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My mum told me today that if you’re a transboy you can’t wear makeup or paint your nails or dress in a feminine way so please reblog if you disagree i want to show her how many do.

Let boys wear makeup
Let boys wear nail polish
Let boys wear dresses
Let boys wear pink
Let boys be feminine

But don’t question boys masculinity
Don’t question boys gender identity
Don’t question boys sexual interests

Just let boys wear what they want
Let boys like whoever they want
Let boys be whoever they want

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You said its much more interesting to have a character try to fit into their role and fail then a princess character who automatically rebels. Can you tell me more about it and what makes it interesting? I really like your insight when it comes to stories and fairytales.

Ah! Thank you! Well, I really dislike the ‘Rebellious Princess’ narrative for three reasons, and I’ll just go into them below before talking about more interesting approaches

  1. It’s Classist

This is the most obvious issue. Your hero is a rebel princess, born into a life of status and privilege. She is the 1%.

You remember this comic making its rounds on social media? 

Your rebel Princess is Richard.

Every time the Princess laments that she’s trapped by her own wealth and status, she ignores the fact that her problems are minute and petty in the grander narrative. Princesses are inherently privileged, and it’s ignorant to ignore their own wealth in favour of chasing some bohemian ‘freedom’. 

We get it, kiddo. You hate needlework and you don’t want to be Queen. But your kingdom is in the middle ages, people eat dirt and no one is happy. The Princess might yearn for some vague concept of ‘something more’, but that’s myopic and selfish when her people yearn for electricity and proper sanitation. 

I have extreme difficulty enjoying Star vs the Forces of Evil.

2. It pits the hero against other women to make her rebellion look good. 

So you have your Princess who rejects the institution of traditional femininity. All well and good. But in order for her to be rebellious, there must be an institution in the first place for her to reject.

Enter The Institution. Call her St Olga’s Reform School for Wayward Princesses, call her Prudence, or Marina Del Rey. No matter what she looks or acts like, you know you’ve seen her before. She’s prudish, traditionally feminine, tough as nails, and probably sews her own ballgowns on her weekends off. 

She is a perfectly good woman in any other sense, but since she’s everything your princess doesn’t want to be, conflict has to arise from the princess fighting her and her ideals. 

And of course, the princess will win, because traditional femininity is evil. 

Oh, Prudence, you deserved so much more than the Disney Sequel you got.

In a feminist world there’s nothing wrong with fighting old ideas of what women should act like - but in a postmodern feminist world, one must be aware that some women willingly are quite happy to be traditionally feminine, and some don’t have the luxury of choice to pick whatever kind of femininity they embody.

Pitting the ‘feminist’ rebel princess against traditionally feminine women is a microaggression in itself: we have never needed to sell men an empowerment narrative by pitting men against each other, so why start here? Also note that Disney is extremely fond of this, especially in marketing Frozen and its reboot movies by saying it’s better than ‘classic princess’ movies because ‘classic princesses’ needed men:

“That’s a bit different from the animation, I think, it’s not about Cinderella just being rescued by a man.”  

3. It’s a White-Feminist narrative. 

Oh GOD is it a White-Feminist narrative!

I said before that some woman don’t have the luxury to be rebel princesses, and some willingly want to be traditionally femme. This is especially so in POC cultures. 

In Chinese culture, the concept of filial piety is a very important one: to be dutiful and respectful to your parents, and placing your family’s honour and their values above your own. 

Mulan does not have the luxury of ‘rebellion’. Rebellion would dishonour her family, rebellion would shame her parents. Mulan’s entire character arc exists to teach her to balance her parent’s needs with her own, and it ends with her bestowing her war prizes to her father - at the height of her own glory she doesn’t forget where she came from - and it’s the greatest show of honour she could possibly give.

To turn Mulan into a rebel princess would be to undermine everything her culture and the folklore surrounding her represents. A lot of these themes are repeated in Moana - how much of yourself do you give up to make your parents happy? What is the true meaning of tradition? When you exist for other people can you still know who you are? 

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Moana is great. Watch it. 

Making White Feminist statements like ‘my princesses isn’t like a classic princess! she feminist and doesnt need to listen to anyone!’ does a massive disservice to other cultures who have to balance force of will with filial piety. 

So, about those Interesting Narratives…

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Pans Labyrinth (2006) is thematically about ‘rebellion’ - it’s set in the Spanish Civil War and half of its narrative is about fighting a military dictatorship. It’s other half is about Ofelia (a fairy changeling), who is given instructions so that she can return to the magical world. Ofelia proceeds to mess all of them up: she eats from a magical table when she’s told to take no food, she refuses to kill an infant to open a gate to her homeworld. While excited to be a princess, Ofelia struggles to cope with the morally dubious or downright strange demands she’s presented with. Her rebellion isn’t a girl with a weapon in her hand: it’s a girl who legitimately wants to be a princess but isn’t cruel enough to do what it takes to get there.  

