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The Signs as typical book characters
  • ARIES: That psycho guy who loses his shit because of every little thing.
  • TAURUS: That cute nerdy girl, wearing glasses, having a kind heart.
  • GEMINI: The wise old man giving advices.
  • CANCER: That person who looks the weakest but actually always finds ways to stay alive.
  • LEO: That hoe that gets killed in the main villain’s bed.
  • VIRGO: The actual villain.
  • LIBRA: The main character’s first love.
  • SCORPIO: The character whom everyone suspects turning out to be the villain.
  • SAGITTARIUS: Crazy party person, always drunk, funny.
  • CAPRICORN: Cold-hearted detective who ends up admitting his week sides.
  • AQUARIUS: That super strong, hot, feministic lady doing her job flawlessly.
  • PISCES: That useless nerd who dies first.
Equal Pay

Feminist : “I want equal pay!!!”

Me : “For equal commitment to the job?”

Feminist : “Nah I need “work life” balance.”

Me : “For equal hours, then? Right know you only work seven hours to my eight.”

Feminist : “lol i’m not a slave”

Me : “For equal risk of being killed? You’d have to multiply your risk at least 9 times.”

Feminist : “Ugh why is it always violence with you?”

Me : “Equal chance to touch something nasty?”

Feminist : “Ewwww no! But I do want one of those CEO positions.”

Me : “How about all those homeless positions?”

Feminist : “Gross. no, I just want more money.”

Me : “You already control three quarters of consumer spending.”

Feminist : “Why are you such a downer? Do you just hate women?”

Me : “Ummmm… No, just spoiled people asking for free stuff without equal effort.”

A Male Chiropractor Wants Women To Use Controversial Methods To Contain Menstrual Flow
Should women stick their labia together rather than use tampons, pads and other sanitary products? One chiropractor says yes, despite a heavy flow of naysayers.
By Kavin Senapathy

Can we glue his mouth shut? His testosterone is clearly messing with HIS head to think he understands any of the woman’s reproductive system!

And I’m confused as to why this is the photo lol

If you are a feminist it is your job to dismantle the stigma around the movement by calling out bad feminists, like TERFs, TWERFs, misinformation, and blatant lies used to invoke fear into women, men, or just plain people.

Focus not only on women, but on men and non binary people as well. Feminism is an equality movement, which means we need to uplift EVERYONE. Not just women.

Feminism isn’t about female superiority. Don’t act like it is and call it out when people act as if women are better than men.


Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton was asked a question by a female reporter and responded, saying “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes”

The reporter, Jourdan Rodrigue, tweeted this response:

(I don’t think it’s “funny” to be a female and talk about routes. I think it’s my job.)

Miranda Hart appreciation post.

I seriously don’t know why Miranda’s sitcom wasn’t more popular on tumblr! I mean it has:


Gay marriage

Body confidence (but also lack of)

Failing at new year’s resolutions

Failing at job interviews and generally being an adult

Social awkwardness

And the occasional existential crisis

Not to mention feminism and bad jokes! Seriously, if any of this applies to you, you should check it out!

reasons why im like cole becker:
-shitty dye job
-loves making zines and giving head
-used to make cringey poetry and post it on tumblr (don’t even try to find it, fuckos)
-talks a lil funny
-gender????????? sexuality????????
-just wants to make people happy

“Stop the Devaluation of Feminized Jobs” - Lillian Cuda.

This piece is a commissioned t-shirt and sticker design for MisogynistShaming. I’m excited to see the final garment. If you’re interested in a commissioned piece, please email me at lilyterese@hotmail.com

corus-siy  asked:

Hi! I just found out about your blog today, and honestly, I was a little skeptical, seeing as I've been harassed by many people who claim to harass me for being Bisexual and NB because it's "A feminists job to..." and so on, but after looking through your content, I actually really started to like what you have to say! I just wanted to come over here to tell you that I really appreciate you and how you communicate. You seem like an amazing person and I'm glad to see your content in my newsfeed!

thank you so much!

i hardly think feminists have “jobs” or “duties” (we’re no more entitled to anything than anyone else, especially not bossing people around!) and if we did, it would be to spread awareness, not to tell anyone what to do. advise and suggest maybe, but not demand and order all I’m-shoving-my-opinion-down-your-throat-like.

i hope you continue to enjoy the content and enjoy seeing it, but if there’s ever something that bothers you just explain to me why it could be offensive or something and I’ll take it down if I see that perspective. my intention is to never hurt anyone (I hope that’s evident in the posts), and if I do, please let me know ASAP. no harassment here, and I’m sorry people ever did.

once again, thank you for your words and have a great day 💗💗

anonymous asked:

I love a lot of the same books as you, do you have any feminist fantasy recs?



One hour later.

What a lovely question. I do have many feminist fantasy recommendations, but I will list my top 10 favorites, as well as a few Goodreads listopias that I love to comb through when looking for books of this genre.


1. The Palace Job by Patrick Weekes.

2. Everything ever written by Tamora Pierce.

3. Everything ever written by Gail Carriger.

4. Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett.

5. Graceling by Kristin Cashore.

6. Howl’s Moving Castle by Daina Wynne Jones.

7. Leviathan by Scott Westfeld.

8. Seraphina by Rachel Hartman.

9. The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black.

10. Uprooted by Naomi Novik.

There are so many more I would love to recommend, but I do not wish to overwhelm you.

Here are some Goodreads listopias I love to look through when I am unsure of my next read for said genre:

Fantasy That Isn’t Fantastic Straight White Men Doing Epic Things…

Best “Strong Female” Fantasy Novels

Girls disguised as Boys

Speculative Fiction that Passes the Bechdel Test

I hope this is a good resource for you. Happy reading!