“Characters who are strong, multilayered, and leaders of their community are still bad because they’re attractive and/or show skin.”

Shut the fuck up you awful, terrible human being. Nothing is ever good enough you sex-negative cretin. You and your ilk are a regressive blight on the gaming community.

“Zelda is weak because she cries” There’s a whole post pointing out why that argument is bullshit. She cries because she feels like a failure. She cries because the people she cared about DIED for her.

“The gerudo are to sexual” Showing skin does not equal sin, you taint. And god forbid people who live in the hottest harshest of environments not want to overheat. Hell it’s half a plot point.

Are there some sexist video games out there? You know what, YES?! But unlike you on the Colbert Report two and a half years ago, I can actually name a couple! Like Other M, which took a strong independent female character and reduced her to a sniveling weak follower. Or Ride To Hell Retribution, where women are reduced to literal sex trophies. But you know what isn’t and what never has been? Legend of fucking Zelda.

You are a curse, Sarkeesian. You and your sex negative culture critic sycophants are the ones holding back gaming. Most men AND women (because believe it or not women did play video games before you) know that what they see in media isn’t real.

Grow up. Grow up and leave. There are a thousand critics out there better than you.

Fandometrics In Depth: Feminism Edition

Tumblr has always been a place where feminists could connect and speak freely. And as Tumblr has grown, so have the allied communities and the size of the conversation. From 2013 to 2015, year-over-year growth in the number of original posts tagged #feminism increased at an average rate of 4.22%.

That changed in 2016. As Tumblr discussed the US presidential election and its impact on women’s rights, access to healthcare and the importance of consent, the rate of original posts tagged #feminism grew 20%, five times the growth of the previous three years. Looking at the entire ecosystem of Tumblr tags, original posts and reblogs about #feminism accounted for triple the amount of conversation it did in 2015.

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2016 also saw a change in Tumblr’s understanding of what feminism means.

The term intersectionality describes the overlapping systems of oppression at play in society—it’s the idea that gender inequality, racism, class status, and other injustices are inseparable from one another and can’t be studied in isolation.

Between 2014 and 2016 there was a modest increase in engagement around #intersectionality. Original posts increased 13%, while searches increased 44%. But then came the Women’s March. On January 20th, 2017, engagements around #intersectionality spiked 5191% from just two days before. Since then, the whole tone of the #feminism conversation on Tumblr has changed.

In 2017 so far, people are talking about intersectional systems of oppression 21% more than they have in the last four years combined.

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How does that change in tone manifest itself? Here’s a sampling of posts that have gone viral since the March:

Continuing the conversation

If you’re interested in joining the feminist conversation on Tumblr, there are tons of places to start. In addition to the #feminism and #intersectionality tags, you can head to tags like #wage gap and #pro choice to learn more about specific issues. There are also dozens of Tumblrs that dive deep into the conversation:

  • Feminist Frequency (@femfreq), a place to talk about feminism in gaming
  • Celebrating Amazing Women (@celebratingamazingwomen), which highlights women who have changed history on their birthdays
  • Whovian Feminism (@whovianfeminism), which looks at inequality through a fannish lens
  • Empower. Volunteer. Unite. (@ucf-now), the official Tumblr of the University of Central Florida’s National Organization for Women chapter, and
  • Action (@action), our hub to help connect you to the resources you need to become an agent of change.

this isn’t really the type of thing that i can link explicit proof, but i can at least give an account from what i’ve absorbed on social media over the last few months.

okay, so, starting off. Nick Robinson had that jacking it to Krystal from Star Fox joke that Femfreq replied to. it seemed like the world had blown up over a shitpost about furry masturbation. the fallout of that at the time led a lot of prominent games media people talking about “brand horniness” at large, and how it’s really easy for some people to hide behind a soft and unassuming image to disguise predatory behavior. people were careful to not name names, but kinda budged a little on insinuating that someone acting like a “softboy” was bad. like Griffin McElroy and, ahem, Nick Robinson.

then, yesterday, Nick Robinson got mad about the Overcooked port on the Switch, and instead of submitting a bug report, he told someone to fuck off. this isn’t that important, but someone basically got tired of his online softboy persona and said, paraphrased, “maybe Nick wouldn’t be so mad at indie devs if he wasn’t in every woman in games’ DMs all the time.”

the dam broke, people started coming forward. everything discussed in hushed whispers, all the shitty and predatory things he’s done to women sort of stopped being hushed whispers. and the fear of being the first person to talk about it disappeared. some people have since deleted their twitters, or just made them private. you can still find some threads of people coming out on Twitter, though. vague mentions, commenting on the situation but not naming anything, one person did just flat out name him. even still, this might not change anything. isn’t that common in the case of predatory sexual behavior?

tl;dr Nick Robinson is gross and predatory, and he hid it for a long time. 

