Old TF2 sketch request I JUST NOW COMPLETED even though the sketch had been sitting in a folder for months; anon asked for Femgie revving up the gunslinger while grinning terrifyingly with a freaked-out (Fem)Spy!

The original ask got lost accidentally in an inbox cleaning scourge but I saved the prompt thankfully–!! Just love drawing me some femclass I tell you what~

“Can you fix-it, femgi?”

I decided i needed a new tf2 spray. And why don’t i make my own? I did.

Thereareafewerrorsinitwhichicouldn'tfixanymoreandnormallyiwouldmadeabluver.toobutididn'tsavetheoriginalfile o(-<

Also i can’t seem to get it to work in tf2. Can someone help me fix it ? i'msohilariousaren'ti??


hey anons! let me find some engineering/compsci studyblrs for y’all (other than eachother lmao)



I hope this helped you, babes! Continue to be sick ass stem chicks!! feel free to add to this, etc etc!

Solly Facts

She keeps a fridge of juice boxes and pouches in her room.

She loves strawberry twinkies, but can rarely find them, when she does shell blow a paycheck to buy all the boxes she can.

She feeds and takes care of all of the cats on base. Shes trained them to leave the medics birds alone.

Solly can play piano exceptionally well

Her Real name is Solly Doe. Due to a typo when she was born, her mother wrote solly rather than sally on the birth certificate.

Her older brother is a Soldier working for BLU

She is part if an all girls mercenary team.

She has a huge crush on the engineer. Like, she gets so flustered around him she cant think straight or talk. She just mumbles and rushes off.

Her best friend is the Femgineer on the all girls team.

The girls team is close, like a family. Solly is their mother figure, she bosses them around in a motherly fashion and makes sure everything runs in schedule. Though there are a few discrepancies here and there, they all respect what solly does for them.

Despite being a tough as nails female soldier shes a sucker for fashion forward military looks or girly frou frou military wear , something Lolita style or pinup. 

 Solly adores playing hide and seek with her older brother while on base.

to be constantly updated

Let's Talk About Making Femscout NOT Stick Out Like A Sore Thumb In Your SFM Crap

Ignoring how so far almost all the female class models or the concept of female classes in general have some sort of controversy from either end of the spectrum the moment the word “femclass” is dropped - from good and valid to bad and derogatory criticism, from the most objective to subjective arguments, from “they’re ugly” to “they’re unnecessary” - the fact is this: there are female mods of TF2 models to use, and they can be used and will be used, whether you like it or not, in ways that you like or not.

The fact is also this: AyesDyef and Max’s Female Scout is the most popularly used female class mod to date where she is #1 in the Most Subscribed tab on SFM workshop. By comparison, Miss Pauling - the most prominent, canon female of TF2 with a replica model 98% a replica of her appearance from Expiration Date, is #5. Scout’s Mom is on the 3rd page, and ChemicalAlia and Dragara’s Female Engineer is on the 6th page. There are also at least seven models of this Femscout model circulating that are mods of her for things such as alternate hairstyles, more choice of clothes, removal of clothes, enlarging of body parts, and even completely changing her face and body to look more feminine. 

This is not the problem I want to address, though that alone should probably get some gears churning in your head as to why she’s the most popularly used female class mod being used in SFM/GMod right now. This also will not address things such as Femscout being a base for a remix culture/alternate universe OC that is different from the main TF2 lore, and is treated only like love interest material. This also will not cover the headhacking of Femscout’s head onto other femclasses such as the Female Sniper and the Female Medic, which is my BIGGEST turn-off so far if done the way that it pisses me off and I’ll explain why again one day here’s why it made me mad before

What I want to talk about is the work that pictures her as the only possible female class* in TF2.

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“Alright, chicken’s in the dining room… Rabbit’s backstage… Fox is still hiding… Bear is still… Oh my God.”

“What is it?”

“I can’t find the bear.”

Okay, so I know that I said I was going to ink this thing and clean up the shading and just overall make it look finished before I posted it. But I ran into an art block today, and I also just want to get this posted. Maybe I’ll clean it up later on and repost it.

Anyway, this is another OTP prompt. Quite simply:

Imagine your OTP playing Five Night’s at Freddy’s.

Yeah, I technically put them into the game instead of making them just play it, but whatever. :P I had a hard time deciding whether or not to add in the eyes and mouths of the others glowing behind Freddy like his face does when you run out of power. I jumped back and forth several times, but left them out in the end.

Also I wish I could say not to expect any more FNAF fan art since I’ve never actually played the game and have no plans to, but I’ve watched plenty of videos and now that the animatronics have finally stopped keeping me awake at night (for the most part), they’ve decided to conquer my daytime mind so I’ve found myself doodling pictures of them in class and stuff. Still not a guarantee that I’ll post more, but it’s a possibility.

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The six types of engineering boys.