Salt Satyagraha begins. A protest against British salt monopoly, a key part of struggle for Indian Independence.
  • 1942: Joan Montseny, Catalan anarchist and father of Federica Montseny, died in an internment camp in Salon-de-Provence, France.
  • 1959: The Tibetan Women’s Uprising. Thousands of women gathered in front of the Potala Palace in Lhasa to peacefully protest against the illegal occupation of Tibet.
  • 2004: Steelworkers at Oregon Steel Mills, Inc, accept offer, end 6 year strike and win back pay, return rights and pension credits.
  • 2007: Anti-Bush protests in Bogotá, Colombia during President Bush’s six-day tour of Latin America.

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Hi any advice for getting a girlfriend (I'm sixteen btw)

Good question. I’d like to know that myself.

A good start is to go to places where lesbian go: gay cafés, feminist libraries, LGBT organizations, human rights protests attract gay community as well (especially feminist causes).

Try also local lesbian websites (idk maybe Tinder/Her? Although I don’t know anybody who found a girlfriend this way, but apparently in Finland if not for Tinder, there would be no couples as they are so shy). I guess the age is more important when you’re 16 than when you’re 20+, and the cafes and human rights organizations may attract a bit older people, therefore Internet/ apps should be a good option.

And if you happen to see a girl you like at school or on a street, just start talking to her about something (do you know what hour it is/ do you know where is the street…/do you have a lighter/ are you from this neighborhood? Do you know any good cafés?)

I think it’s a little bit more problematic for girls with long hair because they don’t always “look gay” so if you’re one of them, let it be known somehow and it would be easier.

Other advices are welcome :)

Women are majestic creatures. We spend our lives being told we can’t. can’t be, can’t wear, can’t act, can’t love a certain way. We spend our mornings applying makeup and doing our hair because we thrive to be the type of beautiful that society wants us to be. We live in a world where being a “girl” is an insult. Yet without us this world would seize to exist. We are strong, smart, brave, loving, beautiful human beings that deserve to be told we can be, can wear, can act, and can love anyway that feels right. 

The U.N.'s Shocking Gender/Feminist Bias: Masterpost with Links

Here is a list of my posts on the shocking gender/feminist bias at the United Nations. A link to this post will be on the front page of my Tumblr so it is easy to find. I plan to update it in the future. Feel free to send me relevant links & info:

Quick Intro Summary: The U.N. is now a feminist missionary organization and a humanitarian nightmare

The very feminist U.N. Women now controls the entire U.N. system through a policy known as “gender mainstreaming”. Gender mainstreaming means all U.N. programs and actions must account for “gender equality.” U.N. Women has the ultimate authority to decide what “gender equality” actually means, so they now rule the entire U.N. system in practice.

The results have been disastrous. The U.N. has excluded men from humanitarian aid simply for being men, unnecessarily prioritizes aid to women, promotes male genital mutilation even though it strongly condemns all forms of female genital mutilation, produces mountains of highly questionable (if not outright fraudulent) research on gender-related issues, campaigns for government Internet censorship to supposedly protect women from mean words online, and blatantly promotes feminist ideology in both the first-world (through publicity campaigns such as HeForShe) and in the third-world (by integrating feminist indoctrination into humanitarian aid programs).

I understand this may sound a bit conspiratorial, but please visit the links below and judge for yourself. Most of my evidence comes from official U.N. sources. Remember, your tax money is likely funding the U.N. through member state donations.



“Men stand up and control their environment. Then they must secure and defend their resources. Security and defense follow the establishment of one’s turf. Defense must always be handled discreetly among those most strongly committed to maintaining the resources against its enemies. The reason that the Nation of Islam was perceived as so “dangerous” was that everybody had heard of the “Fruit of Islam” and they understood that the “Fruit” didn’t take any mess. There was a security system built within the structure of the organization. We must understand that men not only define their resources, not only control their resources, they must also defend those resources. Black women should never be at the mercy of white men for jobs, in institutions, or any place else. It should not be necessary for black women to go to a white feminist organization about sexual harassment. All she needs to do is to find any brother anywhere and say, “These people are messing with me,” and step back. That’s all that she should need to do. Once that’s done, that’s it. No more questions. No more problems. We shouldn’t have to worry about the defense of anybody who stands up for us. But we know that until we come into the consciousness and awareness of our manhood we are always in danger. Not only from each other (those of us who have not awakened to our situation) but also from Europeans. We are constantly in danger as long as we don’t understand that men must be in position to defend and secure the resources that they have.”