Update for May 30 - June 5

Satirical comic about recent femfreq tweets about Witcher 3 and Arkham City.


It’s first update for this week, and I have prepared updated for tomorrow. Stuff is happening recently, I also have material for a next week cartoon.

Textless version - http://art2002.tumblr.com/post/120724337385/endless-drawing-challenge-day-109-today-ive

Anita Sarkeesian calling one of her biggest harassers a garbage human really made anti-feminists clutch their pearls, but all of the harassment, doxxing, and violent hate speech aimed at her falls under ‘’’freedom of speech’’’ to them. 

They always do this to feminists who display even the slightest bit of righteous anger. Anita hasn’t attacked or targeted anyone during the entire harassment campaign against her, and despite having her life turned upside down by these people, she has managed to maintain a poised and professional attitude for so long. I admire her for this, and i would never condemn her for her anger, never for her rage. Anita finally speaks out in frustration, and it sets all of their little heads on fire.

Anti-Feminists never call out the people on their ‘’’side’’’ for lack of a better term, who have been truly vile to Anita. The ‘’rational’’ antifem types have always outright refused to address the more violent misogynists among them, and in my opinion, they agree with the ones who are vile enough to make rape threats and hurl gendered slurs at Anita, but they would rather maintain their illusion of moral superiority so they just let the others among them get away with it, but are quick to defend them with their ‘’’freedom of speech’’’ card. 

This isn’t just antifem hypocrisy, it’s a purposeful move on their part. They silence and dismiss the claims of harassment, while they defend it, while also trying to seem like they’re not defending it.

Violent and dangerous harassment campaigns that target Anita are ‘’freedom of speech’’ that she has to deal with, but her harasser couldn’t deal with Anita snapping back not even a fraction as badly as him and his audience have gone after her. It’s suddenly not freedom of speech if she does it, and it’s comparable to the actual harassment she’s faced apparently. 

It’s so fucking transparent that it would be laughable if it wasn’t so frustrating and dangerous.

There are hundreds of videos aimed at Sarkeesian and her harassers do not intend to stop anytime soon, if you refuse to call out those harassers and in fact defend them with the ‘’freedom of speech’’ card, you can count yourself among them as far as i’m concerned. It’s even more transparent if you’re using her calling him a garbage human as a ‘gotcha’ moment and pretending to be offended over it, while also claiming to be all about ‘’freedom of speech’’.

Do not even comment with the ‘both sides are wrong’ argument because 1) you’re wrong, and 2) it has no place in a discussion about a situation where someone has had to move over 2 times for their own personal safety. A woman responding in anger to her oppressors, her harassers, is not comparable to what they have put her though. I won’t entertain that ‘’both sides are wrong’’ bullshit.

Anita only hurt feelings (not even) with her comment, but she has had her whole life rocked by misogyny and harassment. 

That’s the fucking difference between calling someone a garbage human, and an actual harassment campaign.


Anita Sarkeesian promotes FanFic in which she murders a GameDev

Summary of Vidcon

- Anita and 4 other girls have a panel
- youtubers that disagree with her attend to just watch observe
- Anita scans the audience and recognizes some faces
- Calls on a Garbage human
-Called Security because she felt “Unsafe”
- Security asks these youtubers to not sit in the front row because she doesn’t feel “safe”

You say you want discussion, but you never let it Anita :3

Bonus: Someone unrelated did ask a reasonable question

gets kicked out


So this popped up on my feed and apparently the new thing on Feminist Frequency is to have white men repeat the same shit we’ve been saying all along because heaven forbid a mainstream channel about feminism branch out to WoC or queer women or trans women in order to explain the different experiences and intersections and even flaws of the feminist movement. I get the message they’re sending but I can’t help but feel there’s something really inherently flawed about trying to “get men to help feminists!!!” if all they’re really going to be helping are white women and then go right back to being racist/homophobic/transphobic/etc because they’ve met their gender equality quota.

If Anita’s response to the 13th Doctor being female is to complain about lack of representation in other areas, then I seriously have to question if she’s been watching the same show as the rest of us.

Bill Potts, the main companion for Series 10, was not only a black woman, but also very explicitly gay. And that’s not even looking back at past series, where we’ve had female companions, POC companions, and LGBT companions.

Just because the representation isn’t jammed together into one character, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist at all.