feminist arts and crafts

Embroidered Tweet, black silk on fabric cut from an antique nightgown, tweet by Shaadi Devereaux, embroidery by Cybele Knowles

“This piece is an embroidery of a tweet by Shaadi Devereaux, a Black and AfroIndigenous writer who uses media to build narratives for Trans Women of Color. Every once in a while, you come across a shard of truth that pierces your thick skull and shifts your perspective. For me, Shaadi’s tweet was one of those shards. When it popped up in my timeline, it immediately spoke to my growing recognition that I’d wasted a lot of time – years of my life – trying to make a heterosexual relationship with a man work.

And it made me laugh. Misandrist humor has a curative function. Many women are socialized to value men more than themselves. Misandrist humor, which rhetorically devalues men, can help women correct the dangerous imbalance of overvaluing men’s comfort and feelings at the expense of our own well-being and safety.

This embroidery is also a tribute to the blazingly smart women on Twitter and other social media platforms from whom I’ve learned so much.”


Feminist embroidery
“Feminine” arts were traditionally undervalued and now they have a feminist spin.

[image descriptions:
1:Embroidery on white linen in an embroidery hoop with a pink and green floral border to the left and right and the words “fuck gender roles” in sky blue thread
Made by Moonrise Whims on Etsy
There’s a pair of gold stork scissors off to the lower right side and a white doily off to the top left of the hoop and a pink linen backdrop.

2: Embroidery on white linen with a lower floral border with tiny pink buds on crisscrossing green stems and the words “you don’t owe prettiness to anyone” in light pink and darker pink thread.
Made by RubyAndJack On Etsy

3: Embroidery on white linen with a lower floral border with burgundy, purple, yellow, and coral flowers and dark green vines and the words “Smash the patriarchy” in dark coral thread
Made by Moonrise Whims on Etsy

4: Embroidery in an embroidery hoop on white linen and a lower floral border with 3 pink pansies surrounded by green grass and the words “don’t tell me to smile” in golden yellow thread
Made by RubyAndJack on Etsy]

Miss Yvonne, Diva Cycles, embroidery on cotton, 5 inch hoop, 2015

“[This piece is] a love poem to my Diva Cup. My cup/chalice has been such an important tool in my journey of self healing and deep womb cleansing and activation. What I love most about menstrual cups is they force you to get really close and personal with your self, the part of Self that we’ve been trained to think of as dirty, secret, bothersome and a source of shame, fear, and limitation. The Shadow Self. With this work I shine a light on all that is shadowy, dark, rejected and unaccepted for that is where we truly find ourselves.”

“I embroider, crochet, stitch and weave to connect to myself. Every stitch, every loop, every knot brings me closer to my inner goddess, the source of all my creative energy. Weaving pictures and patterns, and creating form using only my hands and string, gives me the confidence to weave my own life into a beautiful work of art. My artwork expresses the divine feminine and is an exploration of my own inner labyrinth.”

Embroidery by Cristina Rushton. Did you vote today?

For the record, Feminist Fiber Art is not “with her.” Not supporting Hillary Clinton does not make us misogynists; as empowered women we have the right to come to our own conclusions. However, we are certainly not with him, especially due to his hateful attitude towards women and minorities. 

Make some art tonight to decompress from this hideous election y’all.