feminine transitions


are you on synthetic estrogen (the pill)?

if so, do you experience:

thyroid issues(inability to lose or gain weight)
inability to consume alcohol
appetite loss
pain for seemingly no reason
generalized chronic illness symptoms?

if so, your E1(estrone) is probably wayyyy too fuckin high, due to a reaction to the synthetic estrogen

doctors say this affects 10% of trans femmes but it’s probably far more from the accounts i hear

if you feel this way or you plan on starting hrt with estrogen, please ask your endocrinologist/doctor to test your E1 AND E2 levels

you may need to switch to injectable estrogen

there aren’t many studies on how various forms of hrt affect people so please spread this around, y'all do not need to feel like this and it can be fixed

-Mod Virgil


• Be Tall

• Be  Muscular

• Wear “men’s” clothing

• Be tough

• Love Women

• Be Sexual

• Be Masculine

• Have a penis

• Have a beard

• Have a deep voice

• Dislike feminine things

- Kyle

Hormones: A Guide for FTM's
Everything you need to know about HRT for FTM's.

I have gotten a lot of questions recently about hormones and hrt, especially from FTM’s. I have an entire google doc dedicated to resources for you all so I’m linking the best guide I have.

I hope this helps.


Went out and got tons, TONS, of makeup for me and my beautiful love @survivorofunknown (who did my makeup cause she wanted to prove she can kick ass; WHICH she did!)


as someone with no gender and no connections to masculinity or femininity, my transition isn’t so much about medical things but rather about the personal act of growing - growing more and more into my true self.

happy trans day of visibility! don’t forget sylvia rivera and marsha p. brown, our heroes.

A Terf's Opinion On Transgenderism

Alright, since I’ve never clarified my actual opinion on transgenderism anywhere to anyone, I will do it here. Do not necessarily associate it with the whole radfem community, we aren’t a hivemind and clearly have different opinions on this matter.

Surely, I come off as harsh most of the time, but that’s mostly because people attack me. If you’re rude to me, of course I’m going to be rude back.

After all the death and rape threats that were sent to me, directly or indirectly, and other women that share my ideology, has made us turn more bitter, while I have never seen us send those. We might have, but I have never seen proof of it, except for some anons, but that isn’t proof.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

There are two sexes, male and female. The sole purpose of the existence of two sexes is reproduction.

Males have certain characteristics females don’t have, and vice versa.

Males are the ones who do the impregnating, females are the ones who give birth. It’s like this with nearly all mammals.

Male and female are not just used for us, but for animals as well. It’s for getting specific. Male humans are men, female humans are women. Male cows are bulls, female cows are just cows. Male sheep are rams, female sheep are ewes. Male horses are colts, female horses are mares.

Let’s not go too deep into other animal’s build and behaviour and stay with humans for now.

Men and women were made to be distinguished from eachother in a blink, so it’s easy to decide whether you can or cannot mate with the person.

To be able to see whether someone is biologically male or female, we have secondary sex characteristics. You have the obvious ones, like breasts, amount of hair growth, difference in hand size, and difference in foot size, fat distribution, but you also have less prominent ones which themselves seem to make a small difference, but combined with all the other characteristics, they make a bigger difference, like more prominent brow bones, a less square jaw, males mostly have an upperbody that’s just as big as their legs and women often have legs longer than their upperbody, pheronemones, and there’s way more. 1,500 sex differences have been found.

Internally, we’re also very different. Women have a certain reproduction system and men have a certain reproduction system.

All of this is relevant in sexual attraction and reproduction. This is, essentially, what you’re attracted to; if you don’t care about what your mate looks like, you are bisexual, since you’re into both of the sexes.

Intersex people have a medical condition, and depending on what condition they have/what other reproductive organs they have (if anyone who knows more about intersexism would like to add anything or correct what I’m saying here, feel free to), their sex can be found. Intersex people are a small percentage of the world and don’t make the sex binary less true.
(Note: I heard AMAB and AFAB were stolen from the intersex community. You can do better, guys. Just turn it back to male and female. I’ve seen even trans intersex people say they don’t want intersexism to have anything to do with transgenderism, or to be used as some sort of “gotcha”, because it really has nothing to do with it.)

And that is all that biological sex means. It naturally says nothing about your opinions or feelings or personality.

