reminder that marshmallowfury, aka thefemaleprincecharming (previously lesbianviking), is a massive transphobe. most of the callouts ive seen for her simply have that screenshot of the ‘women harmed by men in bathrooms masterpost’ (or whatever the post was) so uh. this is some more proof. that wasnt just a misguided femenist post, they really are a horrible person.

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brooklyn nine nine is over rated, and yes I have seen it

oh cool. Which bit is overrated? 

Is it the two female Latina women who are completely different character yet love and support one another? Amy who is going to be the youngest captain ever and who is so Type A but isn’t a killjoy? The person who would do anything for anyone?

It’s not Rosa. The Toughest and most independent person. Who wears black always but has a heart of motherfucking gold? Who is the complete opposite to most people but holds onto their friendship fiercely? 

Or is it the male white Jewish man who calls out sexism, racism and “cool motive still murder?

Is it Terry? The black man who is family orientated, care about his girls and his wife more then his own life? Who enjoys yogurt and farmers markets and going to the gym?

Is it Gina? The woman who prides herself on being unique and independent? who is smarter then..well all the people in the precinct and doesn’t care? Just does her and helps her friends? 

Don’t tell me it’s Charles? The softest of them all. The one whose been hurt so many times but keeps believing in love?

Ya know, it’s gotta be Holt. The openly gay Captain who is a great detective and has battled a life of being ostracised and left out only to find his home in the 99 and still maintain respect. Who is in love with his partner but is open about the challenges they face? Who protects his staff/family over himself? who is known to be a brilliant detective? 

Are they overrated?Is it them? Or is it the feeling of comfort you get while watching it? The lighthearted humour that still challenges social issues? Is it the moo moo episode which challenges a modern issues like stop and frisk and racial profiling? Is it the femenist writing? Is it the friendships we all feel part of? Is it the cast? Is it the crew? 

No, honestly tell me what you think is overrated because i sure as hell can’t work it out.

A quarter of a million pounds made from taxing tampons as luxury items is being siphoned into an anti-abortion, anti-choice charity who spread false, manipulative information to women considering abortions. As outrageous as it is, the tampon tax is here to stay and we have no control over what our money is used for.

Over a year ago I started using a menstrual cup. At the time I wanted to save money and stop contributing to the waste created by disposable sanitary products. Adjusting to it was difficult and it took me a while, but I stuck with it and it’s been pretty life changing. 

If you buy a cup from a company like @rubycup they will donate another one to a school girl in East Africa. A menstrual cup helps her stay in school and their workshops teach girls about reproductive health and help combat the stigma surrounding periods.

I am making this post to spread the word that menstrual cups are not scary or gross. They are much safer and more economical and they’ll not only save you a fortune, but you’ll know that the money you’re spending every month isn’t funding the repression of women’s biological independence. ✊
#TamponTax #WomensRights 

you tried your best to paint him yellow
such a happy colour 
like the sun and dandelions 
which you loved so much 
you tried to paint him yellow because you wanted him to be happy because you couldn’t be happy yourself
but he washed off the paint and cut the dandelions 
as he walked away, the sunset and you were surrounded by the black night sky
you were scared and alone, there was no one to paint
but, then you reached down and touched your skin 
baby, paint yourself. Any colour. Any goddamn colour you feel like.
So you did
you painted yourself dark blue, like the night sky
you found love in the night
and when you see him again, he will be amazed at how brightly you shine.
—  Stop trying to find self-love within another 

Feminists: I need feminism because history books are mostly about white males, women get lesser pay and get whistled at in the street, transgendered colored women have a ¼ chance of being murdered, people refuse to use/respect a persons pronouns or identity, rape culture etc, etc, etc

Meninists: I need meninism because I see women do it and that’s not fair.

Okay I'm just putting this out there...

Barbie Fairytopia should be like…tumblrs favorite movie. You have a (comparatively) disabled female protagonist, who not only learns to overcome her disability, but finds strength from it and because of that is able to save the entire population. Not to mention the fact that she receives help and guidance from not one, but TWO, female mentor figures, top it off with the fact that she associates almost entirely with other female characters and passes the bechdel test with flying colors, and we have the makings of “feminist propaganda” my friends. Furthermore, the villain, also a female, has motives that are NOT based on jealousy of physical attributes, but on being power-hungry, a flaw that is almost always reserved for male villains. Add to this the fact that the creatures found in Fairytopia (mermaids, fairies, etc…) are completely diverse in shape, ability, color and several other things (I’m drawing from my memory of it from like, 12 years ago gimme a break) and are not treated any differently because of it. So, in conclusion, fairytopia is a fantastic example of feminism and inclusivity, and I find it hilarious that Barbie movies could figure this out in 2006 but like 90% percent of Hollywood still can’t get their shit together.
Go figure.