feminism is a hate group


Something that lowkey is actually really pissing me off today is how many feminist pages/groups I’m in have posted praising Eminem for his rap about Donald Trump. Like, Eminem has straight up some of the most misogynistic lyrics of ANY artist, any genre. But he says Donald Trump is bad and all of a sudden he’s a feminist hero? The bar literally could not be lower for men.


With the recent influx of sexy concepts within the K-pop industry, many K-pop fans have more or less involuntarily slipped into the concept of slut- and body-shaming. This post is not trying to point at any of the people who said negative things - but much rather a reminder that statements like those are absolutely not okay. It’s an appeal to you not to think like maybe your bias does. Everyone makes mistakes, we learn with time. But next time you see a girl group dancing in revealing clothes or a picture of a female idol who put on some weight, think twice before you post a comment. Misogyny is a very real thing in K-pop, so don’t be a part of it!

It seems some lovely MRA types have been taking some of my posts and reblogging them with the tag “feminism is a hate group.” Okay, you know what? They’re absolutely right. Feminism is a hate group! Absolutely!

  • I hate that random men feel entitled to touch me without my permission.
  • I hate that random men feel entitled to call me “honey” “sweetheart” “doll” etc.
  • I hate that random men feel entitled to tell me to “smile, it can’t be that bad!”
  • I hate that random men feel entitled to physically corner me until I laugh at their sorry-ass “joke”.
  • I hate that random men feel entitled to yell “yo, bitch” at me as they walk by while I’m pumping gas.
  • I hate that random men feel entitled to make disgusting, lewd comments to me while I’m on my knees stocking something at work.
  • I hate that men still think it’s funny to make comments about “bad women drivers” when statistics prove that women in general are safer drivers than men, and when I personally, in 18 years of driving have had zero accidents and one parking ticket for letting the meter run out five minutes before I got back to the car.
  • I hate that women have internalized misogyny to the point that they, themselves, will make “bad women driver” jokes.
  • I hate that my former boss took my hours away from me and gave them to two men with less work ethic, effectiveness, seniority, reliability, and proven effectiveness to do the job, then told me the only way I could get any hours at work was to start working in a department that was more traditionally “women’s work” even though it wasn’t what I’d been hired on as and was something I hated doing.
  • I hate that men see the word “no” as the opening to a negotiation rather than the end of the discussion.
  • I hate that customers will inevitably direct their questions to the male employee standing next to me, even though I’ve worked there for seven years and am in fact in the process of training him on his first day.
  • I hate that one of the truck drivers I had to deal with thought it was fine to matter-of-factly tell me that “all women are bitches.”
  • I hate that people think it’s okay to ask me why I don’t have kids, over and over.
  • I hate that men feel entitled to harass me over and over for a reason why I’m not interested in them.
  • I hate that women who have the nerve to say “I like sex” are called sluts. I especially hate it when it’s women calling them sluts.
  • I hate that women who have the nerve to say “I don’t like sex” are called prudes, or lesbians, or told that they just haven’t had “good enough sex yet” and that the person saying that can change her mind about it.
  • I hate the fact that 1 in 6 women will be raped in her lifetime.
  • I hate that the “not all men” crowd apparently think it’s one single solitary mythical man committing all these rapes, and not them or anyone they know.
  • I hate that a man is more likely to be raped than to be falsely accused of rape.
  • I hate victim blaming and slut shaming.
  • I hate that so many rapes and sexual assaults go unreported because the victim can’t take the thought of being victimized again by the victim blaming and slut shaming.
  • I hate domestic abuse.
  • I hate the fact that there are so many people jumping on the “she must have been a real bitch to provoke him into doing that” bandwagon when they hear about a domestic abuse case.
  • I hate that female genital mutilation is a prevalent, accepted thing in certain countries.
  • I hate that a little girl was shot for simply trying to go to school.
  • I hate that women and girls are kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery, including parents selling their daughters as child brides.
  • I hate gender-selective abortion that is perpetrated because baby girls are less valued than baby boys.
  • I hate that women are denied life-saving abortions.
  • I hate that men feel entitled to kill women who reject them.
  • I hate that I feel the need to carry a knife everywhere and take shooting lessons to protect myself from men.
  • I hate that people will think I’m paranoid for carrying a knife everywhere and taking shooting lessons to protect myself from men.
  • I hate that rape is seen as a joke.
  • I hate that the murder of women isn’t taken seriously.
  • I hate that if the murder of a woman is taken seriously, it’s only when she’s a white, pretty, cis woman.
  • I hate that men who rape, or murder a woman get less prison time (if any) than a woman who defends herself from a rapist or attacker.
  • I hate that my legitimate concerns are laughed off or dismissed because I am a woman.
  • I hate that my righteous anger over things that matter inspire men to brand me as an “angry feminazi” or “abrasive” or “crazy bitch”.
  • I hate that the worst thing a man can be called relates to cis female anatomy or some stereotype of women as weak or emotional.
  • I hate that rape is the most prevalent threat a man will make on a woman he disagrees with.
  • I hate that men will tell women “you’re not even pretty enough to rape” as if attractiveness has anything to do with violence.
  • I hate that this list has to be so fucking long.
  • I hate that this list has to be so fucking long that probably nobody has even bothered to read this far.
  • I hate that every woman on the face of the earth has been saying these things and more literally since the beginning of fucking time, and every single thing we say is getting dismissed, mocked, twisted, and used against us at every turn by willfully ignorant men clinging to the male privilege the patriarchy affords them. 
  • I hate that the above can be said for a significant number of women as well, due to the insidious nature of internalized misogyny. 
  • I hate that I just spent an hour typing something that isn’t going to do a damn bit of good to change anyone’s mind about anything.
Helpful Advice

