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Women are perceived as too talkative because how much they talk is measured not against how much men talk, but against an ideal of female silence.

Gender Stereotypes: Reproduction and Challenge, by Mary Talbot, from 

The Handbook of Language and Gender, Part IV: Stereotypes and Norms.


A thread about millennials and stories (sorry for all the typos I was fueled by too much emotion to type well)

A day will come when your days will be unbearably too long, your nights will be too quiet, and the floor will feel too cold on your skin, and you won’t have any other choice but to pick yourself up, kick your feet up, and rise up again.

Because really, how long will you stay down, waiting, crying, and moping around when you’re the only one who can decide to save yourself?
—  cynthia go // Rise up

anyway,,,,,,this is the funniest book review i’ve ever seen in my entire life like y’all this girl DESTROYED this book