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Finally, a bar where women can go and not be hit on by creeps

Bar owner Matt Piacentini is not having any inappropriate behavior in his cocktail bar, the Up & Up in New York City’s Greenwich Village. At the bottom of every cocktail menu — is a decorum code: Gentlemen are kindly asked not to introduce themselves to ladies. On earlier versions of the menu, the rule was even more explicit.

If you call yourself a feminist, and then bash straight girls, then, I’m sorry, but you aren’t a feminist. If you put down a group of girls for a trait that they can’t control (being white, straight, cis, etc.) then YOU are part of the problem. Feminism is supposed to be about empowering women and girls, not tearing them down, right? (The same goes for straight, white, and cis girls tearing down lesbian/bi/ace girls, trans girls, and black, Asian, Hispanic, etc. girls but this post is in response to the discourse that was happening)

I know a guy, and he has a military history themed tumblr. He reblogs about the world wars, medieval stuff, game of thrones and the lord of the rings. He tags things like the French Revolution with “vive la revolution!” 

I see a lot of tumblrs like his, but they will reblog paintings of the Boston Tea Party and then follow it up with a post calling BLM “thugs” and saying “riots don’t help.”

On the other hand, he reblogs BLM protests, just the same as he reblogs about historic revolutions. He gave the Women’s March the same amount of attention as he gave to the Boston Tea Party and he also tags those pictures “vive la revolution!” 

I think that this highlights the difference between people wanting to learn more about history, who understand that right now will one day be part of history, and those who glorify past protests and revolutions, yet condemn the ones taking place today. 

ACOTAR Highschool AU

Rhysand: Captain of the football team, Feyre’s boyfriend, and a highkey feminist. Chill dude, comes off as kinda scary and intimidating, but is really nice when you get to know him. Fuck with his squad tho and you’ll probably end up in a ditch with several broken bones.

Feyre: President of the Archery Club. Is 100% an art person. She’s that girl that’s popular because she’s genuinely nice to people, and she makes Rhys seem less intimidating. Little do people know that she’s the one who fucks people up when they mess with her squad.

Mor: Super bubbly cheerleader, is best bros with Feyre, and loves going shopping with her. Her family tried to get her into an arranged marriage but she managed to escape it. She has a thing for Azriel but knows that he isn’t ready yet so she doesn’t say anything about it.

Cassian: President of the Boxing Club, was adopted by Rhys’s mum, is 100% a ladies man, but since she transferred over he’s had eyes for Nesta. Very chill guy, can probably be seen at lots of parties, can come off as a bit of a DudeBro but if he hears anything discriminatory he will probably punch that person’s teeth in.

Azriel: is on Rhys’s football team, is that quiet kinda sullen kid, only opens up around his squad (especially Mor). Everyone knows he’s got a thing for Mor but doesn’t want to confront him about it. Is a very withdrawn guy but can be seen at clubs or parties with Mor and Cassian. Is the Mom Friend who picks them off the floor and takes them home when they’re too drunk to stand.

Amren: hardcore sports fan, can probably be spotted local sports games or with her squad, is good friends with Nesta. She seems to know a lot about everything, no one knows how, no one really WANTS to know how. People lowkey think that her dad’s involved with the local gang. They’re wrong, she’s actually the head of the gang, not her dad. She looks like she could kill people, probably has as well. Is super dedicated to her squad so don’t fuck with them unless you have a death wish.

Nesta: is actually a giant Nerd, President of the Maths club, loves her sister Elain to death. Spends a lot of her time either with Elain or Amren. If she’s not with them she’s probably arguing (or making out) with Cassian. She lowkey likes him but doesn’t trust anyone apart from Elain, especially not males, so it’s hard for her to warm up to him (he doesn’t mind all that much, he enjoys their banter). If you don’t think she’d kill for Elain, you’re terribly mistaken, do NOT fuck with Elain.

Elain: very Smol, likes gardening so much that she started a gardening group, is kinda drawn to Lucien but is weary of him cause he’s friends with Feyre’s ex. She’s probably the nicest girl in school, and everyone loves her for it. Some people might think that Nesta is overprotective of her, but she doesn’t mind because she knows that Nesta will always give her a choice.

Lucien: has a crush on Elain, is on the track team, is friends with Tamlin because he feels obligated. After being taken from his abusive household, Tamlin’s family took him in which is why he took Tamlin’s side instead of Feyre’s when she broke up with him. Lucien regrets that decision.

Tamlin: is that typical Rich Kid who’s used to getting what he wants, is incapable of thinking about anyone but himself. Refuses to let Feyre go even after she explains how their relationship had become abusive. Is just trash in general.

A strange and unsettling thought: There is a room full of old white dudes, nearly 1000 miles away, who have no idea that I personally exist, yet are trying to pass laws in order to control my body.