What does form you for a part, though, is socialisation. So, what toys you had to like as a kid which were gendered by your parents, or whether your mother told you “boys can’t cry”, and later on you find pornography and think it’s okay to call women sluts and beat them up in bed because you think they like it, or your parents tell you about clothes that are too short, you are being warned about rape and men being dangerous, you hear women being called sluts later in your life, all of that influences your actions.

However, this is not a result of being born a certain way. This is mass socialisation that has been happening since whenever men decided they were more important than women. They did this so they can have full access to our bodies, since we’re the ones who bear the children. Marriage was originally invented to give men free access to women’s vagina whenever they want.

This socialisation is called gender. It’s the method used to oppress all women that were born female.

All of this has already been said, but I haven’t specified anything about transgenderism yet.

Transgenderism is something I, like truscum, only see as a medical solution for certain people with sex dysphoria. If you have sex dysphoria, you can choose to transition, but there are other ways to battle sex dysphoria, which other people choose, so not everyone with sex dysphoria is trans, but ANYONE who is actually trans, has dysphoria. I wholeheartedly respect these people and wish them only luck and happiness to come, although I don’t believe they will ever be male or female, biologically.

However, I’m not so content with the other two brands of (trans)genderism, AKA:

1. equating female to femininity and equating male to masculinity;
2. anyone can call themselves anything they want and they are that. A woman is someone who identifies as a woman, a man is someone who identifies as a man, and there are endless possibilities. Only you can decide your gender and your gender is your true self. You may not assume anyone’s gender, you have to ask.

I hate both of these, but not equally.

The first one, although disgustingly regressive, is consistent, at the very least. It agrees with the conservative view; “males are masculine, females are feminine”. The only difference is that conservatives try to change feminine males into masculine males (and vice versa), and the trans community thinks you should transition feminine men to females (and vice versa).
Iran proves this to be true; homosexuals, often gender non-conforming, have to transition (AKA have their genitals mutilated against their will) to be made straight. Conservatives often prefer transgenderism over homosexuality (especially combined with gender non-conformity).

The second one is one that comes with many risks that people don’t seem to see. Imagine everyone calling themselves whatever they want, because they feel like it, take Daniëlle Muscato for instance. How do we point out male on female violence in the Third World? Do we say: “Maybe the people that mass rape those people identify as genderfluid and the people that are raped identify as non-binary?” Or even worse: “Maybe the people that mass rape those people identify as female and those people identify as male?”

This is why gender identity/liberal feminism isn’t doing anything to help the Third World. You fail to do classbased analysis and give yourself to the patriarchy, promote abuse in sex, promote pornography, promote legislation of prostitution (when most people harmed are girls and women of colour, and most trans people that are harmed at all are twoc in the sex industry), you promote beauty as something good rather than something irrelevant to you as a person, you promote calling rapists by their pronouns, you promote the greatest idiocy of this century.

And somehow, I’M evil? You guys will be the downfall of my people! Sex trafficking is HUGE in Morocco! Why can’t we say that males are the problem, illegalize sex work without punishing the women and punishing the men that partake instead, see that giving your body to prostitution because otherwise you’d live in poverty doesn’t mean you’re willing, and make some fucking progress? Can’t you guys see that most people who willingly do sex work are white/western people?

…Wow. That was long, but I had to say it. I haven’t even clarified everything. I hope this clears up at least some confusion.

anonymous asked:

Hiiiiii! What kinda stuff should a pre-transition trans-woman would you recommend should wear. To show I am without being too pushy.

Autumn says:

The important thing is wearing what makes you feel good and comfortable, which varies greatly for people. Some easy somewhat subtle feminine things include earrings, bracelets, necklaces (jewelry in general), scarves, and purses. Also, dyed hair, makeup, and certain hair styles can help a lot. Wearing a bra is also a good way to look more feminine.

Check out the clothing resource for more ideas!

If you’re born in a male body and you’re attracted to female bodies then that’s called heterosexuality and no amount of gender dysphoria, transition or feminine presentation will make it into anything else. There’s nothing gay about wanting to push your dick into a vagina.

Are you fundraising to pay for your transition?

Send us a link to your kickstarter, patreon, venmo, youcaring, or other crowdfunding site along with a short introduction about yourself, your medical transition goals, fundraising goals, and other needs and we’ll share them here as well as on our personal and fandom blogs. Feel free to submit any safe for work pictures but they are not required. If you already have a post in circulation, submit that to us.


Any transgender, non-binary, other gender, or intersex person who does not consider themself cis is welcome to submit.