This…noodle soup. It is no good, tastes cheap. My mother can make good soup, we will meet her when we go to Russia. Is the beer cheap too, husband?”
“Well, I - alright, first off, I’m not entirely sure I am ready to meet your mother or go to Russia with you when this…this ‘legal union’ has only been for ONE DAY! And second, this was not cheap!”
“Okay. Tonight, we fix not-cheap bikes, we stay at cheap motel, we drink cheap American beer, we uh…'rvat’; we empty insides, we punch baby men when they find us, we - ”
"Yes! We punch them and we wait to be sober and then leave in middle of night. Is good plan!”

Aside from being an excuse to play with Femheavy - there’s a subplot here about Medic ending up married one day out of nowhere to a random Heavy (in Vegas or something, it’s so easy to get married in Vegas isn’t it?) - who so happens to be part of a biker gang or something. Shenanigans involving getting roped up with said gang and their situations ensue. 

Old TF2 sketch request I JUST NOW COMPLETED even though the sketch had been sitting in a folder for months; anon asked for Femgie revving up the gunslinger while grinning terrifyingly with a freaked-out (Fem)Spy!

The original ask got lost accidentally in an inbox cleaning scourge but I saved the prompt thankfully–!! Just love drawing me some femclass I tell you what~


“Alright, chicken’s in the dining room… Rabbit’s backstage… Fox is still hiding… Bear is still… Oh my God.”

“What is it?”

“I can’t find the bear.”

Okay, so I know that I said I was going to ink this thing and clean up the shading and just overall make it look finished before I posted it. But I ran into an art block today, and I also just want to get this posted. Maybe I’ll clean it up later on and repost it.

Anyway, this is another OTP prompt. Quite simply:

Imagine your OTP playing Five Night’s at Freddy’s.

Yeah, I technically put them into the game instead of making them just play it, but whatever. :P I had a hard time deciding whether or not to add in the eyes and mouths of the others glowing behind Freddy like his face does when you run out of power. I jumped back and forth several times, but left them out in the end.

Also I wish I could say not to expect any more FNAF fan art since I’ve never actually played the game and have no plans to, but I’ve watched plenty of videos and now that the animatronics have finally stopped keeping me awake at night (for the most part), they’ve decided to conquer my daytime mind so I’ve found myself doodling pictures of them in class and stuff. Still not a guarantee that I’ll post more, but it’s a possibility.

Watch on cppmemes.tumblr.com

The six types of engineering boys. 

“Can you fix-it, femgi?”

I decided i needed a new tf2 spray. And why don’t i make my own? I did.

Thereareafewerrorsinitwhichicouldn'tfixanymoreandnormallyiwouldmadeabluver.toobutididn'tsavetheoriginalfile o(-<

Also i can’t seem to get it to work in tf2. Can someone help me fix it ? i'msohilariousaren'ti??

DAY 26

“Boom! Headshot, baby!” *Scout runs away to pelt more people with snowballs*

“Someday I’m going to strangle that little piker.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it, softie.”

Okay, so I ended up missing midnight by over an hour. Oh well. I’m still counting it as on time because missing the deadline was a result of actually working hard on a nice image, not me being lazy/procrastinating. :P Also it’s not really Thursday until I wake up tomorrow morning.

Anyway, here’s a nice SniperxFemgie image with some actual effort put into it! Yay! Actually surprised myself a little bit with this one. And yeah, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to draw Snipes in his EOTL hat. :> I love that hat. I want one.

Man, I am so ready for the weather to get cold. I’m tired of you, Sun. Go away. No one likes you.

just kidding none of you actually “won” because all of y’all are winners to me ;) also wtf this is a 2k awards aND I JUST HIT 3K THANK YOU

but here we go! after spending an entire afternoon going half-mad trying to choose because you have no idea how difficult it was (at one point i realized that i had like 80 of you guys on my list; 144 entered), here are some blogs i really liked!

i. will shakespeare: overall favOurites
@asazora (hello what’s there not to love), @yolandastudies (yaass u r brilliant), @educatier (not 10/10 more like 20/10), @universitaires (orange blog, me likey) and @areistotle (the first ever studyblr i followed, and you’re still amazing to me)

ii. sylvia plath: terrific themes
@nekostudiies, @stdyblring, @ibertstudies, @ghalilean and @studyhards

iii. harper lee: unbelievably (gr8) urls
@femgineering, @overachievings, @mildlinerd, @smartblurb, @mctivation, @ballpenned

iv. j.k. rowling: genius (new) gems (aka new blogs that deserve credit)
@textbooke, @studylustre, @procrastilate, @cirism

v. maya angelou: awesome advice-givers (for good advice, masterposts or supportiveness)
@ediestudies, @studistrict, @llterature, @universi-tea

vi. neil gaiman: outstanding original pOsts
@studiedied, @baektostudying, @jhon-studies, @the-brightest-witch-studies, @dangostudy, @mediocrestudyblr, @greenstudying

vii: charlotte bronte: incredible icons
@grangergrades, @sheshallstudy, @tiramisunerd, @edisonstudies, @dyslexicstudying

please feel free to ask for a blograte/promo which probably won’t be a very useful one but anyway; i’ll also probably be PM-ing you guys sooner or later to disturb you or you can PM me and bless this girl with your studyblr-y awesomeness ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (hey you signed up for it, “my friendship” was part of the prize and i’m an irritating person)! my faves page is also up now, although the personalised alliterated sentences aren’t up yet (i’m really sorry; i’m cramming for exams) but i’ll get around to them asap, i promise (٭°̧̧̧꒳°̧̧̧٭)

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