Fav moments with Ron Swanson.

Others in the Parks and Recreation set.

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Hey guys, since fic involving the events in CACW that center on Tony are still a little difficult to find, I’ve decided to create a second list containing the ones I could. Still all ships, all pairings, all genres. Most of the incomplete fics are in the angsty section because they are angsty right now, but the majority of them seem like they’ll have happy endings, so they could really belong to either catagory. Otherwise, hope everyone enjoys and sends these authors some love for their hard work!

Obviously all fics have spoilers.

See my first fic collecting post here. Also, if there are some fics I missed, or CACW Tony fics not posted to AO3, please let me know and I’ll add them to the list.


Angsty Fic (fic to rip your heart out)

Need is just a word by masterlokisev159 (incomplete, Steve/Tony)

All Roads Lead Home by starspangledsprocket (incomplete, Steve/Tony, Tony&Rhodey friendship)

It always rains by Kamaleen (incomplete, Steve/Tony, omegaverse)

The wrong call (all down the line) by SinBin (incomplete, Steve/Tony)

And I Leave You With This (this mess we’ve made) by spazt (incomplete, Steve/Tony, Rhodey/Tony)

Mirror Match by Mcfly93 (incomplete, Steve/Tony)

Vibranium Hearts by LokasennaHiddleston (incomplete, T'Challa/Tony, Steve&Tony friendship)

The Perfect Ending by tonystarktrash (incomplete, Pepper/Tony)

Heroes and Other Childhood Delusions by cavtain (typeBfan) (incomplete, gen, Bucky&Steve&Tony friendship)

Lost and Found by Shi_Toyu (incomplete, gen, Bucky&Steve&Tony friendship)

Reconstruction by tobedecided (incomplete, gen)

People Like Me Don’t Get Saved (We Get Left Behind) by arianapeterson19 (incomplete, gen)

Of Laughing Matters by Aate (incomplete, gen)

Captain America Signs the Registration Act by Mushroom (Steve/Tony, character death)

Regrets by RageAgainstTheNormal (Steve/Tony, character death)

Shield My Heart by snowkind (Steve/Tony, NSFW)

Zugzwang by Woad (Steve/Tony, character death)

We Know That Dreams Are Dead by Fangirlingmanaged (Steve/Tony)

Between a rock and a hard place by RedK (Tony/Steve, NSFW, dubcon)

I Guess I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead by Fangirlingmanaged (Steve/Tony)

I’ve Got Two Faces, Blurry’s the one I’m Not by Fangirlingmanaged (Steve/Tony)

Love is the Funeral Pyre by Antianeira (Steve/Tony)

Sweet Release by ElizabethMarvel123 (Steve/Tony, character death)

Friend, Please. by Fangirlingmanaged (Steve/Tony)

36 Hours by intheclearyet (Natasha/Tony)

December 16th, 1991—did you know? by MoonGirl1155 (gen)

The Only Exception by Lilipoussis (gen)

Whipping Boy by Caroly214 (gen)

only then i know why i see the warning signs by ars_arcana (gen, character death)

Scarlet Letter by Valentine (gen)


Hopeful/Happy Fic (fic to make you feel a bit better)

What’s Bent, What’s Broken by crackedshades (incomplete, Bruce/Tony)

Reparations by genius_billionaire_gayboy (incomplete, Steve/Tony/Bucky)

Like the prodigal son by iamclem (incomplete, gen, may not stay Tony centric)

Possible by 222Ravens (Rhodey/Tony)

tomorrow mountain we will climb by fivedrinkamy (Rhodey/Tony)

One Safe Place by EllOnWheels (Rhodey/Tony)

Clearing Skies by Reddwarfer (Rhodey/Tony)

Show me how it used to be by JuliaBaggins (Pepper/Tony)

Bless This Mess by katalizi (Pepper/Tony)

Before The World Fell At Our Feet by lunarknightz (Pepper/Tony)

(An Attempt At) Subterfuge by Timeboundpythia (Pepper/Tony)

wear your momentum by sandyk (Pepper/Tony)

The Healthful Benefits of Cactus by buffyaddict13 (Pepper/Tony)

Three by Amy (InnitMarvelous) (Pepper/Tony)

Twist and Turn by Queen_haQ (Pepper/Tony)

Only You (Reprise) by muzivitch (Tony/May Parker)

How Happiness Works by little_werewolf (Steve/Tony)

talk is cheap by allourheroes (Steve/Tony, Peter&Tony friendship)

Detente by MassiveSpaceWren (Steve/Tony)

Broken Pieces of a Whole by coaster (Steve/Tony)

Unbent, Unbroken by lwielaura (Steve/Tony)

You’ve Been Sleeping In The Wild by skyline (Steve/Tony)

Shattered into a Thousand Pieces (Stony) (Civil War) by Skyrezo (Steve/Tony)

When The Dust Settles, Who Will Be Standing With Me by vicnic90 (angsty Steve/Tony, Natasha&Tony friendship)

Suit Up by awildlokiappears (gen, Steve&Tony friendship)

     It’s sequel: Iron by awildlokiappears (gen)

Moving On by Kaitie (Steve/Tony or Steve&Tony friendship, Natasha&Tony friendship)

Always Hate Me by CoffeeAndArrows (Natasha&Tony friendship)

I Know by nonna (gen, Bucky&Tony friendship)

He Killed My Mom by Kelady (gen, Steve&Tony friendship)

Alright by FemiNerd (MishaDerps) (gen, Steve&Tony friendship)

Done by ficlicious (gen, Laura Barton&Tony friendship, Rhodey&Tony friendship)

Off Screen by RussianEmpress (collection of fics, second chapter has gen Peter&Tony friendship)

Aftermath by shadowlancer_95 (gen, Fury&Tony friendship)

Keeping Track of Things by riani1 (gen, slight T'Challa&Tony friendship)

Fav moments with Ben Wyatt.

This won’t be going up on RedBubble because NBC have taken issue with that, but I am going to continue making the series.

Others so far: 

Chris Traeger
Ann Perkins
April Ludgate
Ron Swanson
Tom Haverford

Donna Meagle 

Fav moments with Donna Meagle.

This quote works for Games of Thrones and Parks & Rec!

Others in the Parks and Recreations set.

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