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I rarely saw darkskinned black women grace my tv, film or books. I rarely saw them ever. It’s funny cause the people who uplift me, tell me I’m beautiful and love me are black women. It’s what we do.

I wanna reclaim myself and carve out a space for black women, black trans, and non-binary peeps to take up space in an arts world that doesn’t see a need for us, that tries to stop us from telling our story.

I’m going to be posting pictures of myself a fucking great deal more cause it’s a shame I was conditioned to think I can’t be seen.

Here’s me now.

Capture your own narrative and share it with the world. Take up space, take up air.


Marina Constantine, Sugar Skin (2016)

Mixed Media Book, Front Cover and Selected Pages : 30 Total Pages

“On the acceptance, rejection and struggle with femininity and how mental illness, abusive relationships and a 90′s rainbow childhood shaped those feelings. Toilet paper, tissue paper, glue, artificial sweetener, acrylic, sprinkles, glitter, fake blood, gel pen, glitter glue, collage, crayon and various nostalgic trash on paper.”  

Her phone rings
Meeting reminder pings
She cannot see
The gallery empty.
The Gustavo metzger newspaper rack
Gets hit by a high slung back pack.
It’s a sculptural work
Behind which 4 spotty teenagers lurk.
She wants to know
When it’s time to go.
She’s plays hide and seek with her own 5 kids
And after 12 hours in a gallery
can’t see
where her real self has been hid



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alien–corpse: the-real-ted-cruz: Holocaust…

@mynotjim Goanna need some sources of where it’s illegal.Also apart from that reason why don’t you think it happened?…


He who publicly and contrary to facts contradicts the crimes mentioned in Article 1, clause 1 shall be subject to a fine or a penalty of deprivation of liberty of up to three years. The judgment shall be made publicly known.

This covers all Nazi crimes. The alleged ones, anyway.