Imagine how sick black women are of never being allowed to be children, but turned into sexual beings even as pre-teens.

Imagine how sick they are of hearing how their daughters “knew what they were doing” even as they were abused by adult men.

Imagine how sick they are of hearing white “feminists” tell them that their centuries of abuse was really “empowerment”.

Getting sick of white feminism deciding what should concern Black women about the way their bodies are depicted.

Just a reminder that smoke-shaming exists

Telling people smoking is unhealthy has no place in today’s society. Smokers are beautiful. Lung cancer is just a made-up lie by the patriarchy to try and control/change smokers. Check your smoking privilege. Stop smoke-shaming. Smokers are beautiful.

I’m posting this on the request of my 98-year-old grandma, who doesn’t use computers. In her words: “Estelle L. Schultz, who was born two years before women had the right to vote, marked her absentee ballot for the first female president, Hillary Clinton.”

Update October 21: We now have a website featuring her and other women born before the 19th Amendment:

I Waited 96 Years!

(Sarah Benor’s Facebook post)