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It kinda pisses me off this whole heteronormative thing, I don't think there's nothing wrong with the way you draw your characters, there's nothing wrong with 'feminine' gay guys, yes it can be kind of stereotypical but that doesn't mean it's heteronormative, I don't know, making your characters slim and make them wear pretty clothes don't make them the 'woman of the relationship' cuz they are f gay lol. You should keep drawing them the way you enjoy doing it.

thank you

I guess like going to pride… I’m really thankful for the visibly gay people. the feminine gay guys with the “gay accent.” the butch lesbians who wear men’s clothes. The people with rainbow dyed hair, with half of their head shaved, with LGBT+ tattoos, with tons of piercings. I know it’s pride so everyone gays themselves up a little bit but visibly gay people take a lot of shit. Not that gay people who aren’t immediately clocked by straight people don’t (because they do) but I’m thankful for the gay people who maybe do fit the stereotype. If you are being true to who you are, it doesn’t matter whether you fit a stereotype or not. Having the courage to cut off all your hair, buzz one side of your head, buy men’s clothing, or whatever else knowing that straight people will use who you are against you, will throw your truth at you like stones, means a lot to me.

So to the visibly gay people: thank you. I appreciate you so much <3

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Hi! Just curious, when would you say the moment Isak was self-aware of the fact that he liked boys? Do you think it was before s3, or do you think he was still a little in denial then? Just curious because I wondered if he was aware of the crush he had on Jonas in S1, but then in S3 he was still saying "I'm not gay" until like ep7. Just wondering what your thoughts were haha! Your analyses are always so well written omg

hiya anon! oh my what a wonderful question, and i’m so flattered that you like my thoughts so much, haha! i do love meta-ing skam and i’m glad you like them too 🌺. 

so, the question is: when did isak know he liked boys, and why did he have troubles saying he’s gay? an intricate question, that s1-3 (and 4, to an extent) do answer in a very subtle way. i’m actually pretty certain isak already knew that he didn’t like girls and he did like boys very early on, maybe even before we got to know him. because, i think, the trouble was never that he falls in love with boys – he did, kind of knowingly, sabotage the relationship between jonas and eva, and i think isak’s crush on jonas grew during the time when his father moved out and his mother had a nervous breakdown. jonas was the one who stayed with him, in his house, and i think jonas was the only one who truly knew what was going on in his homelife - so that’s a pretty deep emotional connection that he hasn’t got with anyone else at that point. and if you really take notes: isak only send that message about eva and chris to the hookup-account bc he was drunk, and i’m quite certain it was around the time that his parents were not in a good spot. so, i think isak was quite aware that he was crushing on jonas (and it’s understandable why)  but his emotions were all over the place with his parents + isak’s phone was filled with finding other gay men in oslo (and like..  gay porn). he’s clearly aware that he’s of the ~homosexual persuasion~. (there’s also the fact that he apparently did have a grindr account before bc he signs up pretty quickly in s3? but i’m not sure how that works, haha)

so, what’s the problem then? isak had a deep-seated, internalised homophobia issue, meaning that his perception of what a gay man is and what being gay meant, was a very negatively stereotyped version that he himself is not.  his friends (and enemies, in the case of Elias in s1) continuously use the word gay as a derogatory word, a word they use to curse someone out, as if being gay is something bad (or very feminine; weak). When Elias uses that word in a derogatory sense towards isak, jonas tells isak that he needs to lighten up bc it’s a joke. later on, jonas tells isak that his musical taste is gay. in s3, before he comes out, mahdi calls him gay as a slur too. to his friends, it’s a way to say something is bad or stupid – in isak’s ears, that translates to: being gay is bad and it means you’re weak and stupid.  and that’s what he doesn’t want to be seen as (an extra note, that may be lost on a lot of people, is that isak says that he watches narcos a lot in s3 - i recently watched it, and i was very struck by the use of the f-word in that series, especially in s1. it’s about drug lords in the 70s-90s in a very patriarchal society. imagine 16/17 year old isak watching that.) 

but the slurs aren’t the only thing: it’s that isak felt unable to identify with the “gay man” that’s been represented in media quite often - the outspoken “feminine” gay person, who’s unabashedly gay and doesn’t shy away from using traditionally female clothing or products (tights and mascara, as isak himself says). he’s personally not like the gay man that he even knows up close; eskild. this is also what you see in his answers to the gay test he does; the questions are focused on a person with more “feminine/stereotypical” tastes, but isak isn’t – so the questions like “how much did you spent on your last haircut?” don’t really resonate with him bc he’s not really concerned with his appearance most of the time. and, an interesting moment; when he hesitates on which past event he would like to go to - he hesitates, bc he wants to answer moulin rouge, but in the end.. he chooses the woodstock festival bc that seems more safe to him, less stereotypical. isak is quite aware of the implications of his answers. moreover; his mother is quite religious and most of the homophobic laws we’ve had over the past decades, if not centuries were because of religious objections on the matter. he’s scared of what his mother will think of him when he tells her he’s in love with a boy, and it’s not until sana tells him that “religious objections” are not based on religion but on fear, that he feels like he is able to tell his mother.

