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I was at a theology of the body talk last night on femininity. The talk was mindblowing, empowering, and raw.

Listen if you have the time, and if you are a woman feeling dejected and insecure - make the time!


At the end of the talk, we were each given a card…. A litany of truth. Each women was given one to keep, and each man was to give his to a woman who needs it.

The card was doubled sided so I’ve typed it up onto a single sheet.

Read this litany, print this litany, share this litany.

Imagine if this was the first thing every woman read every day; what a different world we would live in.

also, i gotta say this: gender is not a social construct. it’s a biological reality. it’s the gender roles which are the social construct, and those can go to hell.

you can transition to the opposite gender if you’ve got dysphoria. you can identify as neither if you’ve got reason to. but no matter how you feel about it, gender itself is here to stay.

Women's March

Today I do not march for women, today I pray and hope. That future generations of women will be taught to see that our unique capacity for tenderness and empathy, which the world sees as weakness, will finally be seen as our unique strength, and the reason why we are the heart of humanity. That each of us will be seen as a gift, and not as a trophy to complete a nuclear family, or a less desirable child because of our sex. That we will be respected from conception until natural death. That our daughters will know that their education and how well they ‘compete in a man’s world’ is NOT The measure of their value, which is far beyond any utilitarian measurements. That women’s differences from men are embraced and appreciated. And that our bodies are respected as an extension and expression of our personhood, a gift that is ours to give and NOBODY’s prize to take or win.

Our value is beyond measure, and our resilience is incredible. Embrace the complexities and depth of your femininity, or your 'feminine genius’ as Pope St. John Paul II called it. There is no weakness in tenderness.

Our vocation is irreplaceable, and our confidence in that truth will be a light to women everywhere.


In case you missed it, check out our new video essay on Godard’s game-changing ‘60s films.

When a woman slows down

When a woman slows down.. she drops into the original Nature of her Womanhood. Lulled on the gentle waves of her inner waters, she finds her essence, her instincts, and she knows all that she needs to know.

In these hidden, quieter regions, she allows herself to grieve the ending of an aspect of herself and welcome the new beginning. In this place of deep knowing she realizes that within the frantic search for ‘perfection’ ..another search is taking place.

It is through this second, quieter quest,
that true Transformation occurs.

—  Sheryl Paul
Ru Paul Is Grosssssss

Ok so here’s how to make all women hate themselves in just a few easy steps:

1) Set up one group of women as completely undeserving of respect. Make them into the butt of jokes, ignore violence against them, etc. It’s best if all women know that being recognized as part of this group of women, or even mistaken for one, will likely lead to ridicule and possibly serious violence.

2) Make a fucking *game* out of trying to tell whether any given woman is in the “bad” group. Bonus points if you reduce women to disjointed collections of body parts in the process.

3)Remember to use the most dehumanizing slurs you can think of when classifying women into the “bad” group, just to remind EVERYONE what the stakes are!

3) Make sure that the game is *hard*. This may seem counterintuitive since you’d think that mistaking women in the “good” group for women in the “bad” group would only serve to help remind people how arbitrary and nonsensical these groups are. After all, bodies come in a range of shapes and sizes and that’s fine, right?

WRONG! Your goal is to make EVERYONE feel insecure and vulnerable! Just setting up a single tiny group for shame and ridicule doesn’t help much, unless you simultaneously remind everyone else that they could get MISTAKEN for, or even COMPARED to, a member of that group. Remember, the goal is to make ALL women realize that they’re just a collection of body parts and that they should feel really REALLY bad if their body parts aren’t “feminine” enough!

Ru Paul, who hates women so much that he’s made a nationally syndicated TV show dedicated to making fun of them, has got this DOWN. I’m talking about his recent show in which he had contestants look at pictures of disembodied body parts of both cis women and drag queens (who in turn were conflated with trans women) and have the contestants determine whether the body part they were looking at belonged to a “female” or “sh****e”. And to make it interesting, he made sure that the cis women included people who had “masculine” features like larger muscles and broader frames than average. THIS SERIOUSLY ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

So first off I have to say that if ANYONE did this sort of thing to any of my trans friends, I would probably be breaking things right now. I just… I just can’t.

But it’s a good example of how transmisogyny is actually a part of overall misogyny. The “funny” part wasn’t when people correctly identified someone as a man in drag (which was then conflated with being trans), it was when someone *mistook a cis woman* for a “man.” Because if being a “man dressed like a woman” is the worst thing to be, then the best way to insult someone is to *call them a man in drag*!

Hey ladies, are you thinking of lifting weights so that you can avoid osteoporosis and maybe even have some capacity for self-defense? Thinking of pursuing a career in professional athletics? Thinking about rocking a natural look instead of fretting about your eyebrows? FORGET ABOUT IT! Because if you do, someone might call you a “sh****e” and you wouldn’t want that!

It is super disappointing to me that tons of feminists aren’t going to complain about this, because it “only” goes after trans women. As if trans women weren’t important enough to care about. As if this doesn’t degrade ALL women and police ALL of our bodies. I am ANGRY.

TOB: Priests, mothers, brides and grooms

I’m sorry but this post of an ordination of a woman priest in the Catholic tag is just repulsive to my senses.

Women have no business being a priest. It has nothing to do with equality or women’s rights and has everything to do with Christ being our bridegroom.

Genevieve Kineke, author of The Authentic Catholic Woman explains:

“Theology of the Body shows us that there is a nuptial backdrop to the universe and that life is created spiritually and physically when the bride and bridegroom unite in a complete gift of self. Thus, the priest (bridegroom, an icon of The Bridegroom) is espoused to Holy Mother Church (the Spotless Bride), offering the semina (word of God) in order that she nourish her children. If there is a woman priest, there will be a same-sex union, which will be sterile. Them’s the facts.”

Women and men have been been designed and crafted by God with unique and different gifts, to build up his kingdom in complementary ways. 

Women have the awesome task and responsibility to live out a spiritual motherhood, described by St. Edith Stein who said “the  world doesn’t need what women have, it needs what women are.”

The feminine genius (described by St. John Paul II) 
asks a woman to be a sanctuary, 
a “walking, living, breathing icon of the Church.”

With such a calling before us, why would we desire to usurp a man’s role?

anonymous asked:

What do you think about other points that have been made about d/sus? "Paul's personality is erased to fit the ship". (I have noticed sometimes it is erased in order to fit a heteronormative mindset that needs to establish a "woman" and a "man". Nothing wrong with femininity but Paul isn't feminine.) "It is a ship about worshipping Daryl". (I have seen the majority of the talk revolve around Paul making Daryl feel good. Daryl making Paul feel good isn't discussed as much for whatever reason.)

While I completely understand the concerns here, I don’t think the ship is guilty of doing either of these things—at least not consciously or in a coordinated effort. I’m sure there could be a few outliers who have done so in the past, but as a whole I haven’t seen anyone blatantly disregarding Paul’s personality or his perspective in the relationship. I do understand why it may seem that way, though. This is simply because a) Paul hasn’t had that much screentime and b) we know Daryl far more intimately than we do Paul.

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