Shower thoughts

So, I was in the shower just now and I thought about shaving legs. Not in the sense that I should really shave my legs (although I’m sure some people would think I kinda should…, that’s beside the point), but in the philosophical sense. Why do people shave their legs? Hell, why do I shave my legs?

I came to the conclusion that I shave my legs for one reason: my boyfriend.

Now before all the feminazis jump up and come to early conclusions, shouting ‘That’s oppressive!’ Hold your horses, shut up and read on.

It’s not oppressive at all, and I’ll tell you why. I shave my legs for my boyfriend, but I don’t do it because he asks me to or because he expects me to. He doesn’t. Whenever I shave my legs (which really isn’t very regularly, to be fair) I do it because I choose to do it for him. I make that decision and I do believe he likes it, but he will never ask it of me or expect it of me.

I think that is what feminism is, what freedom is: that choice. The choice to do something that may please someone, but only because you want to do that. If I choose to shave my legs every week, that’s fine. If I choose to do it only once every few months, or hell once a year, that’s fine too.
Homeless Man Dies Fighting Gunman To Save Woman
Francisco Erasmo Rodrigues de Lima is the epitome of a hero.

proof that  men will lay down their lives  to  save a woman, or  should she of  just saved herself and not  be  a weak ‘damsel in distress’’ as anita sarkeesian puts it. come on ? if women  are ‘’equally strong as  a man, why dont she just  fight back ? 

1st world feminists VS 3rd world feminists

1st world feminist: “I cant wear my booty shorts to school, so Im oppressed!”
3rd world feminist: “I can’t expose any of my skin except my eyes. I am oppressed.”

1st world feminist: “I get called a slut if I want to have sex!”
3rd world feminist: “I get beheaded if I ask a man to do something for me.”

1st world feminist: “Science, engineering and medicine are considered mens jobs! Patriarchy!”
3rd world feminist: “I cant go to school.”

1st world feminist: “Men do all the kicking ass in movies and video games! Women are always being saved!”
3rd world feminist: “I wish I could sit in front of the theatre like my father…”

1st world feminist: “#Killallmen! #Yesallmen! #maletears! Men are pigs!”
3rd world feminist: “Thank you so much to the men who stand with us.”