EXO OT12 in a nutshell
  • Tao:looks like an assassin, is actually a sensitive teenage girl on the inside. BONUS:showers w the members
  • $uho:rich grandpa/ EXOs leader. aka the only member the same on stage and off
  • Lay:looks sleepy 24/7. singing voice sounds like lulu's.obsessed with BB's grandmas house. BONUS: unadimple.
  • D.O:1.73 meters of concentrated evil
  • Kai:kylie jenners lips have nothing on jongins. BONUS: sexy dancer on stage, dorky irl
  • Kris:speaks like 5 languages but is still a dweeb. BONUS: almost died while playing 007
  • Sehun:Disrespectful maknae,...sebooty ;D BONUS: yehet. ohorat
  • Chanyeol:Joyful giant, looks like a princess sounds like a man. Reeeaaallly good at bowling
  • Luhan:constantly makes suho question his sexuality w his feminine beauty. BONUS: "bububu bubu bu bubu bu buu"
  • Baekhyun:KHAEPSONG.,beagle line leader. Wears a lot of eyeliner
  • Chen:mischievous camel troll, broke the coffee machine smh
  • Xiumin:steamed bun hyung. OPPA SLAYS EVERYONE