It never fails to make me happy, that my husband thinks I am funny. Not just “ha ha you’re adorable”, but in the way where I can render him gasping for breath with tears streaming down his face Funny. And he tells people too, at every given opportunity. He’s proud of me, immensely so, and it makes my little heart sing because I was always told this would never happen.

My mother always told me that boys don’t like funny girls. They especially don’t like girls that are funnier than them. Boys don’t like a lot of things, according to my mother. They don’t like sluts but they also don’t like prudes, and they don’t marry bimbos, but they also don’t want someone too clever either. Because you’re life is supposed to be a supporting act. You can be funny, but you are part of a duo. You are the cheap laugh to his comedic genius, the assistant fluttering the feathers to distract everyone from his slight of hand.

And it makes me sad because my father—a profoundly funny man—agrees with her. Oh women can be funny of course, but not because they are quick or witty, but because they are laughable. The fact that I work hard at my craft is irrelevant, explained away by an anomaly of chance and luck, and as he so often says with an buff of his nails on his imaginary lapels, genetics—empirical proof that some men will try to take credit for whatever you do, even if their last worthy contribution was sometime post utero, but mostly prior.

A sentiment many men in my life feel the need to reiterate as they comment on my facebook with things like “wow you sure are something” or “where did you get that line from” as though it could never have come from my own pretty little head.

Which is hurtful, to say the least. Insulting as middle ground and at worst a broken record stuck on repeat for the last thirty years of my life.

So the next time you think about sending me a message that says “wow you’re really funny for a woman” I would like you to reconsider your outlook on life, and whether or not it might be better improved by first removing your head from your arse.

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Conservatives telling you we need hurdles to make sure women really want to get abortions? Show them the statistics

The argument is that measures like “counseling” scripts and waiting periods give women more time to think about the irreversible decision to terminate a pregnancy, but reproductive rights organizations have long questioned whether or not they’re necessary. Now, new research proves the measures truly are completely pointless.


Women of the world are getting angry.

First we had the women of poland taking to the streets to stop their government from placing further restrictions on abortion.

Then Argentinian women marched and demonstrated against the brutal femicide in their country, with women all over Latin America, including Chilean president Bachelet, and even Spain expressing solidarity.

And we have women in Iceland staging a walkout from work 14% early to protest the wage gap, calling bullshit on their economists telling them to ‘just wait 50 more years for equal pay"

I am always proud to be a woman, but this past week I have been especially proud.

Vlasta Kálalová (1896-1971) was a Czech physician with a particular interest in tropical diseases and entomology. She studied medicine, Arabic and Persian in Prague, before moving to Baghdad to further her understanding of specific diseases of the area.

She established the Czechoslovak Surgical Institute in the city, becoming its first director in addition to working as a surgeon. She became so well-respected that she personally treated members of the Iraqi Royal Family. She also studied and collected local insects, which she sent to the Czech National Museum, enriching its collection with more than 500,000 specimens. She was fluent in 14 languages.

What They're NOT Telling You About Sweden

Sweden has legalized the ISIS flag and is now offering returning jihadists welfare and housing.

Will it become the first European country in the 21st century to be declared an Islamic Caliphate?

I talk to ‘The Angry Foreigner’ - a Bosnian immigrant living in Sweden - about how mass Muslim immigration has changed the country.

  • firebombs heard everyday
  • rapes are are weekly occurrence
  • Saudi Arabia is funding Mosques and sending extremists to radicalize the muslim population
  • a wheel-chair bound woman was gang-raped and the MSM said “she didn’t fight back hard enough” when a protest broke out to defend the woman, the leftist feminists came out and accused the people of being “intolerant racist neo-nazis”

The fact that Sweden legalize the ISIS flag just to please the Muslims, is fucking horrifying. Their leaders are basically telling their people that they’ve lost their National identity and are now a refuge camp for potential terrorist cells. You stupid SJWs and feminists can’t blame anyone for being Islamophobic now. You claim to hate rape culture, when supporting these so called “peaceful” Muslims, have tricked you into supporting an actual rape culture known as Islam a.k.a. ISIS. This is why nobody takes you all seriously.  

Following the feminist/SJW ‘logic’ - Should we legalize jew burning to not offend skinheads?