feminine women

women do not have to
  • be thin
  • cook for you
  • have long hair
  • wear makeup
  • be feminine 
  • be graceful
  • have sex with you
  • shave
  • diet
  • be fashionable
  • wear pink
  • love men
  • listen to your bullshit

The woman who eschews femininity, who is content with her natural shape and size and smell, who is impatient with the lengthy rituals of femininity, is condemned by both sexes. To women, she is an uncomfortable reminder of the extent to which they have abandoned themselves to the demands of men. To men, she is a threatening warning that their domination is not total and that women still have the power to regain themselves. 

- Anne Summers, Damned Whores and God’s Police

I have a deep intense admiration for women who go against every fiber of patriarchy. Women who are loud. Who dominate conversations. Who take up space.

Women who don’t wear makeup. Women who don’t act feminine. Women who do not compromise. Women who are not soft.

Women who don’t need men. Women who don’t marry. Women who don’t have children. Because it is the hardest thing to stand against in this society.

“but wearing makeup makes me feel good!!”

cool. i’m happy for you. still not empowering.


are you on synthetic estrogen (the pill)?

if so, do you experience:

thyroid issues(inability to lose or gain weight)
inability to consume alcohol
appetite loss
pain for seemingly no reason
generalized chronic illness symptoms?

if so, your E1(estrone) is probably wayyyy too fuckin high, due to a reaction to the synthetic estrogen

doctors say this affects 10% of trans femmes but it’s probably far more from the accounts i hear

if you feel this way or you plan on starting hrt with estrogen, please ask your endocrinologist/doctor to test your E1 AND E2 levels

you may need to switch to injectable estrogen

there aren’t many studies on how various forms of hrt affect people so please spread this around, y'all do not need to feel like this and it can be fixed

-Mod Virgil

I just want you to know that sometimes you are going to have nights where you sit in your bed and you fucking cry and want to smash a window and scream because no one is on your side and shit is so fucked up and you just want to give up. Have your moment, run down the street, journal 5 pages and then go outside and throw it in a bonfire, kick the shit out of the tree in the back yard or go scream at the pool and tell it to go fuck itself. (Apologize after tho cause that fucking tree didn’t do shit to you; calm down bruh)

It’s okay to have a moment where everything is fucked up. Try your best not to take it out on others, don’t hurt yourself, express that frustration, that anger, that sadness in a healthy way.

Just don’t go off and kill yourself. You’d be shocked how much better you feel after screaming at a tree and getting yourself a good meal.