If gender is a social construct…

And women are oppressed and discriminated against because of their gender…

Be a man.

Problem solved.

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give me an example of radical feminists threatening rape and murder on a trans woman. i will never say that a radfem has never done this, but i certainly don't see where you're getting "violent hate group" from radical feminism lol.





Still waiting on your proof of trans people wanting violence towards women. (again, not a political subset of women)

can’t you at least give me one?

Emma Watson is not a revolution

Being old enough to remember more than 30 years of similar speeches given by everyone from Gloria Steinem to Marlo Thomas, might make me a little cynical.

Yes, I’m old. So let me provide a little institutional memory of feminism: heforshe.org is nothing new, nothing revolutionary, nothing extraordinary.

Women in feminism have called on men to support us for more than a century. Go read the letters of suffragettes, go read their speeches and realize how much we are not taught. So this call for men to support equality as a basic human right is not new. In my lifetime, we’ve had numerous efforts to not only include men as allies, but as participants in expanding their own rights to gender expression that isn’t a toxic sludge to themselves.

Emma Watson is a bright, articulate, impassioned young woman providing a primer on Feminism 101 to a world that has made feminist a pejorative, and that has value, there’s no doubt about that. It’s just not revolutionary.

Because some men just hate women. Because more don’t think this is important, even with the standard appeal of our value TO THEM in relationship TO THEM as wives, mothers, daughters, sisters (not as human beings of intrinsic value, never that, that is a bridge too far.) Because men in power in every sphere are in terror of losing that power. Because politicians create careers by putting a boot on women’s necks. Because so many men don’t see the inequality that benefits them because it benefits them not to see it. Because some men derive pleasure from terrorizing and abusing women.

The speech is as innocuous and simplistic as you can get without actually making it all about the men, it is not a revolution, merely an iteration we engage in year in and year out that says, “You too, are being harmed. You have the power because of this inequality, and we know that most of you are better than you’re told you have to be. Help us, not just for ourselves or because it’s right, but for yourselves,” and while the media attempts to reify this young woman without her consent, those men who hate women attempt to terrorize her for having the temerity to express an expectation that men are capable of basic human decency.

And in this, Emma Watson is still not a revolution. Every day, we are terrorized, harassed, violated, diminished, and silenced by men who hate women. Compounded by the intersections and axes of oppression, by the ways in which we are more vulnerable and invisible because of them, we are dehumanized and erased.

We live in a world where it is not merely gender inequality, but a toxic, stringent, and rigidly enforced system of privileging a construct of gender and sex toward the male and masculine that is literally killing us.

