Can you believe this was Cap’s first serious venture into sewing? We couldn’t either! And I dare you to guess what she made her shield from.

Pepper Potts was hanging out not too far away. Very classy and officially with her Stark Industries clipboard.

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Creative writing challange Day 23: argument

Creative writing challange
Day 23: argument
Pregnant women are scarry

Writer’s note: This will be LokixFemHawkeye

Sitting in the living room of a home givin to him by Tony Stark, Loki sat reading a book. He was unable to leave the building without an escourt by Tony himself, nor was he able to use magic of any kind. He was forced to live the life of a midgardian locked in their own home. Though, the good thing about this place was, Tony always kept it full of food, drinks, and other sorts of entertinment like books and games he taught the man how to play. RPG’s were Loki’s personal favorite, being able to play out the main character’s in a story was a fun experience.

Although, another thing Loki enjoyed was someting no one else knew about, his secret love with Claire Barton. Now she was one who could always bring a smile to his face, and no one suspected anything because of the fact that they figured she was just another agent checking up on the trickster god. No one knew of the steamy nights they shared in constant thrilling worry someone may find out, or what would happen if someone had foud out. Although…..something had happened recently…..something the god hadn’t planned. He’d gotten her pregnant. She wasn’t showing too much as of late, but if she we’re to take everything off, the baby bump was most certianly there, she was just good at hiding it. “Fucking Midgardian protection….” He use to just use magic to prevent pregnancy, but one of the condoms Claire gave him ended up breaking in the middle of sex one night.

“Loki!” he herd her call from the bathroom. She was puking again, always one of the worst side effects of getting pregnant….one of. Walking in the bathroom as Claire sat on the floor with her back against the tub, looking miserable as hell. “Loki….its getting more noticeable….I cant fake having the flu for 9 months!…What am I going to do!?” she cried. Loki simply looked at her, he worried Furry may lock Claire up, make her have an abortion, have their child given away, or…..lock his child away….not like the majority of his children had any choice either….
“I’ll think of something….” he muttered as he looked away, hiding the look of his fear behind his long hair, “Well you’re not thinking fast enough!!” she snapped, her hormones driving her crazy at this moment. “I-I’m trying the best I can to come up with a solution….” he muttered sadly as Claire stood. “No! You’re not! you take your dear ol sweet time! playing video games and reading books!” It was hard to stay calm with the hawk acting like this, what was he suppose to do? “Look….you’re upset because your hormones are out of wack…now please calm down…” he spoke softly, seeing her get even more enraged.

“Oh so now im a mood swinging, raving bitch!? is that it!?….I’m a ticking time bomb!?” Gods what the hel was she saying? “no…Claire….please….I just want you to calm yourself…too much Stress will be bad for the baby…” he sighed. “Oh like you’d even care” claire muttered, causing loki too look at her, his eyes mixed with confusion and sadness. “Seems like you haven’t been that great of a parent so far” she crossed herr arms, “Jormungand…Hel…and Fenrir were all tossed in the ocean!” Enraged by her words, Loki stepped away. His children were always a sensitive topic for the god, he loved his children, but there was nothing he could do to help them. “Odin did that to them! He’s locked them all away! I can’t help them or Odin will never let me see them ever again!” Tears slipped from his eyes as he walked away to slump on the couch, leaving the hawk to realize she’d crossed the line.

Walking out to him, she saw he was curled up, trying to keep himself from crying any further. “Do you realize how hard it is to see fenrir tied up?….or to see Hel reduced to gathering souls of the dead?….Jormungand being stuck in one spot?” he sighed, thinking of his oldest son, “Sleipnir….Being used as a battle horse….I’m so scared that one day Sleipnir won’t come back….and I use to visit him every time before they wen’t out to war…but being stuck down here I’m unable to do that….what if odin goes out to war? what if the one time I cant see slepnir is the time his life comes to an end! I won’t be able to say goodbye….”
Sitting by him, Claire pulled him into her arms, “I’m sorry Loki…I shouldn’t have said that….” she spoke softly as she rubbed his back, allowing him to cling to her. “You’ll be a wonderful father to out child….I wouldn’t choose another”