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Zoro head canon rant post.

FINALLY! I already had this in store, and now I can finally post it! Muahahaha!
Thank you very much for requesting~

Roronoa Zoro HeadCanon RANT

  • He fights a lot with Sanji because he doesn’t like that he doesn’t fight women. He’s pretty femenistic thanks to Kuina!
  • He’d like to have a calm talk with Tashigi some time.
  • He has a lot of nightmares.
  • He sometimes takes a bath together with Chopper.
  • He still waits for Sanji’s attack name Baguette.
  • He wouldn’t want to have a devil fruit power, but if he had to he’d like the Cat- Fruit model Tiger.
  • He’s a lot like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theorie. He has one spots he always sits in. That is his spot.
  • Every chore he has to do is training to him.
  • He’s the one to do the dishes in 80% of the time.
  • He had to have the talk with Luffy… Three times.
  • He’s no virgin.
  • He doesn’t think Boa is that attractive…
  • He likes cold weather.
  • Zoro actually like bright clothes with patterns, but Nami doesn’t. And Nami is boss. Boss of Belly!
  • His worst nightmare by now was Sanji baking him…. naked.
  • He doesn’t like chocolate.
  • Sanji knows about Kuina. Zoro shouted her name once in a fight and had to tell Sanji afterwards.
  • He’d like to do rematches with all his oponents by now.
  • Exept for that cat brothers from Syrop village. They were awkward.
  • He thought about getting an eyepatch, but Nami said no.
  • He and Namionce had a very bad fight about his earrings.
    Both of them had bruises afterwards (Nami only because some of the things she threw at Zoro came back to her) and Sanji was super pissed. So he started another fight with Zoro right afterwards, but Zoro was pissed as well and just punched him in the face with full strengh.
    The topic earrings is a no-go ever since. Dead. Just don’t!
  • He reads a lot, but can’t seem to remember anything from a newspaper.
  • He knows a lot od useless stuff. As soon as he’s drunk he tells everything he knows. Robin is fascinated.
  • He hums while fishing.
  • He always eats up. No matter what lies on his plate.
  • He started drinking when he was 16.
  • He eats everything (as already written), but prefers dishes with a lot of protein.
  • He likes to throw people.
  • He doesn’t like the smell of hairspray.
  • He can’t really dance. But he has rythm, he’d be a good drummer.
  • He once hit Usopp with one of his dumbbells on accident.
  • He can play the guitar when drunk. 
  • He swims after the Sunny as training.
  • The first few days he didn’t look Sanji in the eye, but could only see the eyebrow.
  • He hates to do phone calls.
  • He likes candle light.
  • He is able to sense a change of weather, but can’t exactly interpret them like Nami.
  • He writes letters for Kuina and burns them afterwards.
  • even though he doesn’t think it’ll ever happen…
    He’d like to have three children: One son and two daughters.
  • He’d like to call one of them Kuina.
  • He can’t draw.
  • He doesn’t like red wine.
  • He likes sunsets.
  • Robin cuts his hair because he doesn’t trust anybody else with it.
  • Drugs have no effect on him.
  • The one and only laughing flash he had was when Sanji came into the kitchen and banged his head on a pan, slipped and grabbed a hot pot, let go of his knife and had it stuck in his shoe, just like in a comic.
  • Funfact: Zoro was the one who had misplaced the pan the night before.
  • He doesn’t eat when he isn’t satisfied with his training. Sanji hates that.
  • Women actually really like him. Sanji hates that.
  • If he drove a car, it’d be an Impala.
  • He once nearly choked on rock candy.

I hope you like it! :D


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It’s a song. I get it. It’s just a song. Continue Reading.

This video is not about Beyonce. It’s not even really about this song. My point is NOT that she shouldn’t have made this song because of X, Y, and Z. 

My point IS: Oh, Look! X, Y, and Z exist and this song is a great tie-in to a discussion of feminism. 

If you’ve watched some of my other videos, you would be able to sense the sarcastic tone. Relax. 

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Beyonce- Run The World (Girls) Music Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBmMU_iwe6U

Jessica Valenti, author of “Full Frontal Feminism" http://www.feministing.com

Dr. Dre’s Lively Commentary on The Lady Humans http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYHL6AYAwQU

Virgin-Whore Dichotomy 



Social Probelms: A Down To Earth Approach by James Henslin


she the typa feminist that chooses what to stand for… like she out here talking bout she had to defend Nat but she the same “feminist” who respects all women but was bashing on Z and Day…??? okay boo boo okay! Where was you when frank was smacking on Day and Z’s asses… where was you when Frank was calling Day a slut… huh! why you aint be a femenist then.. wait let me think you was beside Frank laughing your little head off is where you was at, keep it moving


[[A lot of trash about Rohan <3

1. I love draw so much his face, and this drawing are a lot of time ago uvu

2. My version of Fem!Rohan, i need a real and good name for she, i dont like with ‘Rohanna’ are very…disgusting for me :I

3. Another portrait of Rohan e_e …

4. The clothes of Rohan are so femenist, and i think the high heels are the most beautiful aesthethic for him uvu …Sorry not Sorry

5. A little practice with Rohan, i love used for practice about anatomy and colored, this drawings are a few weeks ago uvu

I’m Not a Feminist

I expect a lot of people to comment or something giving me the fucking definition.. I already know it. I have chosen not to be a Feminist based on the people in the group who seem to think things that aren’t true even when they’re faced with facts to disprove it. Feminists are just women and idiotic people who seem to think their opinions are the right opinions. But, if anyone disagrees they’ll get screamed at. FEMINISM IS CANCER

I hate people who add things to gay boys’ positivity posts like “okay but this doesn’t exist” or “find me one good boy” or even like “girls are better boys are trash”. Like?? Can you psuedo-femenists go be blatantly homophobic somewhere else lmao.

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Sorry to bother you. I tried looking it up but I couldn't find anything... what exactly is a terf??

TERF is an accronym for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists

A terf a basically a shitty excuse of a femenist who basically doesnt except trans women.

Incase you aint know, trans women are STILL women.

Also, you might come across the acronym SWERF which is Sex Work Exclusionary Radical Femenists.

Which means they dont accept any kind of sex work (and thats just a small short explanation) and thats just so damaging and dangerous. If you see anyone who identifies as such, avoid them.