These are the same old white dudes who could give a flying fuck what happens to the child that I might be forced to have as a result of their laws.

  • Women: *talk about violence against women, street harassment, rape culture, sexism in advertising, lack of representation in media, etc*
  • Dudes: ugh there are more important problems in the world!
  • Dudes: there is a Ghostbusters movie with wOMEN what thE fUck This is the Worst thing ever!!!!!
  • Dudes: there is a video criticizing my favorite viDeogames????? this is oUTrageous must send rape threats!!!!
  • Dudes: Females in supehero movies??? How dare yoU THIS IS AN ATTACK ON the MENZ!!!
  • Dudes: Feminists here only worry about stupid meaningless stuff like who cares i'm so rational

okay but, nursey, the Chill™ enlightened feminist poet dude with two moms actually identifies as straight. like he gets sexuality is a spectrum and changes a lot and he thinks about his sexuality a lot but he is unfortunately, straight.

and then, dex comes along. hes a republican, and, what the fuck, hes gay. its an anomoly. nursey doesnt know what to do. he doesn know how that even happens. and hes mad about it. how can dex, a gay man, not see how fucked up the republican party is? whats actually wrong with him? its one of their constant disagreeing points, how dex can agree with the very people who want to oppress him. and dex is like “okay, but, youre wrong,” and it goes around in circles.

and then nursey realizes after a particularly nasty argument that he has a crush on dex. which doesnt really like, blow his mind, per se, but it definitely throws him through a loop. not because hes a dude, not really, but that hes /dex/ and all he listens to is dad rock and hes into fishing and fixing shit and traditionally masculine things and its all really not nurseys style at all so its pretty strange. and okay, he still pretty much thinks hes straight because /girls/. he doesnt even know if he necessarily even wants to fuck dex and its all very confusing.

but then after a bit of experimenting, nursey figures that dudes are alright, he doesnt mind doing shit with them and he even kind of likes it, but its the same thing again, that he doesnt really feel the same things for guys and girls. but then there’s still dex, who he finds more and more attractive every damn day, and hes getting tired of rubbing one out everytime dex pulls out his stupid tool box and does some macho horseshit that makes bitty fawn all over him and bake him pie.

and then its just, it has to end sometime, you know. and they just keep fighting and its getting worse and nursey finally breaks and just tells dex everything and dex is like. uh. okay i guess? and its not like nursey expected him to reciprocate but that stings a lot but then dex kisses him and. hes definitely not straight. at least where dex is concerned.

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hi Avi I love your blog. I don't want to alarm you but there's a subset of liberal men, usually Bernie Bros, who pretend to be LGBT in order to sexually exploit feminists. straight dudes are posing as gay to score with transmen or as trans to hook up with lesbians. how well do you know your girlfriend? she might be one of them. stay safe xo

holy SHIT this is transmisogynistic why would you ever accuse my girlfriend of 3 years of being a secret straight man… we met at a summer camp, became extremely good friends and started dating and have built a 3 year relationship. you don’t know shit about us. the only info you evidently know is that she is trans, and based on that you sent this accusation. that’s fucked up. this is bad. please fix your shit. 

random dude: “Fucking c*nt!”

random dude: “B*tch!”

random dude: “Get yourself raped!”

random dude: “Kill yourself, you stupid wh*re!”

random dude: “Why do you have to be so fucking stupid?”

same random dude: “So anyway, why do these feminazi tumblarinas hate men? Why does everyone hate men these days?! This is propaganda!”

OMGCP characters as things I've done
  • Bitty: baked a croquembouche for christmas, is still salty at every relative who ate the store-bought cake instead
  • Jack: cancelled an appointment with a therapist to talk about my anxiety because I'd have to miss school, which would give me more anxiety
  • Holster: wrote an angry ukulele song about people who talk to you when you have headphones on, sent it to everyone I know
  • Ransom: agreed to be on the entomology team for science olympiad only when the other people promised to learn about the gross bugs
  • Chowder: cried thinking about a trailer for a movie with a dog in it
  • Lardo: photoshopped all her friends onto the body of the bee from bee movie
  • Shitty: taught a dude basic feminist theory during a free period over the course of several months
  • Tango: became an expert on the accent maps of north america via wikipedia in one night
  • Johnson: telling my best friend that her life is a sitcom, where the writers were messing with her and major life events were plot twists

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Quick question: What's going on with JonTron?

Jontron has been kinda questionable in the past using words like “retarded” making rape jokes and making anti Semitic jokes and refusing to apologize for them. But then the Women’s March in DC occurred and he went on a twitter tirade about how women and minority groups arent oppressed and that everyone has been brainwashed by the leftist sjw’s and are just whining and he’s just kept digging himself into a hole and has all of these anti feminist dudes following him. It’s been wild and honestly i followed jon for a long time and i was so disappointed and let down by his behavior