Because some men just hate women. Because more men fear losing power they’re given through the subjugation, dominance, and control of women.

I sit here, knowing that on the day I was born people vehemently protested on the steps of the Supreme Court of the United States (you could do that in 1973)because they believe I, and every other person with a uterus, do not have the right to bodily autonomy. And every year on my birthday, they still protest Roe v. Wade. It’s 2014, and the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that employers have the right to deny employees access to birth control under insurance the employees are paying premiums for. It’s 2014, and Justice Scalia does not believe that equal protection under the law (14th am.,)even applies to women.

Because it doesn’t matter that we’re wives, daughters, mothers, or sisters, we’re still not PEOPLE.

Emma Watson is not a revolution, and we should not expect her to be. We’ve had decades of failing at a revolution in gender equality, and if we can’t achieve more than inches of progress in that time, then we need to look at why that is. Trying to work within a broken system with an agenda that is itself privileged to the needs of white, class-privileged, able-bodied, cisgender, heterosexual women while assuring white, class-privileged, able-bodied, cisgender, heterosexual men that we are not a threat, might just be why we haven’t gotten further.

Imagine what might happen if we stopped doing that and refused to negotiate with our terrorists, instead?

I’m 41 years old, and I’m tired of waiting for men to grant me humanity. I’m tired of waiting for career feminists to bring women who aren’t part of the privileged girls’ club to the table. I’m tired of giving away what we’ve never had in the first place.

Aren’t you tired of that, too?

Yall realise feminism is nothing more than the fight for true equality for all people right? There are just a lot more rights that need to be given to women for that equality than there are to men, hence why it’s named so. Yes, there are some people who use it as an excuse to put women above men, to hate men, and who don’t include lgbtq or non-white people in their cause - but these people are NOT the cause. These are simply individuals with different (wrong) views. The same happens in every major group, such as religion - every religion has people who pervert the teachings to suit them so that they can justify their terrorism. Feminism isn’t a bad thing - people who pervert feminism to suit themselves are a bad thing. Don’t call yourself an anti-feminist because of these people. Be proud to call yourself a feminist, embody the actual beliefs of the movement and show everyone what a true feminist is!







I’m waiting for the mainstream to acknowledge the elephant in the room

Most sexual assault against Children is committed by White men.

Most mass shootings: white men

The reason the internet is a warzone full of attention starved reactionary “Trolls” doxxing, swatting, threatening and harassing women and minorities: white men and boys

Leading the terrorism against women’s rights, abortion, anti feminism, etc: white men and boys

Making up the whole of the backlash against Leftist activism and progressive policy: white men and boys

Spearheading the backlash against Muslims: white men and boys

The greatest terror threat to America are far right hate groups comprised almost wholly of white men and boys.

And I’m supposed to be afraid of Syrians? Biiiiiiiiiiiiiitch.

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Feminism is nowhere near to a hate group, stop generalizing us.

Oh, you’re right.  Legitimate feminism isn’t a hate group.

However, the man-hating, third wave “feminism” being practiced on Tumblr is nothing more than a disturbing fad, as well as a way for petty teenage girls to use it as a shield to hide behind while they basically bully and harass anyone they don’t happen to like, or anyone who tries to hold them accountable when they tell other human beings to “die” or “kill themselves” simply for disagreeing with them on the internet.  The majority of the “feminists” I’ve seen on Tumblr have absolutely no goddamn idea what they’re doing.

I can only guess this is in regards to the post about the “rape culture” myth I made, in which I provided statistics from - gasp! - UNBIASED sources, as well as studies conducted and written by women who are scholars in related fields.

The thing is, the kind of toxic, harmful form of “activism” being practiced on Tumblr literally spreads lies as truth.  Hell, they even make up entire, fraudulent stories about fictitious situations in order to pretend that the world is being overrun and destroyed by “the patriarchy”.  They also constantly try to turn FUCKING EVERYTHING into a “women’s issue”, and go out of their way to try to interpret sexism in anything they can.  To top it off, these same people have also done some EXTREMELY GODDAMN DISGUSTING THINGS in the name of “feminism”.

