“but wearing makeup makes me feel good!!”

cool. i’m happy for you. still not empowering.

The Signs On Their Period

Aries: Unstoppable; tampons let her stay as active as she’d like and lots of water keeps the cramps away

Taurus: Very grumpy; wears sweats and eats chocolate all day

Gemini: Tells everyone that sees her that she’s on her period so they won’t bother her

Cancer: Lies on either her boyfriend’s or bestfriend’s lap and whines innocently until they rub her stomach

Leo: Bitching and being overdramatic; cursing God out for giving her a vagina

Virgo: Tries to be as normal and perfect as possible so no one knows her vagina bleeds; changes tampons every hour

Libra: Silently suffering and wondering how it could possibly be fair for women to go through unimaginable pain that men will never understand

Scorpio: Has an attitude with everyone for apparently no reason and just expects them to know she’s on her period and not feeling well

Sagittarius: Pops a few Tylenol and pads in her bag and is ready to face whatever the day brings her

Capricorn: The one time she is actually vulnerable; spends three days straight throwing up while clutching her abdomen

Aquarius: Carelessly wears white, frequently forgets she is bleeding, and usually has to ask to borrow a pad as she always seems to forget to put extras in her bag

Pisces: Just as cheery as always, until the cramps start kicking in and she realizes she left her drug tote at home


What I have to say to girls who are hyper feminine: just try it.

Just try not shaving, going barefaced, wearing comfy clothes, not doing your hair. If you truly tried and prefer to do feminine things then I applaud you and support your decision! I’m only saying that you should try it. The hair can be shaven and plucked, makeup can be applied, tight spandex can be worn; all of these things can be quickly amended in a couple of hours it’s not something you have to do forever. Get to know your body and how she works! How do you know that you truly wouldent appreciate your own natural body, over your augmented one if you haven’t even met her yet? And if you dont like it you can have your money back guaranteed!

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