feminism is a hate group


Yall realise feminism is nothing more than the fight for true equality for all people right? There are just a lot more rights that need to be given to women for that equality than there are to men, hence why it’s named so. Yes, there are some people who use it as an excuse to put women above men, to hate men, and who don’t include lgbtq or non-white people in their cause - but these people are NOT the cause. These are simply individuals with different (wrong) views. The same happens in every major group, such as religion - every religion has people who pervert the teachings to suit them so that they can justify their terrorism. Feminism isn’t a bad thing - people who pervert feminism to suit themselves are a bad thing. Don’t call yourself an anti-feminist because of these people. Be proud to call yourself a feminist, embody the actual beliefs of the movement and show everyone what a true feminist is!

Helpful Advice

If gender is a social construct…

And women are oppressed and discriminated against because of their gender…

Be a man.

Problem solved.







Tell hate groups not to hate!

I’ve been getting this a lot today. People asking me why I don’t fight the KKK or other white supremacist groups, instead choosing to argue with BLM or Black Tumblr. It’s because hate groups are fucking obvious.

The KKK doesn’t give a shit what I think. I’d just be a race traitor to them. Do I really need to openly condemn them? Do I need to openly condemn the Holocaust? Why the fuck isn’t it assumed?

Don’t get me wrong here, I understand that white supremacy groups are fucking horrible. If I could take away whatever power they do have, I would. It’s just that I don’t see what I could possibly do aside from silencing them in some way or committing violence. I’m not willing to do either.

BLM and Black Tumblr are supposedly NOT supremacy groups. They’re supposedly NOT hate groups. I just want them to act like it for a fucking change instead of this “mayo cracker beckie take one hundred thousand seats” bullshit you’re always talking.

I’m trying to talk to the people who are actually at least pretending to give a shit. Honestly, I don’t really think any of you do. I do think you’re a hate group and I do think you’re a black supremacy group. That’s why I try to expose your shit for what it really is. The media sure as hell isn’t.

You know what? I have reached the point. That’s it. Fuck feminism. Fuck feminists.

I used to support the movement, I used to be a feminist. The last years have been hard as I saw how the movement changed.

It is not a small group of women anymore who are pushing a hateful propaganda. It’s a majority.

My mom doesn’t want to see and accept that, and I understand. I tried to look away, too. I can’t any longer.

I will not associate myself with feminism any longer. I do not want to be part of such a hateful group.

There are two types of people whom I have received the most hatred from:
muslims and feminists.

I do not support and defend Islam any longer, and now I won’t do it with feminism anymore either.

Fuck all of you.

anonymous asked:

Feminism is nowhere near to a hate group, stop generalizing us.

Oh, you’re right.  Legitimate feminism isn’t a hate group.

However, the man-hating, third wave “feminism” being practiced on Tumblr is nothing more than a disturbing fad, as well as a way for petty teenage girls to use it as a shield to hide behind while they basically bully and harass anyone they don’t happen to like, or anyone who tries to hold them accountable when they tell other human beings to “die” or “kill themselves” simply for disagreeing with them on the internet.  The majority of the “feminists” I’ve seen on Tumblr have absolutely no goddamn idea what they’re doing.

I can only guess this is in regards to the post about the “rape culture” myth I made, in which I provided statistics from - gasp! - UNBIASED sources, as well as studies conducted and written by women who are scholars in related fields.

The thing is, the kind of toxic, harmful form of “activism” being practiced on Tumblr literally spreads lies as truth.  Hell, they even make up entire, fraudulent stories about fictitious situations in order to pretend that the world is being overrun and destroyed by “the patriarchy”.  They also constantly try to turn FUCKING EVERYTHING into a “women’s issue”, and go out of their way to try to interpret sexism in anything they can.  To top it off, these same people have also done some EXTREMELY GODDAMN DISGUSTING THINGS in the name of “feminism”.

Feminism is supposed to be about gender equality - not literally trying to deny males their own humanity, and laugh that there is no such thing as hatred against them, while they continue to prove that there is.  It also should never be about exploiting the people they claim to be trying to protect.  

The glorified freakshow of a “movement” being practiced on Tumblr IS NOT FEMINISM.  It’s the younger sibling locked in the attic that feminism doesn’t want to talk about.

Hey guys. I want to talk for a second about feminism. Specifically, people who are against it. More specifically, tumblr user mr-cappadocia. I’ve sent him a couple asks that he has declined to answer, so I’m taking to my own blog to discuss this.

Patrick, as his name is, is a man in his mid-thirties who is active in “promoting the rights of men and boys.” From what I gathered after having an extensive debate with him over the summer, he has selected a set of issues on which men face discrimination, gathered some facts and statistics, and now uses those exclusively as justification of his own brilliance and everybody else’s idiocy, at least those that disagree with him. He’s the type of person who you can’t debate with, because when you tell him facts, he tells you they’re wrong. When you share opinions, he says you’ve been manipulated. He doesn’t listen to others. 

