feminism cartoon

To be clear.

I like when there is diversity in a cartoon.  I like when characters are a range of different shapes and colors just because its more visually interesting and it adds distinction and quirk to base character tropes.

This is why I like the diversity in Steven Universe, much like I liked the diversity in Chowder, and Ed Edd and Eddie, Gumball, Regular Show, etc.

This is also why I tend to prefer western animation, as anime is usually “not always” very basic in the structure of their characters, choosing to instead define them with hairstyles and accessories because fat characters aren’t very “sexy,” and Anime usually wants some some degree of badass hotness or whatever.  Cool.

Not western animation though, its more focused on being funny and relatable.  A diverse cast of characters is very conducive of this goal.

I don’t care about the political agenda for it though.  I think artists should be able to create however they want.  I think shows should continue to market toward highest demand.  I dont care about the message it sends.  I dont care if Feminist’s like it.  Its just more visually interesting and effective for the sake of comedy. 

International Women’s Day: Adventure Time

One of my favorite qualities about this show

 is the diverse range of strong female characters

all with completely different personalities,

 all with depth, good and bad sides, 

and two male protagonists who always treat them right. 

Good job Adventure Time creators.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate Jessica Rabbit here. She is sexy, beautiful, tall, curvy, red haired, smart, mature, classy…basically every guys’ dream woman. She has guys throwing themselves at her, going crazy over her and fighting just to get a glimpse of her. She could literally have any guy she wanted. And yet, she falls in love and marries someone who isn’t conventionally handsome, but who has a great personality which appeals to hers and is fun to be around. All her life she’s probably been told how physically attractive she is and been used for her beauty, so it must be so wonderful for her to meet someone who wants to make her laugh and be genuinely happy rather than have her as a trophy wife. Roger appeals to her humour and appreciates her mentality and personality and is the first guy to treat her like a normal girl and a human being. Of course she’s going to be defensive when guys don’t understand what she sees in Roger. He was the first and only guy to respect her personality and wanted to know her as a person so he could make her genuinely happy. She didn’t settle for any less than she deserved.