feminist barbie

Okay I'm just putting this out there...

Barbie Fairytopia should be like…tumblrs favorite movie. You have a (comparatively) disabled female protagonist, who not only learns to overcome her disability, but finds strength from it and because of that is able to save the entire population. Not to mention the fact that she receives help and guidance from not one, but TWO, female mentor figures, top it off with the fact that she associates almost entirely with other female characters and passes the bechdel test with flying colors, and we have the makings of “feminist propaganda” my friends. Furthermore, the villain, also a female, has motives that are NOT based on jealousy of physical attributes, but on being power-hungry, a flaw that is almost always reserved for male villains. Add to this the fact that the creatures found in Fairytopia (mermaids, fairies, etc…) are completely diverse in shape, ability, color and several other things (I’m drawing from my memory of it from like, 12 years ago gimme a break) and are not treated any differently because of it. So, in conclusion, fairytopia is a fantastic example of feminism and inclusivity, and I find it hilarious that Barbie movies could figure this out in 2006 but like 90% percent of Hollywood still can’t get their shit together.
Go figure.


I haven’t posted this until now because I wanted to make sure it was all legal, but last summer, Marie Claire South Africa magazine approached me about a project on “making a feminist Barbie.” This was my contribution!!

I think Barbie is a really complex feminine icon, and I was so excited to get the chance to add to the discussion. I think a feminist Barbie would love her body and love my body too, because feminism is all about accepting yourself and others for who we all are! “A feminist Barbie” would be proud of her own thin frame and proud of another woman’s curvier one. She would be proud of a woman’s decision to own her own body by deciding to tattoo it, strengthen it, or wear religious coverings. If being a Barbie girl (or boy, or anything inbetween) meant being accepted and accepting of others, I think we’d all want to be on Barbie’s side.

(oh yeah legal stuff: this is not commerciality associated with Barbie or Mattel at all and I do not own or claim to own Barbie!! This is strictly parody/fan art.)

Barbie says I have a sixteen inch waist Barbie says What?

What’s that you say? How did I get my sixteen inch waist?

Well, I removed two ribs, a kidney, and half of my intestines- 

but don’t worry, Barbie says, I donated my kidney.

Barbie says Look. At. My. Neck. Isn’t it long isn’t it thin Ken loves

to see all that skin Barbie says My neck can’t hold the weight of my head up so I lean on Ken’s shoulder 

Isn’t that romantic ?

Barbie says You want to know how I maintain my figure?
Barbie says I practice breatharianism! Plants are alive and humans are alive and I am mostly sort of barely alive plants survive on light and air, so why can’t I survive on light and air?

Barbie says When I look in the mirror, all I see are my bright white teeth and double d tits!

Barbie says I am the embodiment of the phrase top-heavy and I am proud of it.  

Barbie says Don’t tell Ken, but my back hurts all the time, she says The weight of silicone drags me down 

but you know what they say! No pain, no gain! Barbie says My wrists are three point five inches 

Barbie says Well, no, I can’t lift anything, but that’s hardly the point- Ken loves it. Barbie says Men looove a helpless woman.

Barbie says Ken broke up with me

- am I not good enough? Barbie says I changed myself for him, I killed myself for him, when I look into the mirror I can’t see me.

Barbie says There’s nobody to be beatiful for,

Barbie says It’s getting hard to breathe,

Barbie says I don’t remember how to love myself



Why do people(women) only focus on how unrealistic barbies body is instead of how empowering she actually is? Barbie had almost every job that is or was still male dominated while wearing pink f*king shoes. Barbie is such an inspiration and a perfect example of you can do whatever you want no matter who you are and how you look like! By the way Barbie always was the main character in all her movies, ether ken was there as a small role or he wasn’t there at all, long before Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks did it so why only focus on barbies body why not use Barbie to show little girls they can become whatever they want when they really believe in it!

YES! 👏 don’t ever try and say to me that Barbie is a bad role model. Barbie has been my hero since I was a kid, I grew up playing with Barbie dolls and watching Barbie movies and if you take the time to watch the movies you will see the messages are “Friendship, courage and believing in yourself” Barbie has had over 100 careers her slogans have included “Be who you wanna be” and “everything is possible” Too many people get obsessed with the whole “unrealistic body image” she’s a plastic doll!!! Disney princess dolls are also thin and pretty- as they are in their movies it’s because they’re all cartoons and dolls not real people. It’s sad that people judge her just for her looks…