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Where can I find cute makeup storage? Like on the vanity? Something more unique/not ikea.

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You could get creative and use items that are normally for desk organization or bathroom organization! You could use marble toothbrush holders or small vases for brushes, marble or gold trays for display. 

Stores like Anthropologie have really classy and feminine home decor items for all your beauty stuff! Check out their gold and marble collection here.

Items like this Target Nate Berkus Letter Holder can be used for makeup palettes and the Nate Berkus Pencil Holder can be used for brushes or eyeliners/mascara. 

Also from Target, a white and gold desktop storage unit that could display products.

A cool idea could be makeup palettes stacked together/held together by cute book ends! These marble ones are from CB2.

You could display makeup on serving trays! The rose gold one below is from Target and you could find marble trays for cheap at places like HomeGoods or Target like this one here.


GRIMM | 5.03

Isn’t it the baby that’s supposed to keep the parents awake?

Kelly’s got a lot less to worry about.

For now at least.

13.4.17// Easter holidays. I´m back home and I´ve been very busy, enjoying my time with friends and family. I also attended a seminar with my prof. on a contemporary german author, Ulf Stolterfoth. We are meeting and interviewing him in May and I´m annotating his poetry and thinking of some smart questions for the interview. In the meantime, I´m also collecting more material on Elena Ferrante and écriture féminine for my next paper and I’m going to read Virginia Wolf’s “a Room of one own”. 

A wife who is happy with her life as a homemaker must always be appreciative of her husband’s workplace efforts, which make this life possible. There can be no doubt that what her husband does all day is of great worth since it supports their family.
—  Carolyn Graglia, “Domestic Tranquility: A Brief Against Feminism,” pg. 92

Afternoon Tea ~ Feminine Charm & Prettiness ✿⊱╮

Unfortunately, we see these principles violated in modern life. Women have invaded the man’s world. We have a generation of working mothers, competing with men for greater achievement, the more honored positions, or a bigger paycheck.

At home it is almost as bad. The woman takes control and tries to run things her way. Disappearing is the trusting wife who looked to her husband for strong guidance, a solid arm to lean on. The masculine arm may be there, but she is not leaning on it. She does many of the masculine chores herself. The independence of women is making masculine care and protection unnecessary, and this is a loss to both of them.

As the man is deprived of his masculine function he feels less needed and therefore less masculine. As the woman assumes masculine burdens she takes on male characteristics, to fit the job. This means a loss of femininity, a loss of gentleness. The male responsibility adds strain to her life, more tension and worry. This results in a loss of serenity, a quality very valuable if she is to succeed in the home. And when she spends her time and energy doing the man’s work, she neglects important functions in her own role. This results in losses to the entire family.

—  Helen Andelin, “Fascinating Womanhood,” pg. 103

To further succeed, [learn the feminine arts and skills]. Learn to cook, clean, and manage a household. Learn the womanly art of thrift and how to rear children. Forget about yourself and devote yourself to the welfare and happiness of your family.

-Helen Andelin, “Fascinating Womanhood,” pg. 102

Painting: “The Young Housewife” (1875)
By: François Bonvin (French, 1817-1887)