femininity as praxis

When it gets right down to it you’re going to deal with sexism and gender differently depending how to see the chronological roots of female oppression.

Contemporary liberal feminism sees female oppression as strictly a result of the hatred of femininity. It follows that reclaiming femininity is liberating, and that defending femininity is feminist praxis. This theory also lays the ground for describing a woman as an identity open to everyone that identifies as “internally feminine” and seems to present evidence denying even the possibility of the existence of a cohesive oppressed group of biological females. After all, anyone can be feminine under this analysis and not all biological females are. If femininity is innate, a characteristic of women, and the sole reason for their oppression there is simply no reason to analyze the role of sex any further. Sexism is an issue of personal gender expression and the solution is gender expansion.

However in the radical view of things female biology is the root cause of oppression, and femininity as a whole (along with the hatred of it) is a result of this. With this understanding gender is not at all innate but rather a system put in place by males to control and disenfranchise females. A female’s ability to produce life has historically been incredibly valuable. For men to maintain power they had to own the female body and their reproductive capability had to be strictly controlled and managed by men. This struggle has subsequently led to crippling women with the idea of gender. Feminine expectations cripple women economically, socially, and educationally all over the world. Gender is simply a symptom of sexism, and the solution is total abolition.