feminine muscle

i want more fucking ripped girl characters 

not “tall girl with big tiddies and thighs and couple of vague lines on her skinny arms to show bicep” or “tall girls with uwu ~acrobatic muscles~ who look like they weigh 90 lbs and have concave stomachs” 

Im talking 6+ foot girls with bull shoulders and big waists and hips. Im talking about “non-feminine" muscles that make big necks and “masculine” hands. Im talking about muscles in the midriff besides the front of the abs -even if that means you cant have an itty bitty waist to show off the massive ZZ tits that you were gonna draw on because you’re to scared to draw girls with chest muscles!! give me girls who take up space and intimidate everyone around them without being overly cutesy or “sexy” as if you gotta make up for it somehow!!!

Draw more muscular girls you cowards!!

Dear Artists-

I love you so much, you work hard to create beautiful things, but I have a question, (or maybe it’s a request.) Why are there never drawings of girls with broad shoulders? Not the super buff ones, or the really tall ones, but broad. Where are the drawings of girls posed showing off how wide their shoulders are (like we frequently do with drawings and pictures of guys) girls with short hair, looking over their shoulder, showing off a thick arm. Girls with long hair, stretching out and making their top half look even broader. 

Where is the art of girls with top halves that scream masculine, and the bottom halves that are curved and feminine? The girls with muscle filled arms and shoulders, with collar bones showing with every move, but with chubby legs, a cute little puff of a tummy. 

Where is the art of girls that don’t fit the mold? With androgynous bodies that don’t fit into the basic body shapes of apple, pear, square, or hourglass. I want to see drawings of girls whose arms are a little too long, feet a little too big. I want to see art of the girls like me, 5′4 with a size 2 waist and shoulder so broad that I have to wear men’s shirts, with hips all in turned and set too high, with boobs a little too big and hands too small, with huge feet but tiny calves. 

Where is the art of the girls with small shoulders and waists and hips, but thick legs toned from being active. With muscular legs but no abs and no arm muscle.

The disproportionate girls, the androgynous bodies, the ones that don’t fit the molds of normal, the girls whose sleeves are always too short, but pant legs too long, who squeeze their thighs into their skinny jeans but constantly tug the waistbands up, the small chested girls who have amazing figures. 

I love you artists, I just want to see more art of the girls like me, and more than what I listed above. You guys are amazing, thank you.

(And to the girls who are like me, it’s okay, I know, clothes are hard to find and we will always feel a little disproportionate, it’s okay.)

Donut body type HC

He’s got them curves
He got those muscle and feminine but kinda big hands.

So I love all kinds of Donut body types, but personally I like to think he’s pretty muscular in a lean away; they’re visible, but not bulky. His hips and thighs aren’t particularly rock hard, in fact, they’re pretty squishy and soft.

He takes such good care of his skin he practically gloooowwsss.
Long baths, nice lotions, face scrubs; he lives for that stuff. Not only does it make him feel great it also helps get his mind off things that might’ve upset him or just release tension.

He has soft hair that somehow never messes up- but if it does, no one will ever ever ever see it. Does he paint his nails? Yes. Why? His moms taught him. Painting his nails gives him a little nostalgia and just makes him happy. Does he have abs? Yee. Only a little bit, though. He doesn’t really work out for strength (lifting weights, squats, sit ups, ect), but as said in canon he does yoga, aerobics and zumba a lot. He still squish though and his awesome.

He’s a little pale, but has that hint of a farmer’s tan. I imagine he doesn’t get a whole lot of sunlight through his armour-
His scars are extremely visible, however; even ones he got years ago. He hates it and tries to cover the worst of them up.

He also totally has a hearing aid.