There are some women who are probably genuinely aroused by the idea of being photographed naked. But I think we can safely assume that many more women appear in Playboy for the simple reason that they are paid to. Which is fine. But โ€˜because I was paid toโ€™ is not the same thing as โ€˜Iโ€™m taking control of my sexuality.โ€™
—  Ariel Levy, Female Chauvinist Pigs

Can we talk about classism, misogyny directed at women who wear pads/don’t wear tampons.

And I’m really pissed off about how younger women and mainly white women shame women of color and older women for their preferences with menstrual products. You must realize that having access to natural menstrual products costs money, and at the same time using things like tampons can be a cultural taboo.

You aren’t some feminine hygiene guru because you use a DIVA cup, or because you can afford to go naturalistic with your period routine, especially if you’re out here criticizing  women of other circumstances.

At the same time, a cup may cost less in the long run but do you really expect a struggling single mother to be able to afford a DIVA cup over a seven dollar package of pads. Or some college student that’s already choosing between textbooks and her food. You’re really going to expect her to buy a DIVA cup?

Like is swear naturalistic products never have low income women in mind. Your target audience isn’t low income women, it’s women who can afford your product.  

And then we go further on to shame women who still use pads, or who can’t/won’t use tampons.

(and of course this applies to people who aren’t women/afab folks too).

Quick Note:

Before taking the extreme anti-choice position that we see today, the Catholic Church was not very stable on their anti-abortion beliefs.

Here are some screenshots of a response I gave to a religious blog I was debating with that goes into more detail:


So I’m really going to need you anti-choicers to stop citing your religion as justification for your anti-choice beliefs.

Feminism related books coming out these days are so boring and repetitive i miss the times when we’d get feminist books which provided hard hitting and interesting critiques and observations about the misogyny in today’s institutions and society like literally every second feminist book these days goes like this :


Chapter 1 : An essay about how donald trump being elected is the most misogynistic thing to happen in this whole world/America ever

Chapter 2 : Some repetitive essay about body shaming and body positivity

Chapter 3,: How hillary clinton is a feminist icon

Chapter 4 : An in depth analysis and critique of some sort of popular tv show or movie “through the feminist lens”

Chapter 5 : An actually interesting essay

Chapter 6 : An anecdote about what the author was doing at the time of declaration of results presidential election 2016 and how she reacted after finding out that donald trump won

Chapter 7: An essay about some topic which you cant decipher bc the author throws way too many and examples and anecdotes which have no relation to each other

Chapter 8,: An essay about struggles faced by woc and/or lgbtqa women to make the book look intersectional even tho the essay doesn’t contain anything interesting or even new

Chapter 9:, How hillary clinton losing 2016 elections is the height of misogyny in our society

Chapter 10: An essay about some feminism related topic for which the author throws long ass anecdotes about her life so u lose interest

Chapter 11: Another in depth critique and analysis of some random show/movie

Chapter 12 : Another essay covering issues faced by woc and/or queer women but its apparent that the author didn’t do any research about said topic n just repeating some popular tweets they saw by woc n queer women

Chapter 13 : Another long boring anecdote which probably relates to some political issue but at this point you have lost interest in the book so arent bothering to go deeper into anything

Taylor Swift ~ “Honestly I didn’t have an accurate definition of feminism when i was younger. I didn’t quite see all the ways that feminism is vital. A man writing about his feelings from a vulnerable place is brave, a woman writing about her feelings from a vulnerable place is oversharing and whining. So, to me feminism is probably the most important movement you can embrace because it’s just basically another word for equality.”

On June the 14th the constitutional court in Belgium stated that prohibition of wearing religious signs in an establishment of higher education does not constitute a violation of freedom of religion nor a violation of the right to human dignity which includes the right to education.

This declaration meant that Hijab-wearing women don’t have the right to get higher education. Some will, unfortunately, give up on their dreams and some will be forced to remove the hijab to get an education.

“I was in a school establishment where wearing a hijab was forbidden. Therefore, every morning, when I go to school, I had to take it off and put it in my bag. I had the feeling that I was enduring microaggressions from a system that was supposed to protect me”.

#HijabisFightBack was a way to protest this discrimination. ✊🏽 The right to education should not be negotiable. (source)

A gentle reminder to all that the first university the world ever saw was founded by a Muslim woman. Today, we have to beg to be able to wear a hijab and get an education at the same time — both of which are fundamental rights that our women are being stripped of. 

Advertisement with heavily pink color palette voice: Hey feminist kween! Your legs are hairy as fuck and that’s horrifying! Girlboss, your hair is a labyrinthine maze of knots and radioactive grease! Soul sister, if odor down there were authoritarianism, you would make Stalin look like an anarchist. Buy our product, you hideous bitch, and maybe God will finally turn his gaze upon your wretched body. #TheFutureIsFemale!

No offence but its like so telling how all those white pop girls who are all about “women supporting women” and “dont pit women against each other” are silent af about megan thee stallion being shot and the treatment she received abt that news from the media and the internet.Megan legit had to come on twitter and go live on instagram to explain what happened to her and how she was feeling and how it wasn’t ok to make JOKES abt her being shot. I haven’t seen a single white female musician come up and show sympathy towards megan or even acknowledge what happened to her when they are all so quick to post ig stories about listening to her “bad bitch” anthems.

All these white pop girls’ fans love attacking other celebs for not “supporting women” just bc they didn’t took their fav white pop girls’ side in her beef with another person but are silent about noone having any sympathy towards megan. When taylor swift spoke up about how she was being fucked over by her label everyone and their mothers came out to speak in support of her but when megan thee stallion spoke up about how she was being fucked over by her label she didnt even get half the acknowledgement as taylor, that too was from other black artists.

This is why I’ve always been apprehensive of the “girl power” and “women supporting other women” shit so many white female celebs are co opting these days. Its almost always by white women for other white women with sometimes a couple women of color thrown in to not look explicitly racist . The music industry only cares about black women as long as long as they are shaking their asses and making songs to jam too. As soon as they ask for support or even SYMPATHY for their struggles people don’t want to acknowledge their existence.

some of you don’t see ableism as a real issue and it shows

like I see ableism everywhere, even in feminist spheres. I see people throwing around “crazy” “psycho” “narcissist”. i see so called feminists saying the r slur WAY too easily.

we’re completely left out of environmental conversations or just dismissed (see: the straw ban). we’re collateral damage in their eyes.

I’ve seen a skinny woman get abuse and hate for posting a selfie of her in her wheelchair and tagging it as “body positive”, told she was “hijacking the movement”.

black disabled or mentally ill (like schizophrenia) people die, and i see people excusing it as “how was he acting?” as if being mentally ill is a fucking death sentence!

disabled women are more at risk for abuse, especially at the hands of carers, and its glossed over! nobody ever talks about it!

abled feminists call us inspirational. the government only cares about us when we can do something for it, like playing in an elite basketball team (like my husband used to. the second he stopped, he stopped getting aid).

shit, you guys need to take ableism more seriously. stop dismissing us. we matter.