in s3, he’s quite simply afraid to call himself gay bc he feels that the perceptions he has of “gay people” are the same that everyone else has of gay people, and as such, that he will be ostracised and seen as somebody different just because he’s interested in boys instead of girls. in that moment with magnus and mahdi, he’s quick to say that he doesn’t like every boy i see, bc there’s that awful “perception” of homosexual people being predators (on children, or fellow guys). which is bullcrap, but he feels the need to say it and that is so hurtful. as he says in the clip with eskild, he’s not gay gay, meaning i’m not that stereotypical idea of a gay person - i just like boys. (that clip  - pride - is quintessential on understanding where isak’s head at and he gets put in his place regarding these ideas of these ‘feminine’ gay guys “ruining everything for ‘other’ gay men”). and interesting too: isak never wants to say he’s gay in s3, but he makes it known that he likes boys by making his thing with even the focus. “it’s not a girl, it’s that guy that’s in vilde’s group”/”that guy that day when we watched the dance chicks, who gave me my snapback” - his attraction to even is the focus here, not necessarily his sexuality. he never calls even his boyfriend out loud, except in writing to his parents bc he needs to: they don’t know even as a person. the internalised homophobia is so deep-seated he has difficulties/is awkward in admitting throughout the season that boys are attractive, or that even his boyfriend is a very handsome guy.  but that’s where we leave isak in s3: he’s finally able to say that he finds even, a guy, a man, very handsome. 

so that’s where we leave him in s3. and throughout december until june, isak’s perception of mlm people has changed so much so that he’s able to call himself gay youth and gay guy in his conversation with sana. he sees that his perception of mlm people was unfair to both himself and the people who are ‘like that’. he just has a different experience, that’s all, and that’s valid too. his knowledge about sexuality and comfort with himself has grown so exceptionally quick that he’s able to do something that he must’ve certainly not see himself do even a year ago.

he wishes everyone, on instagram, with a picture of his boyfriend kissing his cheek, a: god pride mnd peeps 🏳️‍🌈💗💛💙 

and that is why isak valtersen’s development into a fairly confident gay man is so different from coming out storylines on other series. it focused on his internalised homophobia, not on him being freaked out bc he realised he liked boys. it’s unique for coming out storylines. 

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There Must Be Something in the Water

Second photo credit to malemuscularbodyswap

Joe was a feminine, twinky gay guy. The way he walked, and talked, and the pink shorts he wore to the beach were pretty much definition of what people think of as “gay.” Joe pleaded his friends to go into the water with them, but they were too busy sunbathing. He was getting hot and sweaty and needed to cool off in the water so he went in without them. The water was the perfect temperature. He felt much better as he bathed himself in ocean water. 

All of a sudden, Joe felt the pull of an undercurrent. It was so ferocious that it felt as if someone had just pulled him under. He couldn’t break free. He was trapped underwater. Joe felt the current wrap around him as if it were alive. His right arm began to get hot. A glowing blue tattoo was forming that went from his bicep to his shoulder down to his chest. His body was beginning to expand. His arms were getting huge. His twinky torso was becoming that of a bodybuilder. He grew facial hair where there was none before. Even his pink swimming trunks changed to white trunks with blue flowers. Joe was screaming in the water letting out large amounts of air. He felt as though he was drowning. The transformation was complete. The rip current let go of Joe and he emerged from the water with a giant inhale. 

Joe didn’t know what happened. He looked at his arms from side to side and felt powerful. A rush of testosterone ran through him like never before. 

“Holy Shit.” he said with his now much deeper and masculine voice. 

He walked out the water with a powerful and commanding composure toward his friends. 

His friends looked up to see a hunk walking toward them. 

“What are you looking at?” 

They quickly looked away. 

“Just kidding guys. It’s me. Joe.” 

“Joe?! What the fuck happened to you?”

“I don’t know. There must be something in the water.” 

Joe shot them a grin and flexed his now enormous bicep. 

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I'm really glad you're saying this shit about mlm ships tbh as a gay guy the number of people on this website obsessed with seeing (especially feminine) mlm in pain and being tortured and being abused is terrifying and fucking disgusting. when I was a Young Gay seeing all this fanart of feminine gay guys getting the shit beat out of them with captions like "look at this pretty boy uwu" Really fucked me up and caused me to internalize a lot of shit

its fucking terrible! and i was in the same spot! like you log on and its so easy to find people reblogging pics of ‘feminine’ gay men beaten up and bloody often drawn in sexual situations or poses and people go fucking wild over it! like UWU my pretty boy!!!! ugh all this SIN !!!!! 

and like. why???????? why is this how you to portray mlm? why is it that people will only accept gay people when they can feel sad for them? i fucking hate it. and i hate even more than 90% of this shit is drawn by people who are not mlm. as if we didn’t have enough problem with females on this website fetishizing mlm relationships, we don’t need people to fetishize our fucking sadness and pain too.

i really don’t get why so many people think/are calling hansol gay,, as a somewhat feminine gay guy myself, i don’t really see anything ~stereotypically~ gay about him.

he likes singing; loads of straight people like singing.
he’s a dancer; all kinds of people are dancers.
he shows affection towards his (male) friends; every decent person does.

these things make him human, not gay.