A woman/// Nje femer

(Eng)A Women, a rare creature in the whole universe. An intelligent being.A woman is strong, intriguing, economic, genuine, nice, amazing, passionate, motherly, despicable, cruel, compassionate, soft, strong, loving, weak, fragile, vulnerable, a fighter, exhausted, daring, lonely, abused, forgotten and powerful! Women, fear of the people that are not one,the fear of men. Women,a power that no man may have in their hands. A snake that should be put down, however the female is a charming snake that is never small.
If we refer to religion as in believing in God, the woman is His creature. If he would have created something better He has certainly kept that for Himself. A woman is a mother, a sister, a wife. A woman is the creation from which everyone is born, everyone is grown up by their side, everyone is educated, from which everyone learns “What is Life”, to Live. A woman who works all day and all night to give her children what they want. A woman who doesn’t eat lunch because her child is willing to eat two plates of the dish. A sick woman with fever who has no power left, gets up and cooks you dinner because you are to lazy to do it yourself.She’ll smile and pretending that she hasn’t seen any better day than the present,she’ll stay strong.
A woman is a little sister for men everywhere. A woman who folds her brothers clothes because she doesn’t want mom to shout at him. A woman who brings you ice when you come home with bruises and is forced to become a mediocre liar for you not to get in trouble. A woman,that no matter how old she might be, you will continue thinking she isn’t able of love.Just because you have it stuck in your head that she is not old enough,even after twenty years and so. A woman who respects you, and you missunderstand her.
A woman is a bride,a wife. A human who completely surrenders unconditionally with just one word. A prey of yours that you wait impatiently to attack. A woman who loves you madly,day and night. A woman who loves you with passion, with madness. A woman who can throw herself off a cliff if you ask her to, in a moment of monotony. A woman who limits herself to see you happy. A women that makes everything to be recognized by you. A woman, a worker. Another slave of yours. A woman who works all day, that when you return tired from work with the idea that your wife makes fun all day, you won’t see a spot of dust.
This is the female. It is the mother you ignore whenever she gives you advice.This is the mother,who waits until you return home, with the fear wether you come home tonight or not.The mother passing sleepless nights waiting for you to return from the club when you’re out with your friends. This is the mother that after spending the night in a chair, waiting for the only response of yours,that is nothing but a miserable look and a sentence: “Leave me alone!”.
This is the female. It’s little sister that did all the work that you should have done yoursef and in the evening you complain because your T-Shirt isn’t supposed to be in the trousers drawer. This is the sister that once you come home with bruises,you start beating her up to let the anger out. All she does is keep the ice on your bruises while crying but her tears fall slowly, fusing with the melted ice. The tears that you never noticed. This is a small sister which may be 18 years old and maybe not so small for you not to allow her to be accompanied by anyone else besides girls. The sister that wants to pierce her ears but you don’t let her because you don’t like piercing and she listens to you because she wants you to be happy.
This is a female. This is the woman who offers herself to you everynight,but for you it’s not enough. This is the woman who killed herself because you told her to. This is the woman who did everything to make you smile and the only thing you did is complain about rare cases of her requiring a monetary amount for any pleasure of the moment. This is the female that you use stress against. The woman that gets called on her flaws by you. It is women that you slapped.The women who was offered to you as a slave and you treated her as such. This is the way you showed what man you turned out to be.You turned out to be a coward.You showed what kind of a hero you turned out to be.I’m telling you,you are JERK.
You are using women,what nature gave you,as a tool. You think that we can’t protect ourselves.You think that your physique scares us. Oh boy,are you wrong! You have no idea what we are able to do. You think that we can be put down but in reality you are raising us up to the clouds.. You think we can’t make our own decisions, that we do not know how to be violent. You are wrong. We don’t want to. We are merciful, we have mercy for you. We do not want to humiliate you as you always do to us.
When we are young, our parents always make it clear to us that there is a difference between boys and girls. They tell the boys the ideals. But it’s the boy’s right to decide wether he will follow these ideals or not . And to girls the ideals are made clear and then imposed. Women are imposed to apply to the rules, to be slaves. Girls are forced to learn how to behave as the perfect wife . I am not against this education type, but why impose these ideals to women and not do the same thing to men? Why is a man allowed to return home whenever he wants, but a woman has to report for every single thing that happes during class? Why does a man have the right to decide wether to learn or not his duties while a woman must do that and is obliged to do the work of both parties? Why can a man burp after a delicious lunch and a woman musn’t do that in any way because it’s not ethical? Why? Why should you be the person you want to be and us, women, have to be your ethical mannequins, not being able to behave any different?
