feminist hair art

freud on the origin of weaving

“Shame… has as its purpose, we believe, concealment of (female) genital deficiency… It seems that women have made few contributions to the discoveries and inventions in the history of civilization; there is however, one technique which they may have invented - that of plaiting and weaving. If that is so, we should be tempted to guess the unconscious  motive for the achievement. Nature herself  would seem to have given the model which this achievement imitates by causing the growth at maturity of the pubic hair that conceals the genitals. The step that remained to be taken  lay in making the threads adhere  to one another, while on the body they stick to the skin and are only matted together” 

‘There is a specific way that society expects you to behave.’

‘You suffer to be beautiful for a certain gaze.’

‘Beauty and social constructs perpetuate feelings of self hate.’

‘We all have ingrained mechanisms that are sexist and racist.’