I wanted to give others - and they are plenty - but this post has gone on long enough. ;w; Do come back to me if you want to know more, anon! I’m overjoyed to be able to talk about this!

A Boy’s Guide to Puberty (TG/AP)

Blake and Nick were hanging out afterschool at Nick’s place. The two boys were both hitting the beginning of puberty and had begun to look at girls in a different way. All of the other boys in school were already talking about making out and having sex with the various girls in school, but the two boys could only pretend to know what they were talking about. Desperate to fit in with the other boys, the two kids decided to look up some information on Blake’s laptop. While he was searching the web, Blake came upon a strange website that billed itself as “A Boy’s Guide to Puberty” though the only thing on the webpage was a download link for a suspicious file.

              “Don’t be a pussy,” Nick said. “You have antivirus on your laptop, right? What’s the worst that could happen?”

              “Fine,” Blake replied as he clicked the file. His computer screen suddenly flashed white before turning off. Blake was a bit stunned by the bright flash, but as his vision came back he noticed that his computer wouldn’t turn on again. “What the hell…” he moaned. He set the laptop down and turned towards Nick. “Dude, I don’t feel so good…” he said weakly as his friend stared at him. He stood up and was about to go to the bathroom, but was thrown off balance when he suddenly grew about six inches taller. Before either of the boys could react, Blake screamed in pain as his frame grew outward. Nick flinched as he heard Blake’s skeleton pop and snap as his shoulders and hips widened. “Help!” Blake yelled as he reached for his friend, but as he extended his arm he felt more pops in his joints. His arms elongated as his fingers became long and feminine. Nail polish appeared on his nails as they grew outwards and manicured, but as Blake stared at his new hands he began to notice how familiar they looked.

              “What’s happening to you?!” Nick shouted at his friend.

              “I don’t kno- oooooohhhhhh,” Blake moaned as his chest began to tingle. The two boys looked at Blake’s chest as two mounds of flesh began to grow beneath his already tearing shirt. Blake’s growing nipples began to peak through the tears of his shirt, and as they were exposed to the cool air they began to harden. Blake tried to cover them up in shock, but Nick was reluctantly growing excited. “Don’t fucking stare at me; help me!” Blake shouted in a surprisingly mature voice. He coughed and tried to clear his throat, but when he spoke again he heard how sultry and feminine he now sounded. He looked down at his new breasts and exposed cleavage, but as he moved his head downwards he noticed strands of hair beginning to enter his view. He felt his growing hair tickle his neck and back as it grew down to his waist. Taking a strand of hair in his hand, he noticed that it was the same color as his mother’s. Come to think of it, his voice sounded disturbingly like his mother’s as well. It suddenly began to click for Blake, and the realization only made him more horrified.

              “I’m sorry, Blake. I didn’t think anything would actually happen!” Nick yelled.

              “What’re you talking about?” Blake asked, feeling betrayed by his best friend. “You did this? Why would you – ahh!” Blake cut himself off as he felt another sensation coming from his abdomen. His torn shirt revealed a hardening midriff that shifted inwards, giving him an even more pronounced hourglass figure. He moaned sensually as his groin was suddenly assaulted with pleasure. He felt his member beginning to slip inside him, retracting between two sensitive lips between his legs. The pleasure continued to grow as his member rubbed his tingling clitoris, eventually leaving him with a mature, wet pussy beneath his pants. Nick looked at his friend and tried to fight his own arousal, but he couldn’t help but be turned on by the moaning, maturing woman that Blake was rapidly becoming.

              “I found that file a while ago, but I was too scared to open it. I read somewhere online that whoever opens it will learn about puberty on a personal level, so I tricked you into opening it and was hoping that you could just tell me what you learned. I don’t know why you’re becoming your mother, unless…unless she was planning on giving you the puberty talk today!”

              “You think that…unf,” Blake tried to say between heavy breaths, “you think that makes this any better? You tricked me into becoming this!” he said as he pointed at his changing body. Nick stared at his friend’s legs as they grew thick and sexy. “I thought we were friends…” Blake moaned as his face began to shift. “You’re in- ugh” Blake struggled to speak as his skull cracked and shifted, becoming an exact replica of his mother’s. “You’re in big trouble…” he moaned. It was getting harder for Blake to think. The longer he stared at Nick, the less he seemed to know about him. Memories of teasing guys all through school began to flood his mind. He remembered wearing low-cut shirts to school that would drive all the boys crazy. He remembered learning about puberty in sex-ed. He remembered wearing skirts far too short in order to show off his sexy ass.

