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unpopular opinion: the way this website witch-hunts "terfs" or "suspected terfs" is fucken scary

Strongly agree. I get more flack for interacting with radical feminists than I ever got when I interacted with people who openly identified as national socialists (aka NAZIS). It’s absurd, because even people who claim to want an open dialogue are adamantly against conversing with radfems. Like, you can disagree with radfems all you want, but, just like with any other political group, at least have the decency to hear what they have to say. Honestly, I would bet my left leg that half the people who say “terfs should choke” don’t even know what radical feminists actually stand for.

Side note: I don’t really agree with the word terf (even though it may have been invented by a radical feminist or whatever) since it’s incredibly misleading. Radical feminism isn’t completely trans exclusionary, because it focuses on sex based oppression. Sex is defined by one’s biology (very different from gender, so don’t think I’m invalidating anybody or anything) and is categorized into males and females (once again different from gender which is categorized into men, women, and arguably other genders). So, radical feminism focuses on females, and that would include anyone born with a vagina, aka cis women and trans men, because regardless of gender identity females around the world face a certain set of issues. Abortion, female genital mutilation, not having access to menstrual hygiene products, the lack of awareness of and research into female health problems, etc.. Most radical feminists I have met recognize that trans women are oppressed, but they believe that it is the primary goal of feminism to focus on eliminating the sex based oppression that keeps females kept down.

Honestly, I find this all super fascinating (the different branches of feminism???? wtf that’s so neat???) and if anybody has any questions I am always open to answering them. Any hostile asks will be deleted.


In positive women’s soccer news… EA Sports’s upcoming video game FIFA 16 will give gamers the option to play female soccer players for the first time. Twelve women’s national teams will be playable (including USA, Germany, France, Sweden,Brazil, Canada, England, Australia, Mexico, China, Spain, and Italy). This is definitely a positive step in the cultural inclusiveness of women’s sports.