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heyo!i really love your blog!your writing n headcanons bring a smile to my face!!c: *hug* i wanna request(separate headcanons)amajiki, todoroki, & shinsou with a s/o who's insecure about wearing feminine clothing cuz they think they look bad or theyre not used to it. uhh more specifically how they'd react to the s/o wearing such clothing on a date. if that's okay with you aa sorry im specific. i have this insecurity, so support from these boys would make me very happy. tysm in advance!! ^3^

Heyjo lovely! Thank you so very much for your kind words! *hugs back* I very much hope I could write this well enough and that you’re going to like it =) Also, lovely, you are wonderful and I hope you get lots of compliments when you wear your clothes <3


- When he sees his partner wearing those clothes, makes him pause for a moment, before he gives them a shy and happy smile and brushes a kiss to their cheek.

- If they want to wear feminine clothes, he’s supportive of them and compliments them quietly, a soft smile at his face and he ducks his head a little to hide a faint blush.

- Amajiki makes sure that his partner knows that he loves them regardless of what they wear and that he just wants them to be happy and to feel comfortable.

- If his partner talks to him about being worried how they look, he does his best to reassure them and to tell them that they can take their time. If they want to ease into things, they can do it, if they need more time to prepare, they can have it, if they want to do it right away, they can. He’s going to be supportive of them and he believes in them and tells them he thinks they’re beautiful.


- He’s surprised for a moment, since he knows how insecure his partner can feel about these sorts of clothes, and then he gives them a small, soft and warm smile, reaching out to take their hand.

- He gives them a soft kiss and lets them know that he thinks their outfit is lovely and suits them, while giving their hand in his a small squeeze.

- Todoroki needs to make sure later though, that his partner only wears these clothes because they want to and not because they think he wants to see them this way. He wants his partner to know that he loves them regardless of what they wear and is proud and happy to have them at his side.

- Should they bring the subject in private, Todoroki listens to their insecurities and while he may not always be the best at it, he does his best to reassure them. Also, he lets them know that they can wear all the feminine clothes they want and he’ll be supportive of them and loves them. He thinks they’re good-looking and if they want to wear feminine clothes, he’ll happily take them out.


- He gives his partner a small, warm grin when he sees them dressed like this and leans in to give them a small kiss, complimenting how they look.

- Still, he makes sure later on that his partner knows that he loves them and is happy to be seen with them regardless of what they chose to wear and that he cares about their comfort most of all.

- Once his partner lets him know that they chose those clothes because they want to wear them, he in turn makes sure to reassure them that he loves what they wear and he just wants them to know that he likes seeing them happy and relaxed most of all.

- Should his partner discuss their insecurities with him outside of dates, he takes their hand if they’re okay with it and listens to them. If they want his opinion, he’s honest in telling them that he is supportive of them. He has their back no matter what they decide to do or if they want to start wearing feminine clothes bit by bit or completely right away. He loves them and he’s there for them.

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