Okay, the picture looks like it was taken from a cheap porno. But that’s not the point… Look at the way people react to the subject of men being abused, it’s sickening.
People treat this very serious issue as a joke, and this is why so many men are too ashamed to seek help. Our justice system is so screwed up that men can’t even defend themselves in these types of situations, because they know they could be the one that ends up in trouble. The violence towards men and the stigma needs to STOP!

Feminism claims to want equality, well, here it is.

My boss, who is a woman, just fired a coworker of mine, also a woman, for retweeting a bit of feminazi propaganda about the wage gap that insulted white men to go along with it. When I asked her why she fired her, she said, “Well, men can get fired and shunned for doing anything that gets called misogynistic, so I’m making sure that everyone gets their fair treatment.”

I have to admit, this wasn’t the way to achieve proper justice, but hot damn. This is a definite way to show how feminazis have helped to poison the well of free speech.

No Sympathy

I cannot and will not sympathize with women who want and get abortions. If the child was not causing harm to her body, or the produvt of sexual assault, I see no reason to abort the baby. There are countless ways to prevent unwanted births. You can buy comdoms from the fucking gas station. Not to mention birth control, pulling out, and the morning after pill. Abortion is murder, point blank period.

1st world feminists VS 3rd world feminists

1st world feminist: “I cant wear my booty shorts to school, so Im oppressed!”
3rd world feminist: “I can’t expose any of my skin except my eyes. I am oppressed.”

1st world feminist: “I get called a slut if I want to have sex!”
3rd world feminist: “I get beheaded if I ask a man to do something for me.”

1st world feminist: “Science, engineering and medicine are considered mens jobs! Patriarchy!”
3rd world feminist: “I cant go to school.”

1st world feminist: “Men do all the kicking ass in movies and video games! Women are always being saved!”
3rd world feminist: “I wish I could sit in front of the theatre like my father…”

1st world feminist: “#Killallmen! #Yesallmen! #maletears! Men are pigs!”
3rd world feminist: “Thank you so much to the men who stand with us.”


so it turns out a study was done on behalf of feminist to find out who does all the misogynistic tweets… turns out women put each other down more than men do and all is silent on the feminist front, lol :D