feminism is a kind of mental illness

when you say you hate men

does that include black men?

native american men?

jewish men?

muslim men?

gay men?

trans men?

mentally ill men?

male abuse victims?

male rape victims?

poor men?

homeless men?

suicidal men?

if you said yes, congratulations you’re still a piece of shit.

if you agree with hating men but don’t hate specific kinds of men like the ones listed above, you’re still a piece of shit. 

men shouldn’t have to fall under your idea of oppression for you to not want them dead.

One day at a time is sooo good i can’t. everything about is incredible i thought i was gonna watch a fun binge worthy show (which i did) but it’s also so much more. the beautiful representation of mental illness, cuban culture and heritage, POC struggles, feminism, immigration, a veteran single mother who is kicking ass at most things and especially parenting, one of the most beautiful and true coming out storylines i’ve ever seen and the character is the same age as i am which just made it so much more wonderful and relatable. also it’s sooo funny i kept laughing out loud and almost woke my parents up (it was a night binge) and the humor is so witty and clever and not at all offensive in any way. this is the kind of show i needed i want more of this

Tumblr people, I hope you read this.

You must be a special kind of stupid to believe you are a wolf, a fucking dragon or your neighbours stool. You are a waste of space to those that have an offline life and takes this into consideration before they make a complete arse out of themselves online. You are not special, you are not mentally ill. You are an irresponsible teenager with the power to educate, and instead of that you choose to become this lame example of utter insanity. If you feel as if your neurological synapses do not collide that well, go seek professional help. I mean the kind of help that involves a doctor with an actual graduate to a medical institute. Not the kind “type your keywords into Google and claim you got testical cancer” type. Be ashamed that you made a fashion out of transsexuality, the actual people battling this process feel as if they yet again have to establish that they are not mentally challenged by wanting to have another biological sex. Gender binaries are not a social construct, your psychiatrist simply does not care about your fluctuating moods towards the subject. Stop using Tumblr as the so-called ‘Safe Place’ because Tumblr is the biblical hell on earth. Go back to school, abide your parents wishes as long as you live under their roof and you raid their fridge, go read some literature on philosophy instead of constructing your own out of ignorance. And for once, smell the flowers. They are not triggering at all. You have victimised yourself to think that inanimate or animate objects can trigger you. You need fresh air and avoid carpal tunnel syndrome by falling for all that clickbait and pseudo-intelligent bullshit you conform yourself to.

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my only kind of requirement is that you must be pro-feminism, pro-trans, pro-people who identify outside of the gender binary, pro-lgbt+, pro-people of color, and pro-mental illness awareness and understanding. i want to follow someone who wishes for the equality of all people and shares my interests and stuff.

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This blog preaches:

-#Blacklivesmatter/racial equality.
-Feminism/Gender equality.
-Support for the Islamic Community
-Body positivity
-Tolerance, understanding, love
-Support for mental illness and the removal of stigma
-Support for LGBTQ+
-Respecting other people, religions, and opinions.
-The removal of elitism and the idea that one man is better based on socio-economic level.
-Support for all sexualities, genders, and romantic orientations.
-Equality, kindness, compassion, and patience.

Nobody wants to ban abortion

We just want common sense abortion regulation. Waiting periods. Licensing and registry with mandatory education. Background checks on publicly funded and private abortions. Expanding who cant to include those convicted of felonies, the mentally ill or handicapped, and anyone convicted of domestic violence. Limiting the number of abortions a person can have. Limiting what kind and the time periods thats allowed. Can you at least agree on this liberals? Its just common sense. If you have nothing to hide and are doing it for.the right reasons why should it be a problem?

Hey, just so you know you’re mostly referring to radfems here, not feminism.

But of course. Most people I’ve known in my life would either identify as ‘feminist’ or at least consider feminism to be a positive force in the world - the dictionary definition, after all, tells us it is only about equality. And these are good people, they wouldn’t often openly express hateful views on men & boys.

