feminine transitions


• Be Tall

• Be  Muscular

• Wear “men’s” clothing

• Be tough

• Love Women

• Be Sexual

• Be Masculine

• Have a penis

• Have a beard

• Have a deep voice

• Dislike feminine things

- Kyle


as someone with no gender and no connections to masculinity or femininity, my transition isn’t so much about medical things but rather about the personal act of growing - growing more and more into my true self.

happy trans day of visibility! don’t forget sylvia rivera and marsha p. brown, our heroes.

Hormones: A Guide for FTM's
Everything you need to know about HRT for FTM's.

I have gotten a lot of questions recently about hormones and hrt, especially from FTM’s. I have an entire google doc dedicated to resources for you all so I’m linking the best guide I have.

I hope this helps.


Went out and got tons, TONS, of makeup for me and my beautiful love @survivorofunknown (who did my makeup cause she wanted to prove she can kick ass; WHICH she did!)

Let’s end the stereotype that men can’t take care of their kids and their mothers need to do it

Let’s end the stereotype that literally all abusers/rapists are male

Let’s end the stereotype that women are all nagging housewives who gossip all the time

Let’s end the stereotype that a man can’t get abused because he’s a man

Let’s end the stereotype that women have to be curvy for men to like them

Let’s end the stereotype that men have to look a certain way to impress women

Let’s end the stereotype that trans women must look ultra feminine post transition

Let’s end stereotypes that generalise any gender

i cant believe i was right about my incel and cotton ceiling rhetoric because there /ARE/ overlaps between the two groups. i literally just read about some feminine dude who started transitioning because he couldn’t get women to like him as a man so he thought he’d have better luck as a woman?? and apparently it’s common advice to men who have feminine features and are incel to just transition since they failed as men and i just…wow i didn’t know what to do with this newfound revelation

I am actually okay with how I look right now as I know my face will become more feminine and my hair will grow much longer. Even though I don’t consider myself too beautiful, I guess I do look feminine by now so I won’t suffer from dysphoria much more, except in school where everyone knows about me. Also, I think that some cis people think being trans is about looking as beautiful as possible, which is not the fact. Being trans is not about posting selfies to make someone think you’re beautiful. In fact, it’s all about how the person feels. If they need appreciation, that’s alright. If they want to be perceived feminine, let them make pictures of themselves… I feel like many cis people consider this an exhibition thing, which it isn’t. A lot of lgbt people suffer from dysphoria and just want to feel valid. By now, I have learned that I should not care about the opinion of any person I don’t know who thinks I am “not a real girl” or “just a guy” or anything.
Like, all I want to say is that being trans is such a personal thing and it’s not all about looking good but about feeling so.


Heya, it’s your like 5th favorite latina skeleton.
My journey started only a few years ago, I was late to this whole trans thing compared to a lot of others. Even though I’m not even twenty years old, I learned that it’s never too late to transition. I’m starting consultantion to get hormones, I’m using the ladies room, and I’ve never felt happier.
I may not feel like a girl all the time, somedays I’m just a neutral human, hence Transfeminine instead of trans woman.
But there is no wrong way to be trans, if you wish to pursue who you are, give yourself the time and love you need.

My name is Giran, and Happy Trans day of Visibility