Finally. Sorry for the big unnanounced hiatus. life’s been  getting a bit rough lately ( mostyly college. seriusly, i rarely have time for anything anymore, and  I couldn’t  even try to get on most sites. I  was feeling really down for a while, but now i’m back, and i’ll try to update my blogs more often.

Now, about the picture. This is a little trubite to the ask blogs i’ve had on tumblr before, some of these didn0t last long enough to  make a lasting impression tho.

Just showing off what little progress I started. I’d put this on my art blog, but I prefer to put finished products there. :D;

… Jeez. I’m gonna need to expand the canvas even further if I plan to include the characters I had in mind.

… Or shrink everyone’s sketches. 8I

… And why yes, I am starting with drawing Mewtwos first. Are you surprised?


Excellent. 8]