Moreover, he thinks feminism is a hate-based movement, and genuinely believes men are the oppressed group and women are the privileged ones. He believes that feminists believe all men are “sexual perverts with deviant intentions” and therefore, feminism considers men emotionally and intellectually inferior. He ignores the true intentions of feminism, you know, equality between the sexes, and demonizes it. He seems to disregard the historical and systematic oppression of women and ignore the privilege he has a white male.

But here’s what I’m really here to talk about. He made a post on his tumblr recently asking girls to send him nude pictures of their breasts for an ambiguous campaign to support the rights of men and boys. He claims the intention was in the tags, but why it wasn’t clearly part of the body of the post is beyond me. Now he’s getting backlash for soliciting nudes. This struck a nerve with me. Last summer, after debating with him, he started flirting with me. He complimented me, was sweet. As an insecure recent 18 year old, I felt flattered that this man nearly twice my age found me attractive. Of course, at that time, I didn’t know his age. And I wanted to. He told me he would tell me if I sent him a picture of my boobs. And I did. Then he claimed he’d never actually promised that, but “because he was a little bit sweet on me” he would tell me. The night continued to me stripping and doing other things for him on camera. I was not proud. It was consensual in the sense that I wanted to, but I do not at all discount the influence of internalized misogyny, wanting to please this man, and his subtle manipulations. These manifested again when I confronted him about my regrets, and he tried to convince me he didn’t want to do what he did, but it “seemed like I wanted it.” It  was a disturbing incident. 

And now he’s using his tumblr prominence to get more pictures from young women. The point of the campaign is anti-circumcision. And I understand the logic behind the idea of not circumcising, but as a Jew, I feel some underlying anti-semitism coming through. But I do think it’s an important issue. But the way he’s going about this concerns me deeply. And I wanted to publicize that.

Check out the very first sentence on a list of the Red Pill’s “fundamental beliefs”:

Feminists claim they want equality but what they really want is power without responsibility.

Weird … that doesn’t have anything to do with men at all – it’s about women. Let’s keep going:

Women are irrational and inconsistent. … A logical woman is easily baited into becoming emotional; women are easy to compromise.

Women are Machiavellian in nature, this means they are comparatively proficient at being manipulative versus the typical male.

Women love pragmatically and have no capacity to love unconditionally for romantic partners.

Yes, this shit is internally contradictory and sexist as fuck, but more importantly, it has nothing to do with men. There’s no waxing poetic on the joys of fatherhood, the majesty of a properly groomed beard, or the exquisite joy of scratching your own balls; it’s all just variations of “fuck dem bitches” and “amiright!?” It’s not an ideology, it’s just them feeling bad about themselves and directing that hatred elsewhere … which is exactly how a hate group works. And that’s not just my opinion.

5 Uncomfortable Truths Behind the Men’s Rights Movement

anyway just to clarify: just because I don’t want to call myself a “feminist” anymore doesn’t change the fact that I still think everyone should be equal regardless of gender everywhere in the world. I just don’t want to use that label because I don’t want to be associated with the gross hate group that western feminism and tumblr feminism has become today

thebatsandthecatskitten said: You actually do follow me.

i mean’t i only reblogged one thing i disagree with you on.

i’m anti-misinformation, and the gamer girl thing was full of misinformation

feminism doesn’t mean equality. it started out by racist white women to further oppressed black slaves. women had jobs before 2nd wave feminism and the wage gap is a myth. there’s a such thing as equal pay laws, when they cry about wage gaps, they’re talking about the minimum wage vs the ceo’s wage. which is MISINFORMATION and PROPAGANDA to illicit anger to unsuspecting fools so no one realizes they’re not only not needed, but a hate group

40% of rape claims by women are false

40% of rape is women raping men

70% of domestic violence cases are women abusing men

70% of child abuse cases are mothers/women abusing their children

80% of rapists come from single mother homes

and yet feminists claim rape is the fault of men only?

feminists fight against gender neutral rape laws in, usa, uk, and india so it is legally impossible for women to rape men in those countries

feminists have started riots at peaceful rallys by the mras going so far as to pull fire alarms, assault men, kill other feminists pets who agreed men have issues to, bully and threaten an abused man until he committed suicide for daring to open the 12th domestic abuse centers for men, even though women have 50 thousand

80% of the world is pro equality, and only 20% are feminists what does that tell you about feminism?

feminists constantly telling me and my friends to kill ourselves, or be raped because we’re men, despite most of us being raped victims and people who have attempted suicide

tell me again how it’s not a hate group?

and if you believe those people aren’t feminists then it is you DUTY! to call them out!!