Canada Approves Abortion Pill

Image, National Post

RU-468 (Mifegymiso) has been approved for prescription use in Canada after over 2 years of deliberation.

Any qualified physician can prescribe it, and it can terminate pregnancies up to 49 days gestation.

Why is this important?

  • Can be prescribed by nurses, midwifes, or family practitioners 
  • Simulates natural miscarriage
  • Side effects are minimal
  • Easy availability = less risk of unsafe procedures

Basically, this is the best abortion pill that’s been developed, and Canada has made it as (safely) accessible as possible. 

So I’m not a fan of John Green or his books and I didn’t even know he had a movie coming out based on one of his books until just now, but I just found out about this ridiculous fiasco around an interview with Cara Delevingne, the actress who plays the main character in the movie, and essentially, it just strikes me as misogynist.

Basically, people are up in arms because she wasn’t bubbly and energetic in an interview - and some people claimed she was in a “bad mood” and was being unkind or unfriendly… But I watched the interview, and she was being completely normal, she just wasn’t very animated or bubbly. She’d just come back from the premier of the movie the night before and it was literally the morning after, so she was probably tired.

But she seemed perfectly normal, albeit maybe slightly less enthused about answering truly asinine questions by these obnoxious news anchors (one of whom got her name wrong). And then the interviewers literally said to HER FACE that she had no enthusiasm and should “take a nap” and “have a red bull” and talked about her behind her back on the show after she left.

The fact there are people attacking her, articles criticizing her demeanor, and that the news anchors were that critical of her mood just strikes me as sexist. I CANNOT imagine this happening to a male actor whatsoever. But women are expected to be smiling, perky and happy at all times. If you aren’t smiling and overly friendly, suddenly it means you’re a bitch and are worthy of being talked down to, lambasted and mocked.

It’s sad and frustrating when girls who are otherwise extremely intelligent are like “ugh feminism is stupid” like I’m glad u enjoy inequality but I really don’t

“In the future, everyone’s going to have a robot assistant. That’s the story, at least. And as part of that long-running narrative, Facebook just launched its virtual assistant. They’re calling it Moneypenny—the secretary from the James Bond Films. Which means the symbol of our march forward, once again, ends up being a nod back. In this case, Moneypenny is a send-up to an age when Bond’s womanizing was a symbol of manliness and many women were, no matter what they wanted to be doing, secretaries.

Why can’t people imagine a future without falling into the sexist past? Why does the road ahead keep leading us back to a place that looks like the Tomorrowland of the 1950s? Well, when it comes to Moneypenny, here’s a relevant datapoint: More than two thirds of Facebook employees are men. That’s a ratio reflected among another key group: futurists.”

Why Aren’t There More Women Futurists?


Simon Pegg Has Beef with Rebecca Ferguson’s ‘Mission: Impossible’ Poster

“Last month Paramount released several character posters for Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation in preparation for the film’s nationwide release tomorrow, and it seems one of the film’s stars has a bit of a bone to pick with how the studio’s marketing department chose to portray the film’s female lead in her poster.

“When the posters came out, it was me in a jacket, Tom [Cruise] in a jacket, Jeremy[Renner] in a jacket, Ving [Rhames] in a jacket and Rebecca [Ferguson] in leather with her [butt] sticking out.” That’s Simon Pegg talking to USA Today about Rogue Nation’s poster campaign, and he seems pretty disappointed by it as he went on to add, “It was like, 'No, don’t do that.’ We’re doing something good here. Trying to, at least.”

Pegg certainly has a point. For reference, here are the six character posters Paramount released for the film’s male stars…

… all finely groomed and clothed in very cool-looking jackets. And then here is the one the studio released of Ferguson. Notice she is the only one sexily straddling a bike with her butt facing the camera.”

Read the full piece here

Call your senators

So! Senate Republicans have fast-tracked a new bill to cut off federal funding for Planned Parenthood, and the vote is scheduled for Monday.

The attack on Planned Parenthood has been widespread and emotionally manipulative, and regardless your stance on abortion, ZERO federal funding goes towards abortion services (reminder: That’s only THREE PERCENT of what PP does in a year).

Apparently, even a few pro-choice senators who previously supported Planned Parenthood are starting to waver. I’d love to see as many people as possible speak up and call their senators.

Can you call your senators? Tell them: “Stand with Planned Parenthood. Vote against the dangerous attack on reproductive health and rights.”

If you’re an Ohio resident, here’s where to call:

Senator Rob Portman
Phone: (202) 224-3353

Senator Sherrod Brown
Phone: (202) 224-2315

Please reblog with your senators’ phone numbers! They can be found here

9 Things You Subconsciously Do Everyday Thanks To Sexism

I wish that people’s critiques of women’s speech patterns focused more on telling men to stop assuming a woman is stupid just because of the way her voice lilts. However, I know that thanks to our good friend gender, girls and women are socialized–whether with speech or actions–in some brutally sexist ways that men simply aren’t. Seriously, things you do everyday are a result of our society socializing you to be less assertive, take up less space, etc. If you’re skeptical, try denying doing any of these nine things.
We are bridging the super gap
ANZ introduces an important new initiative: extra super for its female employees.

WE ARE AT DEFCON ONE HERE PEOPLE. Stock your bunkers full of refried beans and get your affairs in order. The assault on the male race in Australia has begun, and it’s being spearheaded by one of the biggest banks in the fucking country.

Ok, yes, I’m exaggerating, but I am grateful to have yet another great big neon bulletin of evidence to point at when the Tumblr feminists start coming at me about ‘hurr muh inequality’.

ANZ, one of the biggest national banks in Australia, has decided to drop all pretense and flat out start giving their female employees more money for the same work under the guise of equality.

In Australia, your superannuation is how you save for your retirement. It’s similar to a 401k in the states. Your employer makes a compulsory contribution into your super fund which you can nominate, it’s about 9% on top of your pay every year that your employer has to put into a retirement fund for you.

ANZ is making an additional $500 contribution to superannuation annually… exclusively for female employees.

It has officially come to this. They don’t even have to PRETEND like they’re not being blatantly ‘selective’ (to put it kindly).

They made some good points about women living longer and generally being the ones who compromise on their career to raise a family, which is, by ANZ’s own admission, at their own fucking discretion. But the point is that at the compulsory level of 9.5% super contribution, a male minimum wage worker at an ANZ bank branch earning around 30,000 a year would have to earn $5236 more in the year by working the equivalent of TEN WEEK’S full time hours in a 52 week year to match the $500 contribution that ANZ is just giving its female employees. The more astute of our followers might recognize this as the complete fucking opposite of equality.

This is what happens when the corporate world becomes brainwashed by radical feminist morons parroting on over and over and over again about a wage gap that, and I cannot stress this enough, does not exist by any observable metric whatsoever.

You can all shove your wage gap up your festering bung holes.


Angry about the removal of Some Girls Are from the West Ashley High School reading list (as an OPTION on that list)? 

Let’s get that book into the hands of all the teenagers there who want it. Who may desperately need it. 

I’m working with the local library to coordinate a huge donation, and if you can spring for a copy or two – it’s extremely cheap on Book Outlet – you would make a huge difference to these teens. If you can’t donate personally, please share the link with anyone who may be able to do so through August 17. 

All the details.