You think that women must stay us closed at home all the time, cooking for you , cleaning and mopping. You think that we shouldn’t express our opinion on a table with men even though it would be the truth. We are expected to agree with our husband even when they are wrong. You say you make us do that because you love us but your “deep” regard for us is excessively superficial.You have closed your eyes toward us with jealousy, that’s why you use your love for us to control everything. You make us live a fake democracy. Telling us that we have rights. I can’t disagree at this point. Of course we have rights. What rights? We have the right to remain silent when you despise us.We have the right to not oppose this idea of yours about having rights.We have the right to agree with you in any case.We have to allow you to humble us. It’s time for women to be the heads of the government. There is a joke that says “If women would govern, there would be no wars, but countries with gigantic walls that would never speak to each other”. Bullshit, mediocrity and nonsense. You are afraid to be governed by us, because it would be the kind of country you advertise and brag about.You are afraid to face what you have promised, but now it’s time to face this fear. I am woman, I am mother, I am a sister, I am wife and even though I love you I will not be oppressed by you anymore.
(Al)Femra, nje krijese e rralle ne ter kete univers. Nje qenie inteligjente, e forte , intrigante , ekonomike , e cilter , e bukur , marramendse , pasionante , amenore,e poshter , mizore , e dhembshur , e bute , e forte , e dashur , e dobet , fragile , e pambrojtur , luftetare , e palodhur , e rraskapitur , e guximshme , e vetmuar , e dhunuar , e harruar dhe e pushtetshme! Femra , frika e cdokujt qe nuk eshte i atill , frika e meshkujve . Femra nje pushtet qe askush nuk mundet ta ket ne dore . Nje gjarper qe duhet ti shtypet koka sa eshte i vogel , ama femra eshte nje gjarper sharmant qe nuk eshte kurre i vogel . Nese do ti referohemi fese duke besuar ne Zot , femra eshte krijese e Tij. Nese Ai do kishte krijuar dicka me te mire me siguri e ka mbajtur per vete . Nje femer eshte nje nene , nje moter , nje bashkeshorte. Nje femer eshte krijesa nga e cila cdokush lind , cdokush rritet , cdokush edukohet , nga e cila cdokush meson ceshte jeta , te jetosh. Nje femer qe rraskapitet per ti dhene femijes ate cfare ai do . Nje femer qe nuk ha dreke sepse femija i saj ka deshire te ha dy pjata prej gjelles. Nje femer qe temperatura e lart e ka lene pa fuqi po duke qene se ty nuk te pelqen te gatuash , buzeqeshur dhe me nje fasad te fuqishme gatuan ushqimin tend te preferuar dhe hiqet sikur ska pare dite me te mire . Nje femer eshte nje moter e vogel per meshkujt mbare boten . Nje femer qe ia palos rrobat vellait qe mamaja mos ti bertase . Nje femer qe kur ti kthehesh ne shtepi me te nxira merr akull e fshehtas e detyrohet te behet nje mashtruese mediokre qe ti te mos futesh ne telashe . Nje femer qe sado e madhe qe te jete nuk duhet te veshtroje nje mashkull tjeter si mashkull derisa ti te bindesh qe ajo mund ta beje , derisa ty te mbushet mendja qe mund te jete pas njezetesa vitesh jete, qe e gezon respektin per ty dhe ti vetem e keqkupton.Nje femer eshte nje grua, nje bashkshorte. Nje njeri qe te dorezohet plotesisht pa kushte me vetem nje fjal . Nje pre e jotja qe pret pa durim qe ta sulmosh . Nje femer qe te dashuron marrezisht dite e nate , qe te jepet me cdo kusht . Nje femer qe te do me pasion , me cmenduri. Nje femer qe mund te hidhet nga shkembi nese ti ia kerkon ne caste monotonie. Nje femer qe mjaftohet duke te pare ty te lumtur , qe ben gjithshka qe te te bjere ty ne sy . Nje femer , nje puntore. Nje puntore tjeter per ty . Nje femer qe lodhet pa pushim qe kur ti te kthehesh i lodhur nga puna me iden se gruaja jote ben qejf gjithe diten te mos shikosh as edhe nje pike pluhuri. Kjo eshte femra . Kjo eshte nena qe ti e perbuz sa here qe te perserit keshillat e perhershme . Kjo eshte nena qe te pret deri sa te kthehesh ne shtepi me ankthin se ku je se cfare mund te te ndodhe , qe kalon nete pa gjum duke pritur qe ti te kthehesh nga klubi me shoket e tu . Kjo eshte nena qe pasi kalon naten ne nje karrige duke te pritur i vetmi falenderim qe merr eshte nje veshtrim mjeran dhe ne rast se te ben pyetje :“c'me can koken”. Kjo eshte femra . Kjo eshte motra e vogel qe mbaron te gjitha punet qe ti duhet ti kishe bere vete dhe ne