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GRIMM | 5.03

Isn’t it the baby that’s supposed to keep the parents awake?

Kelly’s got a lot less to worry about.

For now at least.

You are Still a Transboy Even if

you wear makeup

you wear feminine clothes

you don’t want to go on T

you don’t want top surgery

you don’t always pass

you don’t own a binder

you still shave

you go by she/her pronouns for safety or personal reasons

you have a high voice

people call you female

you don’t want to pack

people still call you by your birthname

you have a large chest

you use they/them pronouns

you don’t want bottom surgery

you don’t own a packer

you have long hair

you don’t want a binder

you cosplay female characters

you’re not out to family

people use she/her pronouns

you’re not out to friends

you have wide hips

you still go by your birthname

you’re not out at school

You know yourself better than anyone else. No matter what, if you identify as a boy, then you are a boy

Just A Reminder

It’s okay for your dysphoria fluctuate.

It’s okay to be able to wear feminine clothes in the morning, but not be able to later on.

It’s okay to not hate your chest for a time and to go without your binder (or whatever is worn to bind).

It’s okay to like “girly” things.

It’s okay to cry and have “feminine” emotions.

It’s okay to not want bottom, top, or any surgery at all.

You are still valid.

Your transness does not rely on fluctuating dysphoria or on what you like.

You are a man.

I promise.

Call your arms and raise your banners, for soon we march!!!

NOV. 14-20 2016 - WE RIDE!!!

Magic Meat Week 2016 is just around the corner. Join us in a celebration of equal opportunity fantasy and sci-fi cheesecake. Our mission here at MMW is to correct the horribly imbalanced distribution of impractical yet sexy armor and get-ups placed upon women from the battle strewn plains of Evondell to the network of space stations orbiting Klaktor 7. 

Look, we love sexy fantasy costumes but recognize there is a time and a place. For women it shouldn’t be the default, and for men it shouldn’t be infrequent to the point of nonexistence. So join us as we subvert the male gaze!

And please read this pertinent note from the movement’s creator Amanda Sharpe:

“Try to keep in mind that this is not intended to be mockery. It’s not “ha ha isn’t it funny if male characters wear feminine clothing and/or pose in feminine ways.” That type of humor is transphobic and not what Magic Meat Week is about! We’re here to take back sexy fantasy art from the straight male gaze, because men can be sexy too!

So I encourage you to draw some hot stuff and enjoy it! I’m not saying masculine characters can’t wear feminine things, but do it because it’s sexy and fun, not because it’s a joke to you.

Enjoy your beefcake!”

So get ready, and when Nov. 14th rolls around start posting those bad boys, and tagging them #Magic Meat Week or submit them straight to the blog! 

for a long time, i tried to fight who i am. i felt like i couldn’t be a guy because men “aren’t supposed to wear makeup” and men “shouldn’t wear feminine clothing.” i let other people dictate who i was as a person, and i felt miserable. i am a man. i am a man who looks hot as fuck in lipstick, a man who rocks his skinny jeans and dresses. there’s no right or wrong way to be a man. being who i am feels so fucking beautiful and i wish i allowed myself to be this free sooner.

When the label becomes too constricting, reject it.
Abandon it at sea. Burn every flag that bears its colors.
Divorce yourself from girlhood so completely
that you start to hate it. (Hate them: those women
who wear femininity like it fits them, who do not fear
their softness, who paint themselves in pretty pink.)
Wear the moniker ‘one of the boys’ and ignore the way
it chafes. Here, you will never be rejected
for not being sweet enough, but you will always
a strange and sexless thing.
So chase the opposite of all things girlish.
When you do not want them, make yourself want them.
In this wave of misogynistic teenage rebellion,
better to have and hate the boy things than
admit yourself woman.
When you’ve worn yourself thin from the fight,
pick your girlhood up. Brush the dust from it,
and watch the girlthings cling to your chest like
frightened children.
Forgive them.
God, forgive them.