just opened:

HYSTERIA: Spatial Conversations with Florine Stettheimer
 Rosson Crow

Sargent’s Daughters Gallery, 179 East Broadway, NYC

In this recent body of work, Crow debuts a new technique of Xerox transfers layered with painting on the canvases. Crow has long been fascinated by history and the psychology of interior spaces, and has addressed subjects as varied as French Revolutionary interiors, New York City graffiti and the films of Alfred Hitchcock. This exhibition represents Crow’s response to the paintings of Florine Stettheimer (1871-1944), a New York artist whose paintings date from the 1910s to the 1940s.  Although considered a very important artist of her time, (Marcel Duchamp organized her retrospective exhibition at MOMA in 1946, and she was included in the first Whitney Biennale in 1932) Stettheimer’s works are relatively unknown today as she steadfastly refused to sell or show them in galleries.  Since her death, they have often been dismissed as overly “feminine” and “eccentric” and today Stettheimer remains known mostly to a growing cult of women artists on both sides of the Atlantic who love and claim her influence.
- thru May 17

Selling some old binders & feminine clothing

I’m selling some of my old binders, as I’ve continually had to go up in size as I got older and need a new one. I have the following (all are from Underworks unless otherwise noted):

-Small Tri-Top, tan

-Medium Tri-Tops in all three colors - tan, black, and white (I know I have at least 1 of each color)

My small tan tri-top is pretty stretched out, so I’m selling that one for $5; I’d like $10 for each individual one of the others. If you’re okay with  sending money online, I would prefer Amazon or Paypal credit, although if you can’t that’s also okay. [Those prices include shipping, by the way, so you don’t have to worry about that.]

Additionally, I have some old pairs of feminine-cut jeans, and some shirts, that I probably wore a maximum of 5 times each that I’m looking to get rid of. I don’t know the exact sizes, although I know that they would probably fit best on a slimmer person and are likely mostly small and medium. I can take pictures of them, if necessary; price will probably depend on what/how much you’d like to get.

Contact me at thisisnotreallifeguys@gmail.com if you want to purchase something and/or get more specific details (including pictures) about some things!