darke ti ankohesh sepse bluzja esht gabimisht tek sirtari ku ti mban pantallonat. Kjo eshte motra qe pasi ti kthehesh me te nxirat ja nxjerr asaj inatin dhe e vetmja gje qe ajo ben eshte te mbaje akull mbi te vrarat e tua teksa qan por pikat e saj te lotit ti i ngatrron me akullin qe shkrin dalengadale. Kjo eshte motra e vogel qe mund te jete 18 vjec ndoshta jo dhe aq e vogel po ti se lejon te shoqerohet me askend pervec vajzave , se lejon te shpoje veshet megjithate eshte dicka qe ajo me te vertete e do por te bindet kokulur sepse e vetmja gje qe do eshte te te plotesoje ty qejfin . Kjo eshte femra . Kjo eshte gruaja qe tu dorezua cdo nate por per ty nuk ishte kurre mjaftueshem . Kjo eshte gruaja qe vrau veten sepse ti ia kerkove. Kjo eshte gruaja qe beri gjithcka qe ti te buzeqeshje dhe ti ankoheshe per rastet e rralla qe ajo kerkonte ndonje shume monetare per nje kenaqsi te castit. Kjo eshte femra tek e cila ti shfryn stresin dhe ve ne pah miliona defekte te padukshme. Kjo eshte femra qe ti godite . Femra e cila tu dorzua si skllave dhe ti e trajtove si e till . Kjo eshte ajo me te cilen ti tregove se sa palo burr je . Se sa burracak je . Se cfare heroi i vizatuar vec ne filma vizatimor je. Sepse jeni te pafytyr . Sepse perfitoni nga ajo qe ju dha natyra . Sepse mendoni se ne nuk mund te bejme gje kunder . Mendoni se fiziku juaj na tremb . Nenvleresoni se cfare ne dime te bejme . Mendoni se na ulni poshte duke na ngritur edhe me lart prej jush nga sa jemi. Ju mendoni se ne nuk mundemi te marrim vendime , se ne nuk dime te qellojme. Ju gaboheni . Ne nuk duam . Ne jemi te meshirshme , ju meshirojme . Ne nuk duam tju poshterojme sic ju beni gjithmone kundrejt nesh.
Qe te vogla prinderit gjithmone na e bejne te qarte diferencen mes nesh . Djemve u behen te qarta idealet , iu reklamojen ne ndonje fare menyre . Me pas eshte e drejta e djalit nese do ti zbatoje keto ideale . Kurse nje femre idealet u reklamohen , u behen te qarta dhe me pas u imponohen . U imponohet te zbatoje rregullat , te jete punetore . I imponohet te mesoj si te sillet te per te qen nje bashkeshorte e denje . Nuk jam kunder edukimir te ketin lloji, po pse i imponojme keto gjera vetem femrave dhe nuk bejme te njejten gje me meshkujt? Pse nje mashkull lejohet te kthehet kur te doje ne shtepi dhe nje femer duhet te jape llogari per cdo ndodhi ne cdo ore mesimore? Pse nje djale ka te drejte te mesoje ose jo detyrat e tij kurse nje femer duhet te jete e afte dhe eshte e detyruar te kryej punet e te dyja paleve ? Pse nje djale mund te hungerije pas nje dreke te bollshme kurse nje femer ne asnje menyre sepse nuk eshte etike ? Pse ? Pse ju duhet te jeni ata qe ju doni kurse ne nje manekin i rregullt etik , pa sjellje qe nuk i shkojne? Ne femrave na shkon te qendrojme te mbyllura gjith kohes ne shtepi te gatuajme , lajme e pastrojme. Ne femrave nuk na shkon te shprehim mendimin tone ne nje tryez burrash sa do i drejte te jete. Ne femrave na shkon te pohojme fjalet e bashkeshortit. Thoni qe e beni kete sepse na doni por dashuria juaj aq e thelle eshte jashte mase siperfaqesore. Ju i keni mbyllur syte tuaj me xhelozi ndaj nesh, ndaj shfrytezoni dashurine tuaj ndaj nesh per te kontrolluar gjithcka . Ju na lini te jetojm ne nje demokraci te rreme . Na thoni kemi te drejta . Ketu nuk mund tju kundershtoj. Patjeter qe kemi te drejta . Kemi te drejte te heshtim kur na perbuzni. Kemi te drejte te mos kundershtojm kete idene tuaj per pseudo te drejtat tona. Kemi te drejte te pajtohemi me ju ne cdo rast. Kemi te drejt tju lejojm te na perulni. Ka ardhur koha qe femra te lejohet te qeverise. Ka barsaleta qe thone qe nese femrat do te qeverisnin nuk do te kishte luftra, por shtete me mure gjigande qe s'do i flisnin njeri tjetrit. Dallavere , mediokritet dhe dokrra. Ju keni frik te qeveriseni nga ne , sepse do jet shteti i vertet qe ju reklamoni , qe ju propagandoni . Keni frik te perballeni me ate qe premtoni , por kesaj frike erdhi koha ti beni balle . Une jam femer , jam nene , jam moter , jam grua dhe sado qe ju dua nuk do e ul me koken ndaj jush .


21. I need your help- http://gyazo.com/90606348f217d01a199f1446c2a79d5c

Thanatos stopped carving the bone, looking up at the brutal medic, confusion and surprise on his face. “You need my help?” He repeated, “I suppose I can help.” 

He sat the femer down, then crossed his arms, looking expectantly at Mars. “Whatever it is you need, I will provide to the best of my abilities.”