The trouble is, the leaders & spokespeople of the feminist movement are all radical feminists: radical feminism is not ‘fringe’ feminism, it’s core feminism.

The ‘why can’t we just get along’ type feminists didn’t write the central texts of that ideology back in the 1970s, they don’t organize slutwalks, teach gender studies classes, maintain websites, print up flyers, draw up the petitions everyone else signs to lobby government. It’s radical feminists who do that.

That unhinged, slavering pathology gets more & more diluted the more it reaches the mainstream - the smiling celebrities wearing ‘this is what a feminist looks like ’ T-shirts; the ‘you go girl’ positive role models in every TV show; otherwise sane & intelligent people saying things like “you like women don’t you? Well then, you’re a feminist!” & actually believing that makes any kind of rational sense whatsoever.

What this means is the great majority of feminists are simply foot soldiers to a cause which has a markedly different agenda to its publicly stated goals, the goals that made them sign up in the first place. It is only by pointing this out repeatedly that the overwhelming mass of good people, the people who genuinely want love, compassion & equality for all, may wake up to the hateful & destructive acts of the movement they are tacitly lending their support to.


The Amazing Atheist on the deranged plan for further politically correct censorship that is the ‘Ban Bossy’ campaign, surely hatched by recovering crayon-eating feminazis in an institution for the damp-trousered and criminally insane.

It seems to me this whole bullshit affair is due to feminism seeking something to blame the lower percentage of women in politics etc on: because they hold the ideological position that men and women are interchangeable blobs that should show no inherent differences in goals or interests, something else must be found to be blamed that is skewing their expected results, instead of, say, looking at their own belief system and correcting the parts that are demonstrably horseshit. But of course you can’t ever expect feminists to do that.


Kelly Jones on 15 Feminist Contradictions

I particularly like the point about childcare, I hadn’t thought of that before myself. Her conclusion is depressing but most likely true:

“Unfortunately the resolution of this problem won’t come from men: these radical feminists have so brainwashed themselves that they don’t listen to men anymore. Any man who tries to criticize or reason with them, they automatically brand him as some kind of terrorist. So the only way this problem is going to be resolved is if independent, reasoning, single women can tell the feminists what whining idiots they are.”

femmengineer  asked:

If we did not live in a society dominated by males, then feminism would not exist. The most basic and real form of feminism is complete gender equality-that means that there exists no male privilege and no female privilege. Where is the hate in that? And also, what do you have to say about the insults that are based off of women's body parts or women in general (for example getting called a 'pussy' or a 'sissy' if you are a male is quite degrading)?

See, as usual, what is happening here is feminist thinking has led you to believe that universal phenomena which affect everyone (in this instance being called names) are instead gendered problems that affect only women (or women the worst) and are evidence for this bizarre conspiracy theory called ‘the patriarchy’.

Yes the words ‘Pussy’ or ‘Cunt’ are words used as insults, but that’s about it for the girls: boys exclusively get called dicks, pricks, cocks, knobs, wankers, jerk-offs, etc. AND they’re more likely to get called ‘pussy’ and (in my country) ‘cunt’, too - yet you’re presenting this as a problem of sexism towards women that you need feminism - a political ideology with a gender in it’s name that has only ever devoted time and resources to real or imaginary female inequalities - to solve.

Hmm… no, I don’t think a) feminism’s for me and b) that feminism is even what you think it is. Because it’s certainly not equality.

By the way, what female body part is a ‘Sissy’? This is new to me, Is this some new anal G-spot or something for girls? The ‘S’ spot, maybe? What the hell does that even stand for? I can’t keep up.


Feminism just keeps on getting worse and worse and worse and worse and worse.

Any sane person would have concluded they had scraped the bottom of the barrel sometime in the 1980s at the very latest, but the madness just keeps on barrelling on, deeper and deeper into the unknown, farther and farther away from the light of all reason, sanity and humanity…

Is it actually possible there IS no end to it? That can’t be right, can it? I mean, even the universe can only expand so far, can’t it?