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I thought some of you might like to see the makeover process from my recent visit to BWBG, thanks to Cindy for executing my requested makeup look perfectly! also along with these images I have recieved all of the photoshoot images and I’m going to start sorting through them today and will start uploading within the next few days <3

anonymous asked:

Hi. So I am afab and I have always ID-ed as a girl and had a fairly feminine gender expression, but the past few months I've been wondering if that fully describes me. Idk if I am fem-aligned NB or just a cis girl tired of gender roles but I took a look at the gender Masterlist and 1/2 was wondering if you could elaborate a little on the differences b/n: NB girl, Demigirl, femfluid, femgender , juxera as well as apconsugender (isn't that the same as questioning?) and genderwitched?

I just reblogged this list of feminine and masculine genders that include some of those. Apconsugender is described as knowing what your gender isn’t, but not having the ability to determine what it actually is. Genderwitched is described as feeling drawn to a certain gender, and liking the idea of that gender, but not being sure if you actually experience that gender. For example, if you kinda feel like it might be cool to be a guy, but you’re not sure that you actually are, that could be described as genderwitched. It seems kind of similar to apconsugender in the sense that they both imply the individual doesn’t quite know how they identify. This gender master list may also help you out a bit. Remember that labels can mean different things for different people. It’s okay to use a label and have a slightly different take on it. Your gender doesn’t have to fit any definition perfectly. 

- Abby

Your body is the most natural and beautiful thing you can own. I’m attempting to be more brave in sharing my opinions, and I welcome any and all comments/discussion. I never post uncensored photos on social media, but I am always very vocal about my feelings regarding nudity in general. Nudity is often misconstrued as being synonymous with vulgarity. The physical form in it’s natural state is typically censored because society has been conditioned to believe that it needs to be. But I believe that women should feel entitled to feel ownership over their bodies in any way they choose! This means that not only do I support and respect women who are comfortable with a more open depiction of nudity, but I respect the women who do not feel that way as well. The point being to strive for understanding and respect toward all women and to refrain from passing judgement or ridiculing anyone for feeling happy in the houses they were born into or for making any choice regarding their own bodies. For me nudity is art and my body is my own. 

Every girl is faced with the choice of either submitting to feminization and being accepted, or resisting and being punished. The pressure on girls to feminize themselves is universal and unrelenting. It exists in every patriarchal culture. The styles of femininity vary in quality and degree from culture to culture, but in every patriarchal culture “woman” is defined by her allegiance and orientation towards male values and desires. 

- Linda Strega, The Big Sellout: Lesbian Femininity

Feminine Power

Aries Feminine Power:  Fiery soul, out to conquer, savage eyes, as strong as an Amazonian.

Taurus Feminine Power: Enduring and will go farther than anyone else, emotionally strong, practical, makes their world safe.

Gemini Feminine Power: Persuasion and intelligence is their weapon, their independence gives them power, they can sell anything to anyone.

Cancer Feminine Power: Is tough, a master at defense/protection, you might win the battle but they’ll win the war, they’re compassionate.

Leo Feminine Power: 100% confident, stands up for what they believe in, is brave, is fierce, dreams big and lives big. 

Virgo Feminine Power: Gets the work done, is a hustler, strong in adversity, won’t settle, is caring, and is diligent. 

Libra Feminine Power: Has good judgment, is level-headed, is a true mediator, has that charm down, and adapts when others crumble. 

Scorpio Feminine Power: Is fire, smoke, and poison, they’re protective, will move mountains, and transforms in the most hardcore ways. 

Sagittarius Feminine Power: Is wild fire, you can’t stop their ideas. Filled with life, is optimistic, will take on the world, will slip thru your fingers. 

Capricorn Feminine Power: Filled with ambition, wields power and dominance, good with money, makes connections easily. 

Aquarius Feminine Power: Stands on their own, brings knowledge to others, is inventive, communication and intellect rule their world. 

Pisces Feminine Power: Intuition is other worldly, is a survivor, will hit you where it hurts, and never stops moving or changing.