              With that thought, he felt his butt begin to inflate. Feeling the pressure his ass was putting on his pants, he tore his pants off and spread his legs wide open, reveling in the freedom of exposing himself to the young boy staring agape at him. Nick stood speechless as Blake revealed just how much his body had changed. Blake smirked wickedly at the boy as his torn shirt morphed into a loose sweater, barely covering his breasts. Blake sensually pulled down the sweater, slowly revealing his breasts to Nick as if he were teasing him.

              Nick, unsure if he was even talking to Blake anymore, just stared. Blake’s eyes widened as another surge of pleasure coursed through his mind. In that moment, reality was rewritten, and Blake had become his own mother, Bailey. Her mind began to calm as she embraced her new surroundings. She stared at the little boy ogling her and pulled him closer to her. “Silly boy,” Blake said in a smoky, alluring tone. “You want to know what it’s like to touch a woman?”

              “Y-yes, ma’am,” Nick said nervously, realizing that Blake was now this beautiful, mature specimen. Bailey pulled Nick’s head close to her mouth and whispered,

              “You’re a naughty boy. I’ve seen you looking at me whenever you come over to play with Blake.” Bailey pulled away and admired her handiwork. Her whispers send chills down Nick’s spine. She grabbed one of Nick’s hands and put it on her breast. The feeling sent pleasure coursing through her horny body, and she smirked as Nick’s jaw dropped. “Oh, child,” she moaned, “you have so much to learn…”  

🕯Witch tips for nail polish🔮

Nail polish can be used in glamours! Pick a specific color or colors as you would for candle magick. Here are some more ideas!
•white tips: stylish & professional look
•clear coat of polish: neat & modest
•square shaped nails: professional look, also a strong one
•round nails: softer look
•sharply pointed nails: boost confidence & attract attention
•space magic
•to attract attention
•for wealth
•good for motivation & creativity
💎Studs & diamanté
•for prosperity & luck
•to attraction attention
•for confidence
👛Matte colors
•can be used to attract
•or to remove unwanted attention
•calming effect
•roses for self love or romance
•flowers and/or butterflies (since it’s spring)
•uplifting effect
•for certain fruit or flower stickers, look up what those things normally symbolize in witchcraft, if you’d like.

•while short nails are typically seen as masculine & long nails as feminine, I leave this up to individuals to decide how or whether they want to give meaning to it or not.


anonymous asked:

What does the gender bread mean in his new header do you think?

i love it. it means that amongst the various things dan wants to leave squarely in his past is his reductive understanding of the gender binary and gender roles (or “rolls” … hence the bread). lately we’ve seen him live that understanding himself through his acceptance of various forms of self-expression that might be typecast as traditionally feminine, including painting his nails with glitter, wearing shirts w longer, more flowy silhouettes, embracing rhinestones and flowers and pink, etc. obviously this has little to do with the videos he makes but i take it to mean that part of why he feels the danisnotonfire name doesn’t represent him anymore is that reductive and harmful stereotypes, not just about gender itself, but about gendered issues in general, about race, about sexuality, and more, played a large part of the humor of his older videos (see my previous ask for more on that). it’s lovely to see such visual affirmation that he views that humor and that limited knowledge of social issues as part of an era that is definitively over 

ok im not done w my hot takes on this: i also realized that a lot of the white girls i know at school who do self-identify as “sluts” attempt to (ugh i hate this term) but “appropriate” certain aesthetics that are associated w black and latina femininity? acrylic nails, large hoop earrings, over-lined lips, etc.? i think that the whole “skinny white art girl but a sexy slut” thing is only able to be performed if she attempts to make herself into a sexual and fetishized “other”, only really achievable thru her attempts in approximating herself to black or brownness? hmm 🤔


Artifical Nails for TS4!


💛 カテゴリー ↬ 指輪(人差し指)
💛 年齢 ↬ ティーン以上
💛 性別 ↬ 男性・女性
💛 オネエ様やボーイッシュ女子だとちょっぴりズレます。
💛 体型はもとの性別のまま,女装や男装をするだけなら大丈夫です。
💛 不具合がございましたらお知らせくださいませ。

💛 Ring category (Left index finger)
💛 Teen,YoungAdult,Adult,Elder
💛 Male,Female
💛 You can use these nails for Feminine Male or Masculine Female,
     but they will be out of place.

Please don’t re-upload or re-edit my CC.

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Thank you all CC creators.
Have fun!