Telling Trans Stories Beyond “Born In The Wrong Body”
Not all trans and gender-nonconforming people feel “trapped” in the bodies they were born into. So why is that still the dominant way to think about trans experience and identity? Maybe it doesn't ...
By Meredith Talusan, Jacob Tobia, Tiq Milan, NicoFonseca

I’ve got load of shots of those four outfits I’ve been posting left, but I feel it’s getting boring fast, I’ve used one today that I have been saving for just such a situation.
But I’d like to know from you guys, would you like me to carry on and post the remaining 20 or so shots, or move on? If the later (which I think is better because it is getting stale) There won’t be any more daily posts until I can get time to have another shoot.
Let me know,


@ Trans Women and NB Feminine Peeps In Need Of Clothing!!! 

I’m getting rid of a bunch of feminine clothing and hoping to swap it out for some masculine clothing!!!! If you’re interested please contact me on my blog ( @akayay-akaslay ) and feel free to reblog this post to get the word out. 

Sizes of everything:

Jean Vest-Medium 

Black Cardigan-Large

Hawaii Shirt-Medium

Camera Shirt-Medium (tight fit)

Black Leggings-Medium

Black and Purple Work Out Pants-Medium 

Black and Pink Shorts-Medium 

Green Shorts-Medium 

Grey Sleep Shirt-Medium 

Green and Yellow Shorts-Medium 

Pink Sleep Robe-Medium 

Scarf, Red Bow, Brown Bow-Any size 

Pajama Shorts (Chevron, Pineapple, Bunnies, Dogs, Stars, Leopard, Birds)-Medium 

Peach Bra-Medium/Large (Idk the exact cup size but I’m guessing like a B/C) 

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I hate trying to buy perfume or cologne because everyone tries to over-glorify the scents with “musk” to make it super hypermasculine and it smells so gross and the perfume is always too sweet because it needs to be sooo o feminine and the unisex tries to cOMBINE THESE THINGS AND it smells like shit and I just want to smell like a fucking flower pine tree not a pine tree who ran a marathon or a flower thAts covered in cake frosting is this too much

“Weaponized femininity” has become such a buzzword for me now, the second a female character is all ~makeup and high heels and teehee I’m so deadly~ I’m just like oh god not this again