So this is a thing that happened today. It all started when my friend posted this article on his Facebook: 


It’s about one of the ladies of GoT deciding she didn’t want to do nude scenes any more. I say good on her, as did my friend. This one person however had a different opinion and was getting a little intense about it. I, being a little shit and wanting to lighten the mood, corrected her spelling. She did not like that and took a few passive aggressive shots at me. Which I deserved but did not appreciate, so I then went to defend myself. The Friendwife also stepped in. This is what took place.

I don’t know if anything was really achieved or if I presented my case properly. All I can say is this went down today and I will never stop calling out the patriarchy.

stabithastabs said: Different sides of the country. Same fucking cycle. I hope you are eating tons of food that is delicious (because calories don’t count on your period. That’s science.)

Nathan periodically sends me chocolate or gives it to me when we see each other from Australia. While I am  seriously craving salty foods (I’d kill for some chips right now) the chocolate is really helping. But I’m SO tired all the time!!! I feel like I need either tons of caffeine or vitamin water.

feminerdity said: YOU TOO!!!?? You did this to me….

Oh no! I am so sorry! I offer chocolate as a peace offering <3


This was my special effects final at school. It started with a concept sketch and back story of an evil prince who needlessly killed a crow. Little did he know that the crow was actually the transformed son of an old gypsy woman. To punish the prince for his wickedness, she tricked him into accepting a cursed cloak which turned him into a crow. The design is half way into that transformation. 

I sculpted this  out of chavant on my partner’s face cast. Then we made it into molds so we could make appliances. This ended up being three pieces; the face, the top beak, and bottom beak. Also all of the little bumps on the head were individual pieces that had to be glued down.

I was pleased with my concept but my paint job was not the best. 

Appliances made out of Foam Latex. Painted with PAX, rubber mask grease paint, and an airbrush.

Doctor Doom Puppet

Another puppet out of the Spider-Sam labs. This one comes straight to you from the distant land of Latveria, home of everyone's favorite dictator, Doctor Doom. This Puppet was a birthday gift for the very talented and beautiful tallestsilver to go with her fantastic Scarlet Witch cosplay. Body work was done by me and the face details were done by the talented Feminerdity. We’re a good puppet team like that.

Look at this awesome mask detail. Feminerdity!!!! 


These are from a Hunger Games themed photo shoot me and my friends did a while ago. At some point in the story, Unwinona’s character went off the deep end and decided she was going to win the games, but not before she carved the number of her district into her arm. 

I achieved this effect with something called 3rd Degree which is a silicone based product that comes in two parts. Painted with alcohol colors and stage blood. I also helped with the blood and dirt smearing.

Photos by: Kevin Green