Feminism is supposed to be about gender equality - not literally trying to deny males their own humanity, and laugh that there is no such thing as hatred against them, while they continue to prove that there is.  It also should never be about exploiting the people they claim to be trying to protect.  

The glorified freakshow of a “movement” being practiced on Tumblr IS NOT FEMINISM.  It’s the younger sibling locked in the attic that feminism doesn’t want to talk about.

Hey guys. I want to talk for a second about feminism. Specifically, people who are against it. More specifically, tumblr user mr-cappadocia. I’ve sent him a couple asks that he has declined to answer, so I’m taking to my own blog to discuss this.

Patrick, as his name is, is a man in his mid-thirties who is active in “promoting the rights of men and boys.” From what I gathered after having an extensive debate with him over the summer, he has selected a set of issues on which men face discrimination, gathered some facts and statistics, and now uses those exclusively as justification of his own brilliance and everybody else’s idiocy, at least those that disagree with him. He’s the type of person who you can’t debate with, because when you tell him facts, he tells you they’re wrong. When you share opinions, he says you’ve been manipulated. He doesn’t listen to others. 

Moreover, he thinks feminism is a hate-based movement, and genuinely believes men are the oppressed group and women are the privileged ones. He believes that feminists believe all men are “sexual perverts with deviant intentions” and therefore, feminism considers men emotionally and intellectually inferior. He ignores the true intentions of feminism, you know, equality between the sexes, and demonizes it. He seems to disregard the historical and systematic oppression of women and ignore the privilege he has a white male.

But here’s what I’m really here to talk about. He made a post on his tumblr recently asking girls to send him nude pictures of their breasts for an ambiguous campaign to support the rights of men and boys. He claims the intention was in the tags, but why it wasn’t clearly part of the body of the post is beyond me. Now he’s getting backlash for soliciting nudes. This struck a nerve with me. Last summer, after debating with him, he started flirting with me. He complimented me, was sweet. As an insecure recent 18 year old, I felt flattered that this man nearly twice my age found me attractive. Of course, at that time, I didn’t know his age. And I wanted to. He told me he would tell me if I sent him a picture of my boobs. And I did. Then he claimed he’d never actually promised that, but “because he was a little bit sweet on me” he would tell me. The night continued to me stripping and doing other things for him on camera. I was not proud. It was consensual in the sense that I wanted to, but I do not at all discount the influence of internalized misogyny, wanting to please this man, and his subtle manipulations. These manifested again when I confronted him about my regrets, and he tried to convince me he didn’t want to do what he did, but it “seemed like I wanted it.” It  was a disturbing incident. 

And now he’s using his tumblr prominence to get more pictures from young women. The point of the campaign is anti-circumcision. And I understand the logic behind the idea of not circumcising, but as a Jew, I feel some underlying anti-semitism coming through. But I do think it’s an important issue. But the way he’s going about this concerns me deeply. And I wanted to publicize that.

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If only we brought the suffragettes back and replaced every 3rd wave feminist with one of them, feminism might actually help people again instead of just being a hate group getting a pass because of what it once stood for

Yeah man lets bring back the movement that only cared about middle class Christian white women and sidelined women of color to seem less “controversial” to white dudes. If only we could regress a little bit.

Check out the very first sentence on a list of the Red Pill’s “fundamental beliefs”:

Feminists claim they want equality but what they really want is power without responsibility.

Weird … that doesn’t have anything to do with men at all – it’s about women. Let’s keep going:

Women are irrational and inconsistent. … A logical woman is easily baited into becoming emotional; women are easy to compromise.

Women are Machiavellian in nature, this means they are comparatively proficient at being manipulative versus the typical male.

Women love pragmatically and have no capacity to love unconditionally for romantic partners.

Yes, this shit is internally contradictory and sexist as fuck, but more importantly, it has nothing to do with men. There’s no waxing poetic on the joys of fatherhood, the majesty of a properly groomed beard, or the exquisite joy of scratching your own balls; it’s all just variations of “fuck dem bitches” and “amiright!?” It’s not an ideology, it’s just them feeling bad about themselves and directing that hatred elsewhere … which is exactly how a hate group works. And that’s not just my opinion.

5 Uncomfortable Truths Behind the Men’s Rights Movement