A quarter of a million pounds made from taxing tampons as luxury items is being siphoned into an anti-abortion, anti-choice charity who spread false, manipulative information to women considering abortions. As outrageous as it is, the tampon tax is here to stay and we have no control over what our money is used for.

Over a year ago I started using a menstrual cup. At the time I wanted to save money and stop contributing to the waste created by disposable sanitary products. Adjusting to it was difficult and it took me a while, but I stuck with it and it’s been pretty life changing. 

If you buy a cup from a company like @rubycup they will donate another one to a school girl in East Africa. A menstrual cup helps her stay in school and their workshops teach girls about reproductive health and help combat the stigma surrounding periods.

I am making this post to spread the word that menstrual cups are not scary or gross. They are much safer and more economical and they’ll not only save you a fortune, but you’ll know that the money you’re spending every month isn’t funding the repression of women’s biological independence. ✊
#TamponTax #WomensRights 

when I was a young boy my father gave me a small loan of a million dollars

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Rowan Blanchard Speech At the Women’s March Los Angeles on January 21, 2017

so anyways im rewatching the mask of zorro and vividly being reminded of how elena “while you were getting blackout drunk in some hole in the wall i was studying the blade” de la vega was truly such a formative influence growing up