feminism ish

TW: men being assholes, ish verbal harassment, vague references to past abuse.

 An open letter to the men who purposefully screamed at me through their car window while I was walking home alone at around 1.15AM tonight, proceeded to watch me jump and scream, and then speed off while laughing:

Fuck. You. 

Fuck you so much for doing that to me and reducing me to cowering behind the lamp post a few feet in front of me. Fuck you for making me want to hide behind a piece of steel so I couldn’t be seen by any more of the other cars driving down the road so they wouldn’t do the same thing.

Fuck you for being the cause of me to hyperventilate in an empty residential street about ten minutes walk from my house. Fuck you for making me feel like that walk was an eternity away.

Fuck you for making me scared of the other two middle aged men walking behind me. Fuck you for putting me in the mental place that I perceived two pretty normal/sober(ish) looking men to be a potential threat.

Fuck you for the rawness that is my throat now from gasping in air badly like a fish out of water for the next forty minutes after you had your thirty seconds of fun and drove away.

Fuck you for the way I couldn’t control my fingers and hands as they were shaking trying to scroll through my phone contacts. Fuck you for the way I shook as I tried to jam my keys into my front door lock. Fuck you for the way that I ran down my front path because I suddenly had the idea that something could rip me away from safety when I was so close.

 Fuck you for making me afraid to open my bedroom door even though that is the most irrational thing because obviously, obviously, no-one was going to be in my bedroom. Fuck you for making me remember the time in my life when I definitely wasn’t safe in my bedroom. Fuck you for making me remember him. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

Fuck you for making me cry. Fuck you for making me think he was right when he told me I couldn’t make it ‘in the real world’ for a justification for everything he did to me.

 Fuck you scaring me.

 Fuck you for reminding me.

Fuck you for laughing at me.

Fuck you for hurting me.

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you

rootbeergoddess  asked:

The director was making this massive deal about Emma's 'feminist' portrayal of Belle. Now I saw the movie and I watched the whole thing. And Emma's Belle is not just boring but also bland. The whole thing about being an inventor is mentioned at the beginning. Never is it brought up again. I'm sorry but if this movie had wanted to be feminist and progressive, they would have done something different like make Belle black or have the beast be a woman. This movie is feminist lite if anything

Honestly it’s just too bad that you even paid to see it tbh. P much everyone was already saying Emma was dry toast in that shit (hint it’s because she legitimately can’t act). I can understand how we were like ‘wow progressive Disney on a roll!’ but I think by now we can all agree that Disney doesn’t give a fuck about anything but money and slapped Emma and her white Feminism on that ish just for the money. Also Emma is a shitty Feminist.

Notice how one of her and her fans’ arguments for The Dress was how she’d have to ride a horse after so why put her in a corset? And how in the movie (and the book) she’s not even IN the ball gown for the riding scene?


You know what’s really messed up? When a man says he is a feminist, people praise him for supporting equality. It’s as if he can do know wrong just because he is being a decent human being. But women who are open about being feminists are constantly picked apart and painted as “bad feminists” for their own choices or one small misstep. That doesn’t sound like feminism, equality, to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • boy: women have it easier, you don't have to pay in restaurant, open the doors and shits
  • me: yeah exactly
  • me: *wakes up in blood*
  • me: i agree it pisses me off
  • me: *suffers from sudden and painful contractions of my vagina muscle*
  • me: that it's not like
  • me: *dying of cramps*
  • me: personal choice or anything
  • me: *bleeds for a week*
  • me: you just gotta open that door. you gotta.

“I am a feminist, and I recognize that my movement and some of its most vocal members have done harm despite the good intentions. It’s known that people frequently misinterpret and/or twist it to fit personal agendas, and we’re working to change that. There are other movements with the same or a similar ideology, and though I might not always agree with their ideals and members, I respect their decision and opinions on things as long as they don’t disrespect the existence and choices of others.”

"Feminism means EQUALITY, so if you believe in equality, you’re a feminist, PERIOD. Non-feminist girls don’t love themselves, non-feminist boys are misogynist pigs. People who are transphobic/racist/sexist are not REAL feminists, get it right. If you disagree with me, you’re a cis white male middle-aged sexual predator.”