“It’s a battle, it’s… about two women, that’s what Crimson Peak is about, it’s about Edith and Lucille.”

None so blinkered as those who will not see

Has anyone here seen Buffy? 

In series 5’s penultimate episode, The Weight of the World, the Scoobies are trying to defeat Glory (a God who they don’t realise has been sharing human form with a man named Ben). There’s a scene where Spike sees Ben morph into Glory and then kidnap Dawn. Everyone else witnesses it too, but the body sharing illusion can only be remembered by someone without a soul.

Anyway, everyone except Spike immediately forgets that they’ve JUST SEEN Glory turn into Ben. Spike spends ages just having the same circular conversation with them, trying to explain that Ben is Glory and Glory is Ben. And they all listen, and immediately say things like, ‘So Ben and Glory have….a connection. But what kind?“ It’s absurd and frustrating and hilarious because even with the evidence right in front of them, they cannot see it and so keep searching for other explanations to explain what’s so abundantly simple. Spike explains it again and again ("Is everyone here very stoned?”) and after they seem to understand for the third time, Giles immediately says, “Excellent. Now. Do we suspect there could be any kind of link between Ben and Glory?”

I basically feel like every conversation about the existence and impact of misogyny is exactly like that.

I guess a lot of my foreign friends is not aware of what’s happening in Poland…

Poland as of now has very restricted laws when it comes to abortion, allowing to do it legally only if

1. the woman’s life or health is endangered by the continuation of pregnancy,
2. the pregnancy is a result of a criminal act, or
3. the fetus is seriously malformed

But right now our Parliament is working on the law BANNING ll means of abortion and criminalising it causing both a woman and the doctor performing it to get inprisoned

Now, I in no means am favoring abortion nor am i against it.
But I myself don’t want children as I’m not fit to be a mother and simply too selfish nor can I financially support it to give it a proper life the way i’d want a child to have it

The only way i may get pregnant is either a faulty condom or by rape. Now I have no idea if I were to bare a child or not but I want to have a CHOICE to do what I please with my own body instead of being forced to become a mother wich would frankly, ruin my life.

Now, I’m no feminist, nor am i an activist, but this thing worries me greatly

Remembering missing and murdered indigenous women

“Convinced that their beloved family member, Hanna Harris, was murdered last summer, Harris’ relatives spoke of her life and death during Billings’ first observance Friday of the Global Day for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

The single mother of a then-10-month-old boy named Jeremiah, Harris, 21, was found dead in July 2013 near the Lame Deer rodeo grounds. The FBI and Bureau of Indian Affairs, the agencies involved in the case, said the investigation is ongoing, but haven’t released a cause of death. Nor have police said the death is considered suspicious.

An extended story on the circumstances surrounding Harris’ death and what her life meant to the people who loved her will be published in The Billings Gazette on Sunday.

Lauren Chief Elk organized Friday’s observance that was held at the Montana State University Billings Women’s Center. She is co-founder of the Save Wiyabi Project. Wiyabi means “women” in the Assiniboine language.

Remembering missing and murdered indigenous women “is an important day in Canada,” she said, but is just now beginning to be observed in select North American communities outside Canada.

“This is a problem that’s not in the media and not being investigated by law enforcement, because nobody cares about their lives,” she said. “They’re treated like dispensable humans, especially if these women were homeless or sex workers or doing drugs.”