feminist design

Who We Are & What We Do

Quasar Games is a newborn small group of enthusiasts that dream and plan big. We are from Russia. There are five of us, and some of us have never seen each other in real life. However, we have been brought together by the desire to create a reality of our own.

Steel-Hearted is a world of might and magic. We found the source of inspiration in Russian folklore and thought it would be awesome to get people all over the world to learn about it. We gathered all the iconic characters together, preserving their peculiar well-known features while at the same time giving them an interpretation of our own.

Together with the main character Vasilisa you will walk along the unknown paths, meet fantastic creatures of all sorts, have most exciting adventures and, step by step, discover the fairy-tale world of the enchanted forest where nothing is what it seems.

…Will there be a “happily ever after”?