(Its Femenist not Femenazi)
I love this sign. Women’s march is making me so happy I wish I could be there. To all the women/ or men, marching thank you for supporting eachother. This day marks the biggest march ever in history. To everyone out there be safe and keep doing what you’re doing, we will fight for out rights💕💪🏻🏳️‍🌈

I wonder if anti-SJ trolls know how hard they suck at what they do, like, they always send a message like “sorry to be the one to tell you but SUPERMAN is a STRAIGHT MAN so I guess you must want him to DIE. What, too LOGIC for your FEMENIST SJW sensibilities?? TRIGGERED yet??” and you’re always left like “lmao what no